Customs Brokers

  • Filing Type 86 Entry

    Question: For filing a type 86 entry with same MBL and multiple HBL, how does the CHB community handle obtaining POA’s for each consignee listed and also, how does the parcel carriers handle the POA for shipments under $800? I am new to the concept and need to better understand the procedures.  Appreciate your input […]

  • GUAM

    Question: Hello: Can a U.S. Licensed Broker clear cargo shipped from Spain and imported into Guam since Guam is an insular possession of the United States? Answer 1: No, a US broker cannot file an entry in Guam.  Even though Guam is an insular possession of the US, CBP does not have a presence on […]


    Question: Can someone please share how they vet a potential new customs broker?  Do you have questions that you ask potential new customs brokers?  Also what are some of the KPI’s that you use to evaluate an existing broker? Thank You Answer 1: If you can I would make an onsite visit to the broker’s […]

  • CBP Penalty

    Question: We are a broker and CBP issued a penalty for late uploading documents into DIS.  CBP claimed that they sent a message of the request via ACE (to our software), but it was never received (this has been addressed with our ABI rep and our internal IT dept).   The day we received an e-mail […]

  • When did customs broker stop advancing money for shipping charges?

    Question: Maybe I’m showing my age here, but when did customs brokers stop advancing money for shipping charges? When I began my career working for a customs broker, it was customary to pay charges owed to carriers or other forwarders, and advance those on the billing invoice to the client.  This included everything from simple […]

  • Broker Management (KPI’s & Metrics)

    Question: I’ve started a new role as a Compliance Analyst within our Transportation team/Trade Compliance groups. One of my areas of focus & responsibility will be creating a Broker Scorecard that we will use to measure against the Customs Brokerage companies that we utilize for our imports. Any suggestions out there of which key metrics/KPI’s […]

  • Customs Broker Power of Attorney

    Question: My understanding is that a customs broker PoA between an LLC and a customs broker, once issued, is in effect until revoked. We have a Customs Broker advising us that if the person who signed the PoA has left the company a new PoA has to be put in place to replace the PoA […]

  • power of attorney

    Question: Question:  We are transitioning from doing business under an individual broker’s license to a corporate license with qualifying broker(s).  Our corporate license has been approved and is active within Ace. We are in the process of developing a transition strategy and developing a timeline to get everything changed over.  Can we execute sub-POAs from […]

  • Customs Brokerage for Small Parcel

    Question: Hello ICPA community, I am working with one of the major small parcel providers that sold my company on their “program management” solution awhile back, which is extremely costly. I think many of us fail to see the value and have decided to discontinue the service.  In doing so, I’ve asked for global contacts […]


    Question: With regards to the ruling of last week ( HQ H290535) for Hampton providing HTS numbers to its customers for importation use, how does this effect a company in the USA who manufactures a product and sells to OEM’s and other companies, and are asked by these clients what the proper HTS or Schedule […]


    QUESTION: I am the Trade and Compliance Manager for a global organization and managing our Customs Broker falls under my umbrella, but I do not have a say in what freight forwarders are used.  We import about 200 containers a year. In the past we had the same company that did our brokerage move our […]

  • Reports from customs brokers

    QUESTION: We are looking to receive reports from our customs broker to supplement our ACE import reports. Logically we will ask for the entry number to link to the ACE data.  Want to ask the membership what other information, not submitted to/available in ACE, they ask their customs brokers to report and how frequently reports […]