Questions and answers about Canada

  • Canadian de minimis

    QUESTION: For low value shipments that are less than the $150 CAD threshold for de minimis shipments into Canada, is this limit per household per day?  For example, if someone were to place a shipment in the morning for $50 and then place another shipment in the evening for $125, neither shipment would qualify for […]


    QUESTION: We have a supplier in Canada, and we want them to ship directly to our maquiladora facility in Mexico, through the U.S.  Almost all the goods are USMCA eligible and it is 1-2 shipments per week.  We have not shipped “in bond” to date.  Is that a complex process?  I understand a specific bond […]


    QUESTION: Sold-to: US, Ship-to: Canada, Incoterms: DDP We are the seller and also the NRI in Canada We are the NRI in Canada, but when we sell to a US party and ship to Canada, we ask our US customer to provide the commercial invoice for their customer in Canada.  Our broker in Canada will […]


    QUESTION: Under DAP terms (Delivered At Place) for a Canadian import, where the unit price is fully loaded with transportation costs, can the transportation cost be deducted under a separate line item for the Customs Invoice?  Under US Customs, transportation charges can be deducted from the price paid or payable, and cover Incoterms starting with […]

  • Canada DDP Shipments

    QUESTION: Our Supplier is offering DDP terms to our Canada facility.  However, they want our Tax ID number to file GST on our behalf, but they claim Canada customs entry will be filed under their name with them as the IOR.  Is this possible and a common procedure? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: No, if terms are DDP […]


    QUESTION: My Customs broker in Canada has advised that, upon CARM Release 2, importers will be required to pay duties/GST to CBSA directly, and that brokers will no longer be able to offer duty outlay service. It’s my understanding that importers will be required to obtain a bond, and that the CARM Client Portal will […]

  • Declared Value into Canada

    QUESTION: I work for a US e-commerce retailer. We’re looking to transfer inventory from one of our US fulfillment operations to a newly established Canadian location. Once operational in Canada, we will be fulfilling both Canada and US orders (US orders under Section 321), so much of this inventory will return back to the US […]


    QUESTION: What happens in the following: Company A in the US sells to Company B in Dubai. Company B uses a forwarder in Canada, who collects the goods from Company A, drives them to Canada and then puts them on a plane to Dubai.  1. Is an AES filing required since it went to Canada? […]

  • NRIs and CARM

    QUESTION: We operate as an NRI in Canada and we’re curious about our potential obligations under CARM. ********** Answers: As of release 2, all commercial importers, including Non-Resident Importers (NRI), will be required to register on the CARM portal. In addition importers who wish to obtain release prior to payment (RPP) privileges must post their […]


    QUESTION: Is the new CARMS for Canada importers a “must” comply? ================================================== ANSWERS: From every Industry webinar I have attended, and literature I have read – it appears to be a resounding “Yes”. Must be ready by May 2022. ================================================== CARM is rolled out into two phases. 2nd phase is important where delegation of authority […]

  • New Regulatory Import Changes into Canada

    QUESTION: Has anyone put together a webinar for the new CARM release for importing into Canada/does anyone have a good resource to share for NRI in Canada on the changes/requirements? ======================================================= ANSWER: CBSA has a number of videos offering tutorials on CARM ============================================================= Check with your Forwarder or Broker partners, just about everyone has put […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a training example that they can share for shipping from the US to Canada? (To be used for high level internal training for our customer service team) ************* Answers: Not sure exactly what kind of training you are looking for but if it is the CBSA import requirements, there is this […]