Questions and answers about HTSUS

  • HTS File for Non-ABI Particpants

    Question: Do any other importers, who are non-ABI participants, order the HTS file from USCBP by submitting a form and paying a fee?  Do you experience difficulties and delays with obtaining the file?  We would like to benchmark with others to see if anyone else still uses this process.  We use the file to populate […]

  • Outsourcing HTS Classification

    Question: We have a team of 2 people in our Trade Compliance Dept and manage over 150k sku’s in which we import and export.   We are being asked to classify anywhere from an average of about 100-200 new sku’s a month.  US HTS has always been something that’s been done in-house and the volume of […]

  • Classification and Quantity of Kits/Sets/Bundles

    Question: This is a two part question; the first being classification and the second being how to report it in the entry summary.   We import bundles, or kits, consisting of the following: an immersion blender motor base, a wand attachment, a whisk attachment, a blending jar fitted for use with the immersion blender, and a […]

  • HTS of Blender Container Lids

    Question: I’m looking for some assistance in classifying two items: the lid for a typical blender container, and the lid stopper/plug that is removable to add additional ingredients.  I’m going back and forth between 8509.90 (parts of a blender) and 3923.50 (stoppers, lids, caps and other closures) for both.  At what point does it cease […]

  • HTS codes the same?

    Question: Can someone please describe to me in detail what the difference is between HTS codes 8708.29.2500 and 8708.29.5160? Answer 1: It would be easier to help knowing exactly what you’re trying to classify. Answer 2: These are both parts provisions for motor vehicles. I’d say 8708.29.2500 is specific to Body Stamping cars, pickups, SUVs […]

  • HTS for aircraft mountings, brackets, hinges

    Question: I am looking for verification of my reading of HTS 8302 – I originally thought that it would capture all hinges, mountings, and fittings, but upon a closer analysis it appears to only cover fittings for things like doors, windows, furniture, etc.   The parts I am classifying are called brackets, hinges, mountings, and fittings, […]

  • Availability of new US tariff schedule with WCO changes

    QUESTION: Where can I find a copy of the 2022 HTS with the WCO changes?  I’m referring to the entire new tariff schedule, not just a list of the changes. ========== Answers: Here the website for USHTS 2022 Preliminary edition ========== President Biden signed Proclamation 10326 To Modify the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the […]

  • 2022 HTS IN EXCEL

    QUESTION: Does anyone have an excel spreadsheet of the 2022 HTS codes that you would be willing to share? ============ Answers: The entire harmonized tariff schedule is available at: I understand that the 2022 HTS is supposed to be effective in late January. =========== Hello, Here is an excel spreadsheet that I created based […]

  • 2022 HTS AND SCH B

    QUESTION: With the new Tariff changes will there be changes to the Schedule B as well? ========== Answer: If the heading and subheading change, then yes.  If only the statistical – possibly.  For example – 8803 to 8807, the heading and subheading Sched B would mirror the HTS.  In my ERP, I will search out […]

  • 2022 HTS update timing

    QUESTION: Does anyone in the membership know when the 2022 HTS update will actually go into effect? I keep reading that it will be 30 days after presidential proclamation, but I don’t see that the presidential proclamation has actually happened. If it really has not happened, then the changes cannot go into effect on January […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have an HTS correlation table in Excel related to the WCO 2022 tariff changes? =========== Answer: The EU has a correlation table, but to my knowledge the US does not. ===========

  • 8471.41.0150 vs 8471.50.0150

    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Can someone explain the nuances between 8471.41.0150 and 8471.50.0150. Ruling N303442 discusses both but without much explanation. ============ Answers: 8471.41 must contain both an input unit and an output unit.  8471.50 may contain either an input unit or an output unit, but not both.  If you carefully read […]