• Cryptocurrency

    QUESTION: Does anyone in the membership have information on if there are any export controls around cryptocurrency cross border payments/transfers? *********** Answers: I am not aware of any export controls related to the use of payments based on cryptocurrency for cross border payments/transfers, however, there are some legitimate issues regarding the use of “unofficial” tender/ […]

  • EIN for multiple plants

    QUESTION: I need some guidance on how to set up suffixes for each importing plant instead of all filing under the corporate EIN.  We need to distinguish what import should be assigned to each plant. How is this setup initially?  Through the tax department, finance, etc?  How does it affect the corporate structure, or is […]

  • EEI filings and multiple shipments

    QUESTION: Can anyone point me in the direction of AES or DoC guidance on how to file an EEI for shipments of equipment that is considered to be a system and will be shipped to MX on several different trucks over a few weeks time?   %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: This is basically driven by the HTS classification […]

  • 7512

    QUESTION: Regarding our ocean shipments. We have multiple orders shipping out in two containers using one 7512. Is this correct or should each container have its own 7512 for what’s inside of it? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: If this in incoming, into the US, you can have multiple containers on the inbond as long as the master […]


    QUESTION: Looking to the community for guidance and/or any documentation on how to develop a Customs Trade Compliance Charter with defined elements of an effective council governance body.  ========== Answer: The charter should cover the risks your looking to control and manage… ===========


    QUESTION: I work for an importer.  Anyone have  any training/slides for Account Receivable from an import perspective? =========== Answers: What exactly does accounts receivable need to know about imports…. I can possibly understand accounts payable for proof of payment and other additions to value…not clear on your goals ========== Hi.  This is an interesting and […]

  • Maximum Engine Power (horsepower) Vs. Advertised Engine Power (Rated), ,

    QUESTION: Regarding tractors of 8701.91 and Engines 8408.90: Is the kilowatts (kW) referred to in 8408 (particularly 840.90, and 8701.91 the Maximum Engine Power (horsepower) or the Advertised Engine Power (Rated)? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: General rule…go with MAX…..Customs has been consistent on this approach. %%%%%%%%%% It would be the maximum power it’s capable of producing in […]

  • MIEU Rule and Foreign Subsidiaries § 744.22

    QUESTION: Can anyone please expand or offer specific guidance into how related parties are impacted by § 744.22 (MIEU Rule)? I understand the definition provided in §772 for “U.S. Person” which includes “…Any juridical person organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States, including foreign branches…” We are […]

  • Proof of Payment for Customs Valuation Inquiry

    QUESTION: Looking for guidance from the trade as to how to provide individual proof of payment of an import invoice when the product was shipped under a Global PO and paid under the Global PO? What details would be provided to Customs so only the information requested is provided? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: Go to your accounting […]


    QUESTION: We are a small company with about $7,500,000 in export value.  Certainly not a lot compared to other companies  We always get spot insurance when we ship but we are trying to figure out the “tipping point” of when we should get a global policy. If you add in domestic, it’s another $7,500,000 in […]

  • Landed Cost Formula

    QUESTION: Is there a standard landing cost formula? Can anyone offer an example/insights, please? ************** Answers: Landed costs are a cross-functional team effort especially in complex scenarios with multiple variables. There is no one-size-fits-all formula.  Many or most of the cost line items are not within the purview of Trade Compliance.  Further, in many cases […]


    QUESTION: Has anyone found an official list of Hoshine’s subsidiaries and can share? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: I ran a D&B report and found several subsidiaries in it.  However, I’m not sure that is the most efficient report that will disclose what you’re looking for. ================================================================