Post a Webinar, Seminar or Newsletter

Members and Non-Members – Feel free to post your own content. If approved, it will be featured in the ICPA mailing list!
Tips on submitting content – It’s not recommended to write your post from scratch in the editor below. Instead, you should have a copy of your content in another file so you can paste it into the Post Content box. Note that if you do not check the “I’m not a robot” checkbox or your post fails the spam check it could wipe out your post and you would have to start again.
Posting schedule – we do not post third-party events within 3 weeks either side of an ICPA scheduled event.

How to Submit a Post to ICPA

  1. Start by choosing a Category: Webinar, Seminar, Newsletter or Uncategorized. Uncategorized content will be labeled as “Other”.
  2. Fill out a Title for your post that describes your content. Be sure to use a thoughtful title, this is what members will see when your post is featured.
  3. You must either include Post Content or Upload an attachment/image to your post to complete it. You can also do both.
    • Post Content – write up your content or copy and paste it into the editor. You can use the formatting tools to make text bold, add lists, add multiple links, etc. Mouse over each icon to see a description of what each one does.
    • Upload attachments or Images – You can upload up to 3 attachments/images per post. If uploading an image, it will be displayed at the top of your post with the content and/or attachment link underneath. If uploading any other attachment, a download link will be included at the bottom of the post.
  4. Be sure to double-check your post for typos/errors before submitting! You will not be able to edit the post yourself after submission. When ready, Submit your post. It will be reviewed by a moderator. If it is approved it will be sent out to the ICPA mailing list and added as a blog post to the ICPA site under Member Submissions. Posts will expire after 60 days.

Post a Webinar, Seminar, or Newsletter