• G.O. Cargo

    QUESTION: 19CFR19.9(c) refers to the release of merchandise in G.O. and says…The release may only be made by the proprietor upon presentation of a permit to release or delivery authorization signed by the appropriate Customs officer on Customs Form 3461, or its electronic equivalent, 7501, or its electronic equivalent, 368 or 368A or other Customs […]


    QUESTION: Wondering if anyone would be willing to share their process documentation for how they handling tradeshow goods leaving the US and subsequently returning to the US. ************* Answers: This is a pretty vague question…what are you after…the logistics piece? Export compliance? I’d say most companies don’t have a “process” because typically each show is […]


    QUESTION: A little background – we are a US company and we ship parts over to China for some processing, and then the product is returned to the US. Historically, goods were valued at $0.10 each and shipped DDP to China without issue due to the low value. But after recent review, it was determined […]

  • Expiring Licensable Shipments

    QUESTION: Where in the regulations does it state BIS license expiry expectations when filing an AES. Specifically, when (time) does the license expire on date of expiry. i.e. if license expires on 6/30 can you still ship on it until 23:59 (11:59pm) the day of expiry or does it expire 00:01 (12:01am) on the date […]

  • General Statistical Note 3(c)(iv)

    QUESTION: We have found an issue whereby certain line items on our customs entry are designated with SPI C#. I understand, in accordance with General Statistical Note 3(c)(iv), this is a way an importer can avoid MPF: Goods of a country with which the United States has a free trade agreement that provides the Merchandise […]

  • Batteries

    QUESTION: We occasionally have shipments that cross from Mexico into the US. They have batteries in them. I thought that batteries need to be declared as a separate line item on the invoice however our broker claims that is not necessary. What is your take on this? %%%%%%%%%% We ship items out of the UK […]


    QUESTION: How do people respond to other company’s requests for HTS? Provide with or without a disclaimer? Refuse to provide? Other? =========== Answers: I always reply with: The classification we use is X This is based on our binding rulings and our interpretation of the GRIs and HTS notes. This HTS is our best estimate […]


    QUESTION: Any AES self-filers using SAP/GTS program getting this Fatal Error message? If so can you provide guidance on how to correct this? Code 227 ‘FORWARDING AGENT PARTY MISSING’ A forwarding agent party must be reported in the Automated Export System (AES) Electronic Export Information (EEI) when the filer Id Type (E=EIN, D=DUNS in Proprietary […]

  • Duty rate effective date

    QUESTION: Can somebody confirm which day is the duty rate effective date when you get a shipment released before the port arrival? %%%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: The effective date of duty calculation cannot be before the goods physically arrive within the port limits. Once arrived, the earliest date is the IT date if the goods are shipped […]


    QUESTION: I have a shipment that has landed, and the ISF was not filed. I have not made a customs entry of any sort for this shipment yet. I prefer to reject/ refuse it and return it to origin and have it “start over”. The SS Line (which is a small regional operator) tells me […]


    QUESTION: In 2018 I submitted a consolidated company certificate of confidentiality request for vessel manifest confidentiality IAW 19 C.F.R. § 103.31(d). Eight (8) months later, CBP notified me that the consolidated company request could not be processed because it exceeded the ten (10) name variations as specified in the regulation. Since I had previously submitted […]


    QUESTION: Just curious if any of the members who use SNAP-R are experiencing the same issue in that the system is not sending any emails. The last one we received was April 17th. We missed a request for additional information on one of our applications from the L/O as well as the acknowledgement emails and […]