Questions and answers about HTSUS

  • Classification and Quantity of Kits/Sets/Bundles

    Question: This is a two part question; the first being classification and the second being how to report it in the entry summary.   We import bundles, or kits, consisting of the following: an immersion blender motor base, a wand attachment, a whisk attachment, a blending jar fitted for use with the immersion blender, and a […]

  • HTS of Blender Container Lids

    Question: I’m looking for some assistance in classifying two items: the lid for a typical blender container, and the lid stopper/plug that is removable to add additional ingredients.  I’m going back and forth between 8509.90 (parts of a blender) and 3923.50 (stoppers, lids, caps and other closures) for both.  At what point does it cease […]

  • HTS codes the same?

    Question: Can someone please describe to me in detail what the difference is between HTS codes 8708.29.2500 and 8708.29.5160? Answer 1: It would be easier to help knowing exactly what you’re trying to classify. Answer 2: These are both parts provisions for motor vehicles. I’d say 8708.29.2500 is specific to Body Stamping cars, pickups, SUVs […]

  • HTS for aircraft mountings, brackets, hinges

    Question: I am looking for verification of my reading of HTS 8302 – I originally thought that it would capture all hinges, mountings, and fittings, but upon a closer analysis it appears to only cover fittings for things like doors, windows, furniture, etc.   The parts I am classifying are called brackets, hinges, mountings, and fittings, […]

  • Availability of new US tariff schedule with WCO changes

    QUESTION: Where can I find a copy of the 2022 HTS with the WCO changes?  I’m referring to the entire new tariff schedule, not just a list of the changes. ========== Answers: Here the website for USHTS 2022 Preliminary edition ========== President Biden signed Proclamation 10326 To Modify the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the […]

  • 2022 HTS IN EXCEL

    QUESTION: Does anyone have an excel spreadsheet of the 2022 HTS codes that you would be willing to share? ============ Answers: The entire harmonized tariff schedule is available at: I understand that the 2022 HTS is supposed to be effective in late January. =========== Hello, Here is an excel spreadsheet that I created based […]

  • 2022 HTS AND SCH B

    QUESTION: With the new Tariff changes will there be changes to the Schedule B as well? ========== Answer: If the heading and subheading change, then yes.  If only the statistical – possibly.  For example – 8803 to 8807, the heading and subheading Sched B would mirror the HTS.  In my ERP, I will search out […]

  • 2022 HTS update timing

    QUESTION: Does anyone in the membership know when the 2022 HTS update will actually go into effect? I keep reading that it will be 30 days after presidential proclamation, but I don’t see that the presidential proclamation has actually happened. If it really has not happened, then the changes cannot go into effect on January […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have an HTS correlation table in Excel related to the WCO 2022 tariff changes? =========== Answer: The EU has a correlation table, but to my knowledge the US does not. ===========

  • 8471.41.0150 vs 8471.50.0150

    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Can someone explain the nuances between 8471.41.0150 and 8471.50.0150. Ruling N303442 discusses both but without much explanation. ============ Answers: 8471.41 must contain both an input unit and an output unit.  8471.50 may contain either an input unit or an output unit, but not both.  If you carefully read […]

  • XVV for burglar alarms

    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Scenario: A group of components, similar to the 5-piece kit described in ruling N301630 (except the siren component does not have a display), is imported as a set put up for retail sale.  When components are imported separately, they are imported under their respective HTS codes, none of […]

  • Answers to Question on HTS changes

    QUESTION: I am seeing information about new changes to the HTS coming for 2022.  Does anyone have information on this as to what type of changes? ========== Answers: See WCO 2022 HS correlation tables and amendments here: ========== I could be wrong, but I do not believe there are details available on this yet.  […]