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  • Stage Blood Classification

    Question: Can the membership tell me where the classification of “stage blood,” “fake blood,” “theatrical blood” should be at? We are unable to obtain its ingredients as the manufacturer of this stage blood states that their ingredients are “proprietary.” We are buying and using this stage blood along with a pump for demonstrational purposes in […]

  • GRI 3(b): Goods put up in sets for retail sale.

    Question: Some questions concerning goods put up in sets for retail sale under GRI 3(b).  First, GRI 3 (without the b) mentions headings.  Subparagraph (b) does not mention headings.  Does this imply that only goods of different headings may be classified according to the component that gives the set it’s essential character?  Does this mean […]

  • Annual Trade Compliance Change Reviews

    Question: I entered the category for my question as Classification:Import but this question can touch any area in your Trade Compliance realm. I log on my calendar in December of every year to get my FTA certs in order and to prepare to review all of our import HTS codes for changes in the codes […]

  • Diagnostic Laboratory Reagents

    Question: Dear Members: I am doing some research of diagnostic/laboratory reagents that contains monoclonal antibodies (HTS 3002) used in vitro. Back in HTS 2021, the HTS 3822 heading said to kick the above to HTS 3002.12. Now, HTS 2023, the HTS 3822 heading no longer mentions 3002. Therefore, I can no longer kick the above […]

  • HTSUS Classifications – Customs Business

    Question: A secondary question following Ruling H290535, We manufacture and and distribute machinery in the Automotive sector- some items directly imported. Many of our largest domestic customers require us to provide our full 10 digit US HTS, and following the guidance from the membership we are working to only provide the first 6 digits. A […]

  • Classification of importation of Bulk Pesticides

    Question: We are importing bulk amounts of pesticides in drums.  These are not for retail sale.  The bulk pesticide will be imported and used in by a commercial company that offers commercial pesticide application service. I was considering to use an HS Code under SubHeading 3808.91 but the description for the Heading includes the words […]

  • CBP definition of Trim

    Question: Does CBP or ITC have a specific definition for what is considered Trim as it relates to apparel?   I am less interested in trim as it relates to bath towels and home furnishings.  Is embroidery considered trim?  Is braiding considered trim? Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can find this […]

  • Cross-country ski poles

    Question: Where would you classify cross-country ski poles?  Here’s what the HTS says:  Snow-skis and other snow-ski equipment; parts and accessories thereof: (con.) 9506.19 Other: 9506.19.4000 Cross-country 9506.19.80 Other 9506.19.8040 Ski poles and parts and accessories thereof 9506.19.8080 Other Do they go in 9506.19.8040 because they are ski poles? Or do they go in 9506.19.4000 […]


    Add’l Answer: In my opinion this would fall under 6111.20.6030 Babies’ garments and clothing accessories, knitted or crocheted: of cotton; other; other; other; imported as part of sets. Babywear Set falls within textile category designation 239. Quota and visa status are the result of international agreements that are subject to frequent renegotiations and changes. To […]

  • HTS code – golf shoes

    QUESTION: Need your small help to identify the HS code for USA for golf shoes.  Seems not following the criteria for the note 6404119020 as sports athletic wear (according to me).  Can someone help in giving thoughts if it can be classified in sports, or athletics or should I go for other shoes 6404199030? %%%%%%%%%% […]

  • HTS 3923.90.00 BUCKETS

    QUESTION: Are buckets under 3923.90.00 only for holding  liquids? (there is a reference to gallon capacity, and I cannot find any reference to this particular question in the section or chapter notes) Buckets are also found under 3926.90.1000…. **************** Answers:Look at the heading – 3923 is for Articles for the conveyance or packing of goods, […]

  • Definition of “accessories” in classification nomenclature

    QUESTION: When classifying products, there always seems to be a provision for “parts and accessories”.   How are “parts” and “accessories” defined?   What is an accessory?   Can anyone point to examples of “accessories” and any CBP informed compliance or rulings that address how “parts” and “accessories” are defined? ========== Answers: As a thumb rule about the […]