Board and Officers

Feel free to contact any of our board and officers with any questions and/or comments:

ICPA Executive Officers
Name Position Primary Email
Diane Schiller President
Jennifer Lastra 1st VP
Jim Ervin 2nd VP
Lisa Gelsomino Secretary
Ann Lister COO
ICPA Board of Directors
Name Primary Email
Shane Hill
Charlie Mooney
Jackie Prince
Bonnie Kersch
Lisa Solis
Dan Chapman
Jens Nilson
Marilyn Caruso
Lori Shaw
Cindy Hazlett
Lynda Westerfield
Melanie Nunn
ICPA Outside Counsel
Name Area Company Email
Darrel Pearson Canada Bennett Jones LLP
Larry Hanson USA The Law Office of Lawrence W Hanson
John Grayston Europe Grayston & Company