• New MX tariff

    QUESTION: I bring a lot of NAFTA-qualified goods from MX to the US. Will this new 5% tariff even be on NAFTA goods? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: Yes %%%%%%%%%% Yes – because this is not a trade related tariff, and therefore, even if the goods qualify for NAFTA and enter duty-free from the ad valorem rate, this […]


    QUESTION: 1. I read recent news that effective June 10, US will impose additional tariff on goods from Mexico. I want to get clarity if it’s based on Mexico origin products like how it was done with China trade war or any import shipment coming from Mexico? 2. We import a good from China that […]

  • Audit questions for IMMEX program

    QUESTION: I will be auditing my IMMEX facility in Mexico for the first time next month. What questions should I ask in addition to the risk assessment questions I ask at my U.S. locations? Looking specifically for IMMEX requirements related to inventory management, reporting, etc. ***************** Answers: Auditing Mexico IMMEX is not like a typical […]

  • Mexico Customs Clearance, Pedimento & PECA

    QUESTION: Not quite sure on how goods are imported into Mexico. Recently I had some medical devices that came into Mexico Airport. I am told that the Mexico Customs Broker took pictures of the freight as well as contents of the products and submitted documents and pictures as part of the entry. Does this sound […]

  • Min Value Requirement into Mexico

    QUESTION: Our customer in Mexico stated that a new regulation went into effect on Jan 1, 2019 and their government set certain minimum prices for import value to meet for each HTS. Further, they are saying that our prices are lower than the minimum price to meet. I requested a specific regulation for me to […]

  • Mexican Customs Clearance process flow

    QUESTION: We are new to buying in Mexico and the Mexican customs clearance is a bit confusing.  Can anyone in the membership provide me with a Mexican customs clearance process flow exporting from Mexico to the U.S.?  We need to understand what we may be dealing with and would like to be aware of different […]


    QUESTION: We export free of charge items to Mexico in the form of samples, catalogs, literature, evaluation items.  We have been having a terrible time getting stuff through MX Customs without any delay.   We want to set up a process by which these goods are shipped DDP using one of our (Big 3) preferred […]


    QUESTION: Has anyone in the group heard that Mexico assesses a lower duty for goods shipped to Cancun? Our customer is telling us that based on advice from a forwarder, that bath towels that are normally assessed at 25% would only be assessed at 5% if imported into Cancun as long as they remain in […]

  • US Seller to Mexican Buyer from Mexican Producer

    QUESTION: Can one avoid Mexican VAT if a US seller ships directly from the Mexican manufacturer to the Mexican customer?  The company is a sister company, but not a maquila. Are there other concerns for this type of arrangement? Thank you in advance! =================== ANSWER: No, you cannot avoid VAT for intra-Mexico transaction.  VAT by […]

  • Inventory Function in Trade Operations

    QUESTION: I work for a very unique USA company. I am a USA citizen that works for a USA entity. I manage a few imports for my employer (IOR). However there are imports initiated by the parent company where imports are made in their name as an NRI. I myself and my employer are not […]


    QUESTION: Does the membership have any insight as to whether or not the Section 232 and 301 tariff hikes affect goods entered into a Maquila prior to the effective date of the tariffs? For instance, if an affected item is entered via a warehouse entry into a Maquila today, and then the tariff increase becomes […]


    QUESTION: Can anyone advise any regulatory background on the NAFTA qualification of goods from a Maquiladora where the method of appraisement is Computed Value? Scenario is that the imports are flagged for Value and NAFTA Recon, however if the related supplier has provided NAFTA with shipment, the preference is claimed.  The Valuation is finalized annually […]