• Separate invoice per container to Japan

    Question: For shipments from U.S. to Japan, is it required to have a separate commercial invoice for each container on a bill of lading?  Or can there be a single commercial invoice with packing lists itemizing containers? Answer 1: I am not aware of any requirement to have a commercial invoice per container. I have […]


    QUESTION: We plan to sell the product to the distribution in Japan. The deal is that we will sell the instrument at below standard cost of manufacturer. Upon importation into Japan, the distributor will rent it to the local customers. We would receive a % of the rental income.    Is the below standard cost […]


    Question: I am being asked to provide an Export Trade Control Order (Japanese regulation) certificate for a certain product. While I’m able to find information online about the Japanese Export Trade Control Order, I’m unable to find any information related to a certificate pertaining to this order. I’m also unable to find any examples. The […]


    Question: Can a US company be a non-resident importer in Japan?  If so, any major watch outs or special requirements? ========== If a non-resident wishes to import products into Japan, it can appoint a customs business manager and have the manager handle import proceedings. Terrie A. Gleason Baker & McKenzie LLP 815 Connecticut Avenue, NW […]


      QUESTION:   Does anyone have experience with the “Agreement Between Japan and The United Mexican States For the Strengthening of the Economic Partnership” ?   Specifically, importation into Mexico of Japan goods (electronics) ? I have the full agreement and I am familiar with the Rules of Origin.  But I cannot find anyone who is […]

  • Managing export control requirements in Japan

      Question: We recently acquired a company in Japan, and want to integrate them with our existing systems for export and import controls.  Regarding export control requirements in Japan, my understanding is there may not be a numeric export control code per se (such as ECCN or USML categories), but rather descriptive references to the […]

  • JAPAN Q&A 1

    Does anyone have a resource that would allow me to view an English version of the Japanese ECCN list and the countries export control regulations?