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    I am doing research on Latin American countries’ import processes and was hoping that you could help advise where I can find the following information. I am searching for the duty/tariff rates for oil field and computer products going to the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. What is the percentage range […]

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    Question: I would like to know your opinion on a classification issue concerning technology for the production of integrated circuits incorporating multilayer structures. At present, I´m discussing the definition of “mulit-layer structures” as defined in the technical note to 3E001 with our Export Control Authorities. The definition of 3E001 is the same under German law […]

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    Question: A component, which is a controlled product by virtue of its ECCN, (for example a system board, pump, etc.) product becomes included inside a larger product, that is not controlled (say EAR99 for example). The question: “does the larger product now also become controlled ?” (assumes the same controls as the added component)

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    QUESTIONS Do any of the members outsource the classification for ECCN, Schedule B, and/or HTS numbers? If yes, are the contractors on-site or remote? Are they dedicated to your account or from a pool of people? Is the process working and are your happy with the service the supplier is providing?

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    Would there be any documentation requirements needed to support using the Canadian HT# 3206.11.1000 when importing into Canada? The product that we would be importing into Canada cannot be readily sourced or manufactured in Canada. This would force us to import the goods from Europe and then sell it to our Canadian manufacturer customers for […]

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    We are creating a reference chart for country duty rates – specifically for items that may be classified as aircraft parts (HTS 8803). Would anyone know if there is a FREE reference source that could provide the duty rates of products imported into any particular country?

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    My company currently exports goods packaged as “kits” for installation. They are not packaged for retail sale, but for ease of installation on site. The majority of the time, the kits will all ship together in one shipment as a complete machine, so in this case, I can classify the shipment as a complete machine. […]

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    If you export a complete machine that is classified as EAR99, which is made up of items that are controlled (e.g. Printed circuit boards), does the classification of the entire machine remain EAR99, or are you required to report the ECCN of the controlled item?

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    We have recently merged systems and have completed an export classification project. Prior to the project we shipped product with Schedule B numbers that were incorrect. A generalized classification for parts of a particular machinery was used, which it was a part of, when it should have been more specific to the category as a […]