Questions and answers about HTSUS


    QUESTION: Can anyone advise where you are classifying Hand Sanitizers liquid and wipes containing alcohol. Would you use 3824.99.9297 for both.  As far as the disinfectant wipes – would these be classified to 3808.94 or chapter 5603. ************** Answers: Disinfectant wipes= 3808.94. Hand sanitizers liquid is under 3824 has a lot of headings based on […]


    QUESTION: If your oilfield goodie doesn’t fall under a ruling for 8431.43.4000 or 8431.43.8060, and you KNOW it’s in one of those, how do you decide which? Just because it’s used offshore doesn’t make it 8431.43.4000, right?  Some offshore goodies can be 8431.43.8060, right? =========== Answer: Impossible to provide a concise answer without knowing which […]


    QUESTION: Is there a timeline that I can go by when HTS Codes are reviewed and changed? I have a lot of Commodity Codes that have been revised and become obsolete. Just want to be more timely with getting correct HTS codes on my products/items. In other words, is there a certain time when HTS […]

  • Dual Use HTS Table

    QUESTION: Is anyone aware of a list of HTS codes which are considered dual use items for export control in an Excel or pdf table format? ================================================================ Answers: Ah, I think you are talking apples and oranges here. HTS codes do not correlate to export control whatsoever. Perhaps you are asking for the US CCL […]


    QUESTION: I am wondering if there is a site where we can download, in Excel format, a list of USHTS’s that flag for PGA’s such as FDA, EPA, etc? I searched the answer database and the only links I found were invalid. ************* Answers: You can download the list from ACE. Add’l Answer: Use the […]

  • 2019 US HTS IN EXCEL

    QUESTION: Does anyone have 2019 HTS in excel and can share please? Thanks. ANSWERS: You can export the 2019 HTS in Excel Format right off of the website: Just select format and range. The ITC maintains a database of the tariff schedules. You can download a zip file that contains each year’s HTS in […]


    QUESTION: Good morning, the 494(f) Committee agreed to new statistical reporting for infant footwear at the beginning of the year. Does anyone in the group has a list showing the previous HTS number with the new HTS number that they could share? ========== Addl Answers: The infants sizing is included in the 2019 ch64 notes […]

  • 2019 US HTS updates

    QUESTION: Some changes were made to the US HTS beginning 1 January 2019, but it doesn’t appear to be updated on Does anyone have a resource which shows the changes and/or updates for 2019 please? Thank you in advance. =========== Answers: Government shutdown delayed publication ========== I have attached an informal reference to the […]

  • 2018 US HTS IN EXCEL

    QUESTION: Does anyone have the 2018 HTSUS in Excel with all 10 digits and duty rates? ========== Answers: try ========== Go here:   The full current site with PDF documents is here:     Albert Saphir ABS CONSULTING Supply Chain Harmony – Logistics and Trade Compliance Synchronized for Optimal Performance T: +1-954-218-5285 […]


    QUESTION: For many years I have been told, even by BIS to my face, that if you can only provide one, the HTS ALWAYS RULES!   OK – so here we are with a system that only holds ONE number – and we use the HTSUS as that number.   Now, when we export something […]


    QUESTION: Where can one obtain the US HTS #s just as a list….in Excel or whatever? The ITC site lets you download but ONLY to the 8 digit level, not full 10 / .  I’m looking to get a list of just the #s to the 10 digit level. ========== Answers: Try […]

  • 3926.90.9995 2017 HTS UPDATE

    QUESTION: Does the membership know if HTS 3926.90.9995 was changed in 2017?  The ITC website does not show that this has changed, however, our trade software provider shows that this was updated to 3926.90.9996 effective January 1, 2017. ========== Answers: The tariff schedule has already been updated at 3926.90.9995 does not appear to be one of […]