Questions and answers about Export


    QUESTION: What are the potential penalties for not having a valid export POA on file with a forwarder at the time of export from the US? ***************** Answers: Was there a signed SLI that provided the forwarder authorization to file the EEI? *************** As far as government penalties, the risk is much more for the […]

  • Shipment to Turkey

    QUESTION: We are a US Company shipping a 600 series controlled product (0A606.x) to our subsidiary in the UK who will then ship to their Customer located in Turkey. We are shipping the product under the STA Exception. Are there further requirements/regulations that will need to be met? ========== Answer: Beyond getting the assurances from […]

  • Routed export

    QUESTION: Has anyone heard when the new proposed regulations for routed exports will be released? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: At BIS Update Census and Bis said NPR by end of year

  • Destination Control Statement (DCS) in export invoices outside of the United States.

    QUESTION: I was recently asked whether our company needs to add a Destination Control Statement (DCS) in export invoices outside of the United States. This means to ask our foreign subsidiaries in (e.g. China, Russia, Germany, etc.) to add the DCS on their invoices. To clarify, we produce professional audio solutions, mostly EAR99 but some […]

  • Destination Control Statement

    QUESTION: The destination control statement on our commercial invoices is causing questions from our end customers. They are confused with the line that says” they may not be re-sold” because in some cases, they are distributors for us in a foreign country. What is the best way to explain to them that this is a […]


    QUESTION: We are a fulfillment center fulfilling orders for our customer and shipping them out on their behalf. Questions: 1) On the international export commercial invoice, who should be listed as the shipper? a) The fulfillment center name and address OR b) the customer’s name with our address or their address? 2) For domestic shipment, […]


    QUESTION: Do any of our esteem members have any information regarding shipping wine to the Philippines. I have some vague information regarding testing wines and providing results to the FDA in the Philippines. Any information will be appreciated. ************** Answers: The below website may be of assistance: https://ww2.fda.gov.ph/


    QUESTION: We want to export merchandise in-bond out of our US FTZ. I’m trying to understand the challenges of exporting collect shipments in-bond. When shipping prepaid, we have a relationship with the carrier and know they are bonded, they sign the 7512, and there are no issues. We want to export in-bond collect shipments, but […]

  • Video conferencing equipment export to Mexico

    QUESTION: Is a license required to export video conferencing items to Mexico? They are an IP Conference Station – wifi, bluetooth, desktop and a Zoom Room Kit for small to medium rooms. =========== Answers: Are you exporting from the US or another country. I will assume you are exporting from the US. Most of the […]

  • Who signs export invoices?

    QUESTION: The Distribution, Logistics and Warehouse Manager of our company moved on. His signature appears on the export invoices. I think this was a default because he ran that area, which includes export shipping. Now that he is gone we want to remove his electronic signature but wonder who would be the best replacement. Would […]

  • Shipments to Saudi Arabia from US with China made goods

    QUESTION: Does anyone know how to export to Saudi Arabia? We are the importer of toys and novelty items. We import mostly from China. Now we have a customer who is buying a container from us. I understand that Saudi requires chamber of commerce certified country of origin. Our Chamber can only certify US made […]

  • Exporting Optical Fiber Cable (8544700000)

    QUESTION: I am looking for someone in the membership with experience of exporting Optical Fiber Cable (8544700000) specifically related to preparing export documents and EEI filing. The quantity required in the EEI for this commodity is Fiber Meters (quantity of cable shipped x # of individual fibers in the cable). We complete the EEI for […]