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  • Apparel Commercial Invoice Configuration Inquiry

    Question: As US Customs requires, the manufacturer must be named for all apparel on the commercial invoice. My question is how are importers configuring commercial invoices for clear and concise entry, in instances where the shipment is consolidated and apparel items may multiple manufacturers ? Answer 1: If manufacturer, or COO varies it is best […]

  • New Invoices for Overage/Shortage

    Question: What are other companies implementing for best practice when customers advise an overage/shortage upon import and request a new invoice?  Do you manually prepare a proforma invoice that will match both the original invoice and new credit/debit memo?  Or, would you reverse the SAP delivery to reset the proper piece count and then issue […]

  • Customs system changes in Israel

    Question: Are there members that can share information on authorities customs system (“Global Gate” (Sha’ar Olami) System) changes that are to be implemented in Israel in January 2023? There will be changes that come into effect that will impact trade documentation requirements (or more strict management of the latter) thanks for sharing any (source of) […]

  • EXPORT QUESTION_ BIS Bureau of Indian Standards- Certification for India Customs

    Question: My company exported a steel sample to India, we received the below request from the importer/broker-“We would like to inform you that, there is compulsory compliance certification according to Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), for any type of cold rolled steel material imported into India, which falls under HS code 72125090. Please check if […]

  • packing list

    Question: What is the basic information that should appear on a packing list?  Does the shipper need to provide the weight and dimension of each box or carton being shipped? Answer 1: yes, that’s essentially the definition of a packing list….the number of packages and the weights and dimensions of each.  In some more sophisticated […]


    QUESTION: I am currently doing a review on the product descriptions we have set up on commodities that are crossing the border.  I’m finding that not all are clearly describing what the product is and we are starting to get complaints from carriers, who are experiencing delays at the ports of entry.  Where would I […]

  • In-congruent Commercial Documents

    QUESTION: My company manufactures accessories that fall under Customs’ regulations for textiles. A couple of our suppliers in China do not meet the requirements to apply for an export license and have contracted with another China manufacturers to manage the export formalities on their behalf. When documents are presented to our broker for import processing, […]

  • Commercial Invoice

    QUESTION: We are located in the U.S. and make a purchase from a U.S. supplier and have the product shipped to our AU related party who we bill later. The CI has us as buyer but ship to AU. The pricing is what we are purchasing it for from the supplier which is not the […]


    QUESTION: I have a question regarding the commercial invoice requirements for a product where multiple “components” are welded together.  Does the CI need to display each individual component(s)?  How does other businesses create CI’s for this scenario?    Example:  We manufacture Orthodontic braces.  We manufacture a “band” in which goes over a molar tooth.  Per […]


    QUESTION: We are importing a complete manufacturing line from our MX facility to our US plant.   The manufacturing line is very large and for shipping this line is being shipped in pieces, not fully assembled. All pieces together on one truck.     My stance on this has always been that because the manufacturing line is […]


    QUESTION: Our suppliers are currently in China. Several of them have agreed to move to Thailand, Taiwan and/or Vietnam. With the initial move all parts required to make the finished good will be sourced in China and shipped to the new country for assembly. There are many parts and the assembly process involves over 100 […]


    QUESTION: My company manufactures mooring lines for vessels. The vessel owner places the PO on my company, with instructions to transport the lines to their vessels, which are operating around the world. We are instructed to transport the lines as “ship spares in transit”, which is accurate, as they will move in bond through the […]