Questions and answers about Export

  • Export of Cannabis, CBD based items

    Question: Has anyone been following international trade laws regarding the import or export of cannabis or CBD based products? I know it is not legal in the US to sell or ship across state borders and to import or export but is anyone aware of any legislation that has been drafted that addresses either or […]

  • Export Requirements – SASO Requirements (Saudi Arabia)

    Question: What is the process to obtain Certificate of Conformity and Shipment certificate for shipments bound to Saudi Arabia? Asked by: Teena Mathis – Teena.Mathis@carlstargroup.com Answer 1: In the past we’ve used SGS (third party) for the Certificate of Conformity. Answer 2: In my freight forwarding days we used to simply put that Title on […]

  • End use statement

    Question: Hi, I have a question about the end use statement. Suppose you filled in the end use when purchasing dual-use or military goods, but after a few months or years, you would like to change the end use: for example, the initial the use was intended for your company’s entity in the EU but […]

  • Duty Draw Back

    Question: Dear Team, We have recently exported of items from EU countries to South Korea. These exports were done under the Inward Processing Relief (IPR) scheme, allowing us to claim Duty Drawback. Under the Eu-Korea Free Trade Agreement, it is possible for us to obtain a refund on duties previously paid on non-originating materials used […]


    Question: Our company is planning to export an item that needs an export license.  Can we apply for the license even if we are not sure if the product will be shipped? Is there a process to apply in case the license is not used? Answer 1: Yes, you can apply for the license. If […]

  • Software sales

    Question: The company I work for sells an electronic product (designed and manufactured by us and classified as EAR99) that requires software to control the product. The software is also designed by us.  The software is considered a “commercial product” consisting of “commercial computer software” and “commercial computer software documentation” as defined in 48 CFR […]


    Question: UK based entity, has manufacturing contracts within European plants to produce products that will be exported out of EU.  The UK company is the owner of the product and the manufacturing plants are only providing a service for the production. How can the product be exported out of the EU if the UK entity […]

  • Exports: 99.9% EAR99 risks of control

    Question: My company rarely has a non-EAR99 NLR item for export.  But, when we do, the item is controlled for export usually machinery.  We are a global company and regardless of how much training I do, that one-in-one-thousand event rears its ugly head and mistakes are made. How do I manage this effectively?   Is there […]

  • Letter to Bank for US Export to Pakistan

    Question: Would anyone in the membership have a template or wording they can share for what they use to prepare a letter or statement for banking purposes in Pakistan?  Specifically, we are being asked by our Pakistan customer to issue a letter outlining that we will turn over the goods destined for our customer to […]

  • Export data for the international price program of Bureau of Labor Statistics

    Question: Has anyone in the membership been approached by the the bureau of  labor statistics looking for information on export price of a specific HTS code?  Any pitfalls I should watch out for when complying or deciding to not comply? Answer 1: Yes, we provide information.  We are extremely short-handed, but when we consulted with […]

  • Exporter Invoice vs. Importer Invoice

    Question: Importing into Saudi Arabia (KSA) and importer SABER or other agency requirements can be a challenge. Importers requesting for simplified invoices for import purposes.  Q: Can a Exporter provide the importer an import invoice that may be different from the Export invoice used for SED and AES filing? Answer 1: As long as all […]