• Importing Shipment into MX Bonded Warehouse

    QUESTION: My company is thinking about importing consumer goods into MX from China. Here is the scenario. 1. Consumer goods will ship from CN to MX 2. Goods will be placed in a bonded warehouse until an order is received 3. Order will be shipped from MX warehouse to a US consumer 4. The shipments to […]


    QUESTION: Our US based parent company (Company A) has a location in Mexico (Company B). We (Company C) have been using Company B to act as the importer of record on our behalf. When a MX customer places an order to Company C, Company B will issue a PO to Company C, clear it through […]

  • Imports from Mexico

    QUESTION: When using a shelter company in Mexico to manufacture and ship to the United States, how should the goods be marked?  The product inside is marked, but not necessarily packaged in a way that it can be “readily opened” for inspection.  This means we must mark the carton exterior, correct? We have two scenarios.  […]

  • New MX Carte Porte requirement

    QUESTION: We are working to understand this new MX Tax requirement called the Carte Porte / Freight Letter. Evidently this is a letter/document that is required when transporting any goods on roads in Mexico.  It is a Tax (SAT) requirement that applies to domestic moves as well as international moves (export and import). We understand […]

  • Imports into MX

    QUESTION: Can anyone advise if an importer in MX needs any special permits or approvals to import food grade salt into Mx? I checked the SIAVI site – – but it seems to be down.  This usually has import restriction info in the “Arancales y Normitivadad” section.  Unfortunately, our expeditious customs broker is slow to respond. […]


    QUESTION: MEXICO has a  Carta Porte program (SAT).   I haven’t seen much about this but know that it goes into effect January 1st.  I note that you must provide the Mexican HTS number on the bill of lading going into Mexico. Does anyone know of how to obtain the Mexican Tariff in English? Is his […]


    QUESTION: I’ve been asked to create a Pros/Cons list of having a US Compliance analyst position based in Mexico.  I would like to hear from others what they would list. ************* Answers: Your request is pretty vague and you don’t give any details about your MX business and why you, or someone, would think it […]


    QUESTION: My MX Customs Broker advised me that our MX import entity needed a Manifestacione de Valor (MdV) for every shipment from every vendor for every MX customs broker (Patente).  I was told that a signed original had to be given to the MX Customs Broker. They did say I could prepare blanket MdV for […]


    QUESTION: Does Mexico have any kind of activity reports?  Something at least kinda like ACE? ************** Answers: Yes. It’s call GLOSA. Your regional controller or signatory can apply for access to this. ************ SOISA reports ************* Not exactly like ACE, but you can  ask your Mexican  Broker to  get a GLOSA report, from SAT, which […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have best practices to share when looking to setup IOR/brokerage in Mexico for minimal volume of import %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: In my experience you would do best to find a Mexican Customs broker that has freight forwarding facilities on the US side of the border. This is important so that you have a […]


    QUESTION: Does someone have a list of the different types of pedimento (BA, BM, F5, etc) and what each is used for? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: Try this.  See pages 41 to 58


    QUESTION: We are begging to work with a Maquiladora shelter company that will also act as out customs broker in Mexico and also act as our forwarder as well. They will be also creating northbound commercial invoices. Does anyone have an SOP they can share if you are involved in this type of process or […]