Question: Working for a company that imports products from Mexico to the US, via Laredo. Running into a snag with consolidated freight from multiple vendors as I am being advised that only one DoDa/Pedimento is allowed per trailer and that we cannot mingle DoDAs from two separate Mexican brokers when preparing crossing documents, even though […]

  • Mexico Invoice

    Question: We provide a detailed commercial invoice with a shipment that includes itemized pricing for all physical items.  After the shipment is completed, we provide the customer with a Finance invoice.  This invoice is not itemized and may contain other after-sale service fees which should not be dutiable. 1. Does Mexico require an itemized finance […]

  • Employee From Mexico returning home with company laptop

    Question: We are a US based company who has an employee that is from Mexico. They are visiting our US office and we would like to be able to provide them with a company issued laptop to take home for work purposes. The value of the laptop and all the software (not controlled software or […]

  • Mexico Pricing – Discounts/Refunds

    Question: Curious if anyone can point me in the right direction regarding Mexico and pricing. We sell to a distributor in Mexico. The market has adjusted since they purchased the products from us and now the distributor is asking for a refund of some of the cost they paid to us for the materials to […]

  • Exports to Mexico

    Question: I had a customer of mine stating all of our shipments can’t be sent to him at his location in Mexico, but have be sent to their location in Laredo, TX USA. He states according to customs regulations all addresses within 30 miles of the Mexican border it is considered a Mexican export. He […]

  • Exporter of Record, Mexico

    Question: I am aware of how the EAR defines an ‘Exporter’ here in the U.S. (15 CFR 772.1), as well as the responsibilities of parties outlined in 15 CFR 30.3 I am trying to confirm how Mexico defines a legal ‘Exporter’. My attempts to find a reasonable online translation have failed, and truthfully, I prefer […]

  • COFEPRIS import permits Mexico

    QUESTION: We are hoping to solve a disconnect within our teams. There is a new product for human consumption to be exported to Mexico and while working the label we identified the COO is wrong.  The labels identified “Made in U.S.A.”, in Spanish.   The products are packaged in the U.S. and are from Brazil, China, […]


    QUESTION: We have an entity in Mexico.  The entity has two addresses, a physical (or is it fiscal) address and a legal address. No one has been able to explain why we have two addresses, the purposes and function of them and which address is the most important address for registering with MX Customs. Can […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone know how to qualify a product for the Mexico/European Union Free Trade Agreement?  Are there rules of origin for this FTA? If so, where are they located?  Is there a website? Is there a required form to use? Any information that can be provided is appreciated. =========== Answers: 1. Yes 2. […]

  • Mexico – Diario – Firma Autografa

    QUESTION: I would like to ask the membership if anyone else is being asked for original signatures on mill test certificates to import steel into Mexico.  This is something that is done every day by our company but one broker for one customer has recently started to refuse to clear shipments without an original signature […]


    QUESTION: We have a supplier in Canada, and we want them to ship directly to our maquiladora facility in Mexico, through the U.S.  Almost all the goods are USMCA eligible and it is 1-2 shipments per week.  We have not shipped “in bond” to date.  Is that a complex process?  I understand a specific bond […]


    QUESTION: If you don’t have the IMMEX program ready, still in process, can you import product under an ATA Carnet and then transfer the equipment into the IMMEX program   My understanding is yes we can, Mexican customs will sign off the Carnet and then will be registered under the Immex program ========== Answer: Using […]