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    QUESTION: Can the membership advise how they would classify pneumatic grippers? I’m considering 8479.89.9499 and 8412.31.0080.  Heading 8466 (work and tool holders) was eliminated because the grippers are commonly used with machines outside of headings 8456 to 8465. *************** Answers: 8479 could work but if this is just the pneumatic gripper, not the robot itself, […]


    QUESTION: Looking for guidance from the membership regarding the classification of items in heading 8482, bearing parts and 8708 truck parts. There are many rulings issued by US customs stating that when tapered roller bearing sets (cup and cone) are installed into an iron casting a wheel hub, heading 8482 is correct provided the wheel […]

  • 8411.91 vs 8411.99

    QUESTION: My understanding is that there are 3 types of gas turbine engines, Turbojet, turbopropeller, and turbofan. 8411.91 is for parts of turbojets or turbopropellers. This subheading does not specifically list parts of turbofans, so does that mean parts of turbofan engines fall under 8411.99? I did not see any notes in chapter 84 that explain this. […]

  • Instruction Sheet Classification Considered or Ignored?

    QUESTION: I have a classic system of two machines cabled together.  Each machine by itself would have  a separate classification but subject to Section XVI Note 4 I may classify them under that heading appropriate to their defined function.    This is done subject to GRI 1. Instead of inserting a large instructional manual in the […]


    QUESTION: According to NY L87047 valves (which, per the description, look like flat rings) for cars were 8708, but now in an HTS that doesn’t exist anymore.  But what if those valves can be used in both cars and motorcycles?  Does one use the HTS of what it was originally designed for?  It doesn’t make […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: If you have a finished good that mostly ships as a finished good kit (Crate 1, Crate 2, Crate 3…) how do you list that in your classification database ? Our classification has one HTS for “finished goods” which would cover the kits.  But a different HTS for […]


    QUESTION: To classify a headset under 8517.62.0090, does it matter whether the headset is corded, wireless, Bluetooth, or otherwise?  Does how it connects to devices and networks matter to be classified under 8517.62.0090?  I have checked CROSS, and all the rulings I reviewed issued under this HTS code are Bluetooth or wireless. We have some […]

  • Chrome Shower Head Classification Support

    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: I need help with classifying a product for import into the US (Example 1 below) — As per the EU regulation the shower heads are classified based on the logic mentioned below. However, I couldn’t find rulings related to the shower head with button on the top […]

  • HTS Syringe for a thread-locker or Cleaning fluids

    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Where would you classify  syringes; non-hypodermic for cleaning fluids or application of a thread-locker? [Does not have metal needles] Historically our system had them 9018.31, but the FDA has them flagged as FD2 without an exemption possibility for non-medical use. The EN’s lead me away from 9018; because […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: I am wondering how the membership handles tool sets with items having multiple HTS codes but that do not fit under 8206. For example, a bolt cutter of 8203.40.3000 and a needle nose plier of 8203.20.6030. They are not under more than one heading (4 digit level) therefore […]

  • Classifications

    QUESTION: Classification for Some items can be different in different country. We have 1 item made/ship from US to MX, it’s under chapter 38 in MX but 29 in US.  Have you ever issue USMCA with 2 HTS code for 1 item? %%%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: The qualification analysis under any FTA should be made based on […]

  • Node and gateway origin question GRI 3 Kit

    QUESTION: We are trying to determine the correct country of origin for a kit.  Any help is greatly appreciated: Six sensor nodes classified in Chapter 90 that communicate via blue tooth to a gateway classified in 8517.62.0090 that receives the sensor node Bluetooth data.  The gateway transmits the data collected to our mainframe server. Sensor […]