Questions and answers about Canada

  • Consolidated Shipments to Canada

    Question: Question: Can shipments for two different importers be consolidated together when shipping to Canada? In this scenario, the product would be mixed on the same pallets and in some cases within the same shipping carton. Are there specific D-memos or regulations that outline requirements or prohibit this practice? Background:  My distribution company has warehouses […]

  • Logging into CARM with GCkey via VPN

    Question: After registering for a GCKey (I am US based with no Canada bank account), I tried to login to CARM but am receiving a message that it cannot be accessed with a VPN.  However, my company requires VPN use.  Any suggestions on how to proceed? Answer 1: This is a very good question and […]

  • Imports to Canada GST # on BOL?

    Question: For those members that import into Canada, is it normal for steamship lines to request GST/Tax ID number to be placed on the BOL?  I have recently been asked for that for the first time, and we’ve been shipping to Canada for several years.  I’m reluctant to have such identification on a public document.  […]

  • Value for import to Canada

    Question: We sell goods from our U.S. to our Canadian company – intercompany transaction.  These are invoiced to and paid by the Canadian company in CAD. Hearing from our brokers that we are not allowed to bill in CAD as the exchange rate our AP team defines (based on published bank exchange rates) does not […]

  • Drop shipments to Canada from US via Parcel

    Question: We send items to Canada frequently as Warranty replacement, Samples and Stock Transfer. We have a Canadian office that may be the IOR. The concern is the accuracy, recording keeping and cost of using our regular Canadian broker vs a major parcel carrier having authority.  The Parcel shipments are mostly in the CLVS range. […]

  • Importing to Canada – retail business – ecommerce

    Question: We’re a manufacturer and focus on vitamins retail. We ship to Canada to a warehouse where the products are stored and pulled from inventory as orders are received. The issue here is how should we show transaction value on our imports to Canada? The cost of manufacturing the finished goods OR the retail value […]

  • Question on Canadian Country of Origin Determination

    Question: For non-preferential goods:  D11-4-3 (Rules of Origin Respecting the Most-Favoured-Nation Tariff) requires “…at least 50% of the cost of production of the goods must be incurred in one or more MFN beneficiary countries or Canada. Canadian content may be included as MFN originating in the calculation of the 50% requirement.”  Additionally, “…The goods must […]

  • Canada Proposes Changes to the Value for Duty Rules for Imports

    Question: Does anyone in the membership have a feeling for the likelihood of CBSA making the proposed changes to valuation? Has your company considered implementing any changes in the structure of transactions into Canada as a result? Answer 1: My feeling is that the proposed changes will go through.  We haven’t yet implemented any changes.  […]

  • Does anyone have a Canada import audit template they would be willing to share?

    Question: My company imports a substantial amount of cargo into Canada. We are planning to start formal import auditing on our Canada entries, but have no prior templates to based our audit on. I was wondering if anyone that imports into Canada has an audit template or list of audit subjects they would be willing […]

  • Recent guidance on CGP Clearance and NDA to satisfy ITAR 126.18(c)(2)

    Question: Looking at the 2017-Toronto Conference presentation “Canada’s Defence Production Act and Controlled Goods Program” (last one in the folder), it comments in a couple of places about the need for an NDA when using a Canadian Controlled Goods Program clearance to satisfy ITAR conditions under 126.18(c)(2) for a consignee to vet their own employees. […]

  • Parts for J85-CAN-40

    Question: We are shipping parts of J85-CAN-40 engine which is considered a civil aircraft (developed from the CJ610 engine-not the J85) to Canada.  Is it true that the accessories for this engine are not covered by the ITAR nor EAR?  Can you please explain why? Answer 1: Assuming you are shipping from the United States, […]

  • U.S. / Canada Cross Border Responsibilities

    Question: We are a distributor of automotive parts and are routinely asked to ship to customers freight forwarders near the border for shipments destined to Canada.  Sold to a foreign address, ship to a domestic address. In our opinion we are still responsible for the U.S. export and are responsible for record retention.  We typically […]