QUESTION: Does anyone has official source in regard to the Libya customs duty and taxes? I got the information that it was waved in 2005 to 0% duty and 0% tax on imported goods, however, a stamp fee is applicable at 5% of the FOB value. Other than that, tobacco products are subject to 10% […]


    QUESTION: Can you please tell me if the Filer ID and the ID number in the ACE party template profile and the actual ACE filing should match? ************ Add’l Answers: Your question is not clear. Are you asking about AES (Ace exports) or imports? If exports, I think the short answer is “no”. Filer ID […]

  • US Purchased company

    QUESTION: Does anyone know if a US company purchased a company in the US this Company went out of business and exported the goods to Canada then that company went out of business a new US company purchased do they have to pay duty as if it came from China? All goods are CO China […]

  • GL Coding for freight, customs, brokerage and miscellaneous expenses

    QUESTION: I was hoping someone could help me figure out the best way to code invoices/bills from our couriers and FFs/Customs brokers. We are looking at our freight and duty costs and realize that when the accounting system was set up the accounting team simply set up two GL Codes; Inbound Freight and Outbound freight. […]

  • Routed Transactions

    QUESTION: What needs occur when there is a routed export transaction, (the FPPI appointed its US forwarder to export the goods and file EEI)- However, the EEI is being filed under the USPPI’s EIN number? ============ Answers: 15 C.F.R. §30.3(e) covers this nicely and includes your responsibilities as the USPPI in a routed transaction as […]

  • Customer restricted party screening

    QUESTION: Does anyone screen less than their entire universe of foreign customers, for either cost or manageability or other reasons? For example, by applying certain risk criteria such as transaction size or customer location or EAR99 status of the merchandise? Thank you =========== Answers: Not sure this is a good question to ask – the […]

  • Russian supplier info to conduct their own denied party screening

    QUESTION: I received an email from our courier broker asking for information regarding our Russian supplier so they could conduct the Denied Party Screening #1,we conduct DPSs of all vendors, customers banks etc. We told them it was not necessary because it was done and we showed proof of screening. #2 the name and address […]


    QUESTION: • My sales person received an email from one of our customers in Egypt asking for a Declaration of Conformity for the product we sold and exported to them. The product is sitting in Egyptian Customs right now. We are not the importer of record and do not have a presence in Egypt. What […]


    QUESTION: I have an item that is formed in to the actual item in CN and then shipped to TH to have a finish coating applied. The coating does not change the character of the good. In this case, since it does not involve textiles, can I use the seller/shipper MID code (TH) on the […]

  • Data release info from CBP

    QUESTION: Is there a way to request with CBP not to release our data to Market Intelligence platforms? ========== Answers: https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/assets/documents/2019-Aug/Electronic%20Vessel%20Manifest%20Confidentiality%20Trade%20ACE%20Information%20Notice_2.pdf ========== Yes, and I think it is a good idea to do so. See 19 CFR 103.31(d). You can request import and export manifest confidentiality. There is supposed to be an electronic process rolling […]

  • OFAC enforcement

    QUESTION: Question regarding the Apollo Aviation OFAC case. What is the opinion of the group that if Apollo had received end user certificates they would not had compliance violations? Is Apollo’s liability continual since these were leases vs sales? I want to understand OFAC’s intent so I can ensure our company’s policies and practices are […]


    QUESTION: Can anyone point me to WCO and/or WTO rules, regulations or clauses that have to do with the jurisdiction WTO/WCO member customs agencies over importers or exporters outside of their jurisdiction? For example if a customs agency in Brazil or India or Japan wanted detailed information about a US company’s product’s manufacturing process or […]