Questions and answers about Export

  • Exporting Goods that are unfit for US consumption

    QUESTION: I recall there was an FTC ( Federal Trade Commission) rule that prohibits the export of goods that are “unfit for consumption” in the USA.  Now I cannot find it on the FTC site.  Anyone knows about this rule and if it is still in effect? ================================================================ Answer: Based on my recollection, I think […]

  • Export Record Retention

    QUESTION: Does anyone now where to find the list of specific documents to retain?  I looked in Part 762 but that does not list out to actually keep the copies of commercial invoice, packing list, SLI, SED, signed truck bill of lading and documents of that nature. My boss is requesting the written regulation that […]

  • Document Attestation/Notary Fees

    QUESTION: I’m looking for a best practice or industry standard for a US export sale and shipment.  A customer outside of the U.S. requires either notarized or attested commercial documents used for importation into their foreign country.  Who should absorb the fees for the notary and/or attesting service – the buyer or the seller?   %%%%%%%%%% […]


    QUESTION: With the 25% tariff increase on china material we are shifting a portion of that cost to our International customers by adding a separate line to the sales order.  Our Customer in China is asking us to remove this line from the Commercial invoice as it becomes a problem with Chinese customs that the […]


    QUESTION: We are planning to export to South Korea some valves and valve parts for Nuclear applications, are there export restrictions not only to Korea but other countries? I would appreciate your guidance as the valves are specifically designed for nuclear applications. ========== Answers: Items for nuclear application are very likely controlled by Commerce, or […]


    QUESTION: We received a request from a customer in the Ukraine for a copy of our “export declaration”.   The customer said that Ukrainian Customs trusts the value declared on the export declaration more than the invoice used for entry which is why this was being requested.    When I asked for clarification and an example of […]

  • Export Information

    QUESTION: We partner with a few distribution companies in the US who then export our products to different Latin American countries. We would like to cut out the middle man and start shipping to these customers in the Latin America region, but do not know what the size and scope of sales would be. So […]


    QUESTION: We sell to a company in the US and they ask us to drop-ship to their customer in Canada. The company that we sold the goods to in the US completes a commercial invoice, lists themselves as the exporter C/O our name and address, and then sends us that invoice to accompany the shipment. […]


    QUESTION: If I ship something to the Gulf of Mexico beyond the 12 mile “territorial sea” line but inside the 200 mile “exclusive economic zone” line, is that an export from the US, or a US domestic shipment? I’d be shipping past the continental shelf but inside the exclusive economic zone. %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: The usual […]


    QUESTION: As the USPPI involved with routed export transactions I am hitting some brick walls when it comes to recordkeeping. Am I correct in stating that I need to have and keep a copy of the Bill of Lading and proof of AES filing? I have started to ask the freight forwarder for these copies […]


    There was a question within this question about who should complete the SLI – logistics or trade compliance. Further to this question, I would also like to know who completes the SLI?  — is it a shipping or logistics team employee?  or is the SLI treated as a “trade” document to be completed by someone […]


    QUESTION: Just curious to better understand SLIs in a routed export transaction. We sell to a buyer in Colombia who has asked us to use their FF for exporting under Incoterm FCA-FF’s Minneapolis location.  The FPPI advised us that their FF would file the EEI on their behalf.  We are a US manufacturer and USPPI in […]