• Unknown Consignee

    Question: We have a drop shipment and routed export stopping in a US border stop.  We (US Company) sell to a Customer in Country A.  We deliver the goods to the US border stop.  The shipment will continue on to an unknown location in Country B.  What should we put as the “Ship to” on […]

  • Dual sourced product – sku number

    Question: Company in A in the USA current produces Product X in the US.  Company X wants to import Product X from Company Y in a foreign country.   Both US manufactured product and Foreign Manufactured product would be in the supply chain at the same time.   Our Supply Chain and Commerical Teams wants to keep […]

  • Temporary Import of Airplane Parts Using Own Aircraft

    Question: Working with a customer who is using their own aircraft to ship parts to an aircraft in need of repair. The part never leaves the airport. Once aircraft is repaired both aircraft leave the country. What documentation is needed, can we ship using an in-bond? What plans of action would you all use for […]

  • Export Requirements when exporting and importing Reusable packing material

    Question: My company will start using reusable plastic gaylords with their respective plastic inserts to secure the merchandise being exported to our contract manufacturer (maquiladora) in Mexico. The gaylords are exported with assemblies and will be returned from MX by the maquiladora filled with finished goods. Do these reusable packaging materials need to be declared […]

  • Trade compliance training

    Question: I’m in export operations and would like to branch into trade compliance. Could anyone recommend some certifications or trainings that will make me a viable candidate for a trade compliance role? Answer 1: Content Enablers offers a number of certification tracks for export compliance, customs compliance, and sanctions compliance. These courses offer certificate from […]


    Question: My US based organization has moved within the same building, only changing floors.  Therefore, the address remains the same with exception of the floor/suite number. Does this move require us to complete a 5106, provide an updated W9, or any other documentation? Answer 1: Your broker can transmit a 5106 update electronically for you.  […]

  • Exports

    Question: I was looking for some feedback on international shipment request on personal items.   I recently moved into a company allows employees to use our shipping account numbers to ship personal items as they feel this is a benefit for them.  As I am Trade Compliance officer for company every international shipment comes through me […]

  • Data Mining

    Question: I would like to ask the trade community for their experiences regarding data mining.   Our company has submitted a confidentiality manifest with CBP year after year, yet we find our information on different data mining platforms.  Any suggestions or recommendations for our next steps?  How can we avoid and limit our information to be […]

  • Steel Mill Certificate

    Question: I have a question regarding steel mill certificates and pipe fittings.  Section 141.89(a) of the CBP Regulations outlines additional information that is required at time of entry for certain classes of merchandise. For the products of Chapter 72 and headings 7301 to 7307, HTSUS, this requirement is a statement of the percentages of weight […]

  • Acting as an intermediary to collect payment?

    Question: We are a trading company based in the USA with our headquarters in Japan. Currently, our Japan HQ is handling a shipment to Customer X in the USA. For this shipment, Japan HQ is the exporter, and Customer X is the importer/consignee. Financially, Customer X has been making payments directly to the Japan HQ, […]

  • Signed Customer Contracts having Foreign National restrictions

    Question: A U.S. Customer has a clause in the signed contract that states: “No tech data is to be shared with a foreign national.” We designed the end product and the components. Suppliers only receive a copy of the specific component print to be purchased from them, with no knowledge what their supplied component goes […]

  • Net Weight vs. Gross Weight

    Question: My question is with regard to net weight vs. gross weight.   Per the Dictionary of International Trade, the definition of net weight is “the weight of goods without packaging”.  This definition seems very clear when you are calculating net weight and gross weight of product in a shipper carton.  The net weight would not […]