Questions and answers about Canada

  • Parts for J85-CAN-40

    Question: We are shipping parts of J85-CAN-40 engine which is considered a civil aircraft (developed from the CJ610 engine-not the J85) to Canada.  Is it true that the accessories for this engine are not covered by the ITAR nor EAR?  Can you please explain why? Answer 1: Assuming you are shipping from the United States, […]

  • U.S. / Canada Cross Border Responsibilities

    Question: We are a distributor of automotive parts and are routinely asked to ship to customers freight forwarders near the border for shipments destined to Canada.  Sold to a foreign address, ship to a domestic address. In our opinion we are still responsible for the U.S. export and are responsible for record retention.  We typically […]

  • Canada Exemption 126.5

    Question: We have an item that was manufactured in Canada and we qualified  to share data for manufacturing using the Canada exemption 126.5. The parts came in to the US with no indication on the shipping paperwork of the exemption. Isn’t this a requirement to export the parts back to Canada? Doesn’t the company in […]

  • Canada New Law on Single Used Plastic

    Question: Looking to see if any  can offer regulatory guidance on this new Canada law on single-use plastics which will take into effect on Dec 20, 2022. Our company sells these single-used plastics to our Canadian resellers and restaurants/kitchen customers. Essentially, I want to fully understand our responsibilities as foreign suppliers in this case and […]

  • CA NRI Audit

    Question: As an NRI into Canada, Importers should be auditing the B3’s as well, similar to the self-audits that are performed on US import entries.  What are some of the general and critical criteria that should be audited on the B3’s would you recommend to a company who’s looking to begin this process?  Best practices […]

  • Canada Commercial Invoice

    Question: Are there any service providers that have a generic Customs Invoice for shipments to Canada that has a section for weight? Current provider’s C/I does not have a section for weight by line item, (or at all). Looking to change provider of this info. Our current system (not ERP) does not have this capability, […]


    QUESTION: We have an AIR export from US to Dubai.  Terms are EXW and CNEE nominates the FRWR.  The chosen FWRD does NOT have an office in the US, but they do have an office in Canada (with Canadian GST#). The FRWR picked up the cargo and sent in IN-BOND from US to Canada; cargo is […]


    QUESTION: My customer previously purchased and imported our product into Canada from the US.  They are now needing to export that same product (without any modification to the original product) back into the US, for my company to add value (anodize) to the original product.  The customer already paid GST into Canada at the time […]


    QUESTION: A few questions regarding a REX number (Registered Exporter) for exports from Canada to Europe as it relates to the CETA trade agreement: Is an exporter in Canada who is shipping to Europe required to have a REX number?  The country of origin of the product being shipped is Canada and is indicated as […]

  • Mobile back cover classification in Canada

    QUESTION: Anyone in Canada , can suggest the classification of mobile back cover made of silicon or plastic  in Canada, In other countries it is classified under 3926 if its not covering the screen side as well , please let me know the views, I found the below review by CA customs , does it […]


    QUESTION: In Note 14 (c) of 22 CFR 126 Supplement No. 1 it says the below   (c) The U.S. exporter must provide the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls a semi-annual report regarding all of their on-going activities authorized under § 126.5 of this subchapter. The report shall include the article(s) being produced; the end-user(s); the end-item […]


    QUESTION: Can someone provide insight into what CBSA would expect the importer to do in the following scenario and what type of penalties, if any, might be assessed. An audit of 2nd quarter B3 entries indicates there may be a value error on a group of similar shipments.  The value may have been overstated.  The […]