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  • Exported in Error, Returned back to Importer

    Question: Let’s say material was exported in error but we advised the destination not to clear the material and return to the sender. The material was returned back to US within three days Not of US origin. How are these goods cleared? Is there a special provision for this type of scenario? Is it a […]

  • 2024 Tariff Schedules & 2023/2024 Correlation Tables Available to

    Question: With the new 2024 Tariff Schedule Updates, does anyone in the trade community have a list of changes that can be shared in a flat file (e.g., .csv, .xlsx, etc.) for the following countries: UK 8-digit and/or 10-digit Customs Tariff Japan Import Code Japan Export Code China Tariff Code India Tariff Code Australia Tariff […]

  • Classification of

    Question: We have a material with an assigned CAS #, but which actually is a mixture of several different compounds all with the same elements, but in different rations, ie such as XYZ4, X2YZ5, X3YZ6.  This is generally named as a single item, with all three elements being named, but with no tetra, di, or […]

  • Classification of a set

    Question: Would an import which contains a duffle bag and matching backpack made of polyester coated on the interior with PU  be classified as a set under duffle bag since the backpack is inside or as individual items: duffle bag 4202.92.3131 17.6% ; backpack  4202.92.3120 17.6% Answer 1: The duffle bag and backpack would have […]

  • Classification of

    Question: Does anyone have any experience with how USCBP views a “reaction mass” ( which for other regulatory regimes (ie TSCA, etc.) is considered a single constituent, and has it’s own CAS #), with regard to chapter notes for chapters 34, 38, etc. that indicate that a single chemically defined element or compound should not […]

  • Import Classification – Frozen Skirt Steak

    Question: Hello Members, We are going back and forth with a supplier in Argentina who has requested that we classify and clear a shipment for Frozen Beef Skirt as an offal (0206.29.0000) so that we are not required to clear as a quota entry and further require them to file the e-Cert at origin.  However, […]

  • classification – use vs chemical composition

    Question: We import a product that is regulated by the FDA and which has several uses.  The FDA recognizes the respective uses and has different regulatory requirements based on the use – preservative, disinfectant, aspirant and fungicide. The chemical composition is the same regardless of use.  But, each one of these uses has a different […]

  • HTS of Plastic Take Out Containers

    Question: I’m  looking for some guidance on the classification of  plastic take-out containers. The product consists of a microwavable heavyweight container with lid.  It is freezer and dishwasher-safe and can withstand temperatures up to 248 degrees F. It can be used several times at home after its initial use. One can easily store food in […]

  • Offshore Classification

    Question: My organization would like to utilize a team in India to help us with classification. I was recently told that my organization would not be in compliance by allowing this activity per CFR 111.3. Under CFR 111.3 Custom business is to done in the United States does this also apply to Corporate Compliance Activity? […]

  • Tariff Classification of Polyethelylbenzene residue / oil (CAS#68987-42-8)

    Question: Wondering if anyone in the membership has had experience classifying Polyethelylbenzene residue / oil (CAS#68987-42-8)? Answer 1: Have you considered 27079999 as a starting point? If you have the CAS #, I find this link to be very helpful as a source  Of course, you need to dig deeper and look at country […]