Documentation Requirements

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  • Export Invoice Requirements

    Question: Can anyone provide an example of what types of statements they are making on export customers invoices? I recently discovered that our invoices show, “Note:  These commodities, technology, or software were exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.” Is this appropriate to […]

  • Location selection of new plant

    Question: Reaching out to U.S. as well as foreign members for this one. If your company was going to establish a new location for manufacturing or packaging, with the assumption that shipments would be imported and exported globally, and the location would be either the U.S, the EU, or CH, in what order would you […]

  • End-Use End-User Information

    Question: My company is newly registered.  We have a very basic question.  What do companies do when a customer refuses to complete or provide End-Use End-User information? Answer 1: Highly dependent on what you are selling to them, where they are located, the customer themselves, etc. Best case, it really might not matter, depending on […]

  • Puerto Rico – Custom Documents

    Question: Do shipments to Puerto Rico shipping from the US require custom documents? Answer 1: For PR you must file the export declaration (AES), then someone has to file entry into Puerto Rico on that end. Nothing on U.S. side except for the AES. Answer 2: Shipments to Puerto Rico from the United States are […]

  • Packing List

    Question: Could other companies advise how they handle parent/child items?  We have a parent item that is listed on the CI with the quantity of parent item (1) and the value.   The Packing list would instead list the child items with their quantities (main machine (1), Accessories (1)) and note which parent item they tie […]

  • Furniture shipment

    Question: Hello!  I have a team of individuals at my company that want to export a complete office set up as one item on the commercial invoice, with one HTS code and one value.   I am looking for guidance on specific regulations that specify that the individual items must be listed with their own information.  […]

  • Claiming USMCA

    Question: We have a client that on occasion has goods returned to the USA from Canada.  The importer advises that the country of origin is USA.   The importer does not claim 9801 in some instances and duty is paid.  We do NOT claim USMCA. Question:  In a scenario such as this, would it be appropriate […]

  • Question on EU auto-certification template or example of No-Russian steel used in products shipped. to the EU, and what documents can be used as evidence?

    Question: Does anyone know if there is a specific template or can provide an example for self-certification of No-Russian steel used in products imported to the EU?   We ship carbonated beverage dispensers with a high content of stainless steel to the EU and a self-certification of no Russian steel is being requested by EU […]

  • Export document edits after shipment

    Question: I am curious to know how the membership handles requests for updates on export documents after shipment. Do you allow any edits at all?  If so, under which parameters? Does it make a difference when allowing changes if shipment is still in the US, no EEI required, etc.?  Our company gets a lot of […]

  • HS Codes on invoices for Colombian Imports

    Question: I am shipping equipment and other items to Colombia.  I had a call with the customs broker of the importer and was told not to reflect the HS Codes for anything on the commercial invoice.  I’ve never heard of that.  They said Colombian Customs does not require the HS Code on invoices.  Does anyone […]

  • Commercial Invoice Statement

    Question: My company has the below statement on all commercial invoices. The bolded portion we are keeping, but do we have to keep everything below the bolded portion? If we do, who would be the person to authorize the commercial invoice and sign? “These commodities, technology or software were exported from the United States in […]

  • Record Keeping

    Question: Hello, My company doesn’t have our past five years of records. I have started contacting brokers for the 7501s, but our vendors need help producing the commercial documents. While I know it isn’t ideal, should I ask the brokers for the entry packets? I know this will be costly. . I’m wondering what the […]