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  • classification – use vs chemical composition

    Question: We import a product that is regulated by the FDA and which has several uses.  The FDA recognizes the respective uses and has different regulatory requirements based on the use – preservative, disinfectant, aspirant and fungicide. The chemical composition is the same regardless of use.  But, each one of these uses has a different […]

  • HTS of Plastic Take Out Containers

    Question: I’m  looking for some guidance on the classification of  plastic take-out containers. The product consists of a microwavable heavyweight container with lid.  It is freezer and dishwasher-safe and can withstand temperatures up to 248 degrees F. It can be used several times at home after its initial use. One can easily store food in […]

  • Offshore Classification

    Question: My organization would like to utilize a team in India to help us with classification. I was recently told that my organization would not be in compliance by allowing this activity per CFR 111.3. Under CFR 111.3 Custom business is to done in the United States does this also apply to Corporate Compliance Activity? […]

  • Tariff Classification of Polyethelylbenzene residue / oil (CAS#68987-42-8)

    Question: Wondering if anyone in the membership has had experience classifying Polyethelylbenzene residue / oil (CAS#68987-42-8)? Answer 1: Have you considered 27079999 as a starting point? If you have the CAS #, I find this link to be very helpful as a source  Of course, you need to dig deeper and look at country […]

  • Apply AI to determine classification

    Question: I was approached by a large consulting company to use their GTM. They stated they apply AI to determine classification. What do you think about the use of AI in trade compliance? Answer 1: AI is a good tool for classification, but it is not a 100% automated solution.  Most consulting or software companies […]

  • classification

    Question: We manufacture and import and export a proprietary powder around the world.  At destination the powder is mixed with water and sprayed on to produce to extend the shelf life of the treated produce.  We have an agreed HS Code for the powder. Our supply chain team wants to pre-mix the solution in the […]

  • Sets of gloves

    Question: When importing 3 pairs of gloves that are packaged together and will be sold together, would one classify them as a set for importing purposes? Two pair of gloves are classified in chapter 62.  One pair of gloves are classified in chapter 61. On the surface, they meet the requirements of HTSUS, GRI 3(b) […]

  • 3824.99.9397 – Chemical Mixes

    Question: Wanted to get some opinions concerning classifications of chemical mixtures. When an item contains a mix of chemical components are you always stuck with the catch-all 3824.99.9397 other category when it cannot fit into any of the other available headings? Since we classify in order of GRI’s I’m curious how we can get from […]

  • Classification of Cannon EOS rebel camera

    Question: When classifying I camera I have two options, Heading 8525 and Heading 9006.  What is the difference and what are the key questions should I ask to make sure I make the correct final HS Code determination?   What is the essential determining factor that puts a camera into 8525 or 9006? Answer 1: It’s […]

  • Customs Ruling NY A80501 Classification

    Question: I am doing research regarding reagents containing Antisera.  In ruling NY A80501 (dated March 1996), it talks about Antisera classed in 3002 and 3822. I am reading too much and confusing myself.  Could someone please explain NY A80501?  Answer 1: I would work with someone in your R&D and chemistry lab on this. There […]

  • Classification of Replacement Cart Bags

    Question: I’m looking for some guidance on janitorial cart bag classification. The bags have a PVC outer surface and a polyester inner surface. It is designed to hold dirty laundry, trash, etc., in a janitor’s cart. The product is made in China and will be imported and sold to the end user separately from the […]

  • Commodity code

    Question: I’m writing to enquire about whether import of the commodity code : 8543.90.0000 will incur duties when brought into the United States as we are looking to export to the USA, we need to make sure our shipments will not be blocked due to any additional fees or tariffs. Could you please give me more information about the applicable duties […]