• Mexico export control list/regulations

    QUESTION: Does anyone know how to find the Mexico export control list/regulations? Years ago MX was using the HTS for export control, but when they joined Wassenar a few years ago my understanding is they came up with their own “CCL”/control list and regulations.  I’d like to find that as we export a lot from […]


    QUESTION: I am trying to understand the import process for a company laptop into Mexico. An express courier, NOT MX CUSTOMS, rejected the shipment and advised that because this is an electronic item we needed to provide documentation that the laptop met local NYCE standards and that this merchandise must be certified by a proper […]


    QUESTION: We are exporting an item to Mexico that has an HS Code with a correlating NOM requirement.  Our customs broker is advising us that we need a NOM.  However, I was in contact with a MX importer of the same exact item and they advise that a NOM is not required.   I have read […]


    QUESTION: I’m trying to export a laptop, docking station and cell phone to a new distributor we hired in Mexico. The shipment value is ~$2600. It was returned to us, stating that shipments with electronics require NYCE Certification. The certification process requires samples to be sent to a testing facility in Mexico. We do not […]

  • Changing Manufacturing from China to Mexico Maquiladora

    QUESTION: Like other companies mine is looking at having some items that are currently being manufactured in China moved to North America specifically to Mexico at our Maquiladora operation.  I am being advised that some of the components will still have to be sourced from China.  I am looking for peoples experience and insight on […]

  • Mexico

    QUESTION: Please advise if any members have been asked to produce a NAFTA certificate for a Mexican importer as illustrated below: Product imported into Mexico is Duty Free currently. Mexican importer claims if they have NAFTA certificate at time of import and present to customs, they get a XX% reduction in VAT/Sales tax.  They are […]

  • IOR for maquiladora operation

    QUESTION: We are buying product in the U.S. from a company that has a maquiladora operation in Mexico.  Typically, this company acts as IOR and delivers the product to their customers in the U.S.  From my experiences this is typically how it works as the Mexican entity is the exporter and the U.S. entity must […]

  • Mexican Customs MPF

    QUESTION: What is the MPF (DTA) for imports into Mexico?  Where is the specific DTA % mentioned in MX Customs regulations? Is this waived if NAFTA is claimed? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: There is no MPF if NAFTA qualified product. ================================================================

  • Ruling from MX Customs

    QUESTION: I need to request an official ruling from MX Customs. Does anyone have any advice?  Is it the uphill battle I’ve heard it is? ************** Answers: Is it a customs ruling on classification? It can be challenging especially with the recent change in leadership. I recommend reaching out to local counsel and your customs […]


    QUESTION: We are looking at importing glass windows which are enclosed in aluminum framing and classified under chapter 7610.10.00. The glass is made in Mexico from our supplier. The aluminum frames (we are told) are also manufactured in Mexico. If the raw material came from China, would we only need to be concerned with possible […]

  • Rail Shipments to Mexico

    QUESTION: We have just started shipping to Mexico via rail and a few questions have come up with regards to Rail BOLs and AES Exemption Statements. 1. Is there a separate rail BOL (or is the shipper provided BOL used)? 2. How do rail companies manage AES Exemption Statements if a separate BOL is not […]


    QUESTION: It is our first time going through reconciliation submissions for related party maquiladora imports. I am looking for any tips and tricks or (hard) lessons learned you may have learned to make sure our submission is complete. For example the parties involved in your process, who does what and when, any internal sign-off and […]