Questions and answers about Export


    QUESTION: Can anyone share how they handle sample shipments that are being exported from the US at no charge? Or does anyone have a SAP pricing code that will put the price on the commercial invoice but not charge the customer? *************** Answers I mean the long and short of it is you need to […]

  • Routed Export Transaction vs Standard Export Transaction

    QUESTION: I believe the “routed” export transaction has to be one of the most misunderstood terms in the industry today. Where the confusion comes into play is what is meant by 1) who is in control of of export 2) who is facilitating the export. Importers will nominate a carrier/forwarder to control costs and provide […]


    QUESTION: • We are exporting product to a related service provider in NL who we have a logistics and warehouse service agreement with. The goods will be stored in the warehouse until sold to third party distributors who is also related to us (exporter) and the logistics/warehouse service provider..These distributors are located in several different […]


    QUESTION: It is an obligation of the USPPI to provide SLI to the authorized agent to file EEI. However, in some countries around the globe, such obligation doesn’t exist and just shipping documents are provided. Does anyone know for which countries SLI is required? Is there a good open resource to get this data? ========== […]


    QUESTION: Looking for recommendations for how to properly cross hand tools intended for training/demo into CA (and back). These are not being shipped via carrier, but will be driven over the border by our salesperson. Should I still arrange for T&E or carnet with our preferred broker? Or is there an entirely separate process to […]


    QUESTION: Here is the scenario: • Company A (U.S.) sells plastic components to Company B (U.S.) • Company B (U.S.) then debits the cost of these plastic components from Company C (U.S.) • The plastic components are then exported to Company C (U.S.)’s affiliate, Company D (VN) • Company D (VN) builds the plastic components […]


    QUESTION: With regard to the 10% and 25% de minimis US content thresholds that determine whether an item is subject to US control under export/sanctions law, what valuation methods should companies use? Imports are subject to very specific valuation methodologies, but these rules don’t apply to US-content threshold calculations. This is not an especially critical […]

  • U.S. to MX bulk railcar movements and EEI filing

    QUESTION: Question concerning U.S. to MX bulk railcar movements and EEI filing: -15 CFR 30.6(a)(2) states the date of export is the “date when goods are scheduled to leave the port of export on the exporting carrier that is taking the goods out of the United States.” -At the time of shipment and initial EEI […]

  • OR for Entry is the Supplier (With the Customer’s Broker) and not the Customer

    QUESTION: We are a US supplier to a large automotive company in Canada. They have requested that for shipments crossing the border ( US into Canada) that we use their nominated broker and we are shown as the IOR. Their required process is as follows: • US Supplier has the IOR responsibilities for all 3rd […]

  • Preparing invoice for export shipments

    QUESTION: My management team is wanting us to let our broker handle preparing the commercial invoice for export shipments. I am curious if this is a general practice among other companies. I like keeping control of items such as this so it does cause me a bit of stress to outsource. ========== Answers: My first […]


    QUESTION: Is anyone aware of a license exception that would allow a US company to export ENC Restricted encryption products to government end-users? If so, what is the license exception reference number. I do not see such an exception in 740.17. ************* Answers: That’s the point, it’s restricted to NON government end-users. You will need […]

  • Missed EEI filing

    QUESTION: One of our locations could not complete the EEI filing because the system went down. The product was shipped anyway with an EEI filing. Value of $3,500.00. How do we fix this? Do we self report? To whom? Will there be fines or penalties? =========== Answers: File it today. Don’t wait. Your forwarder or […]