Customs Brokers

  • Broker Management

    QUESTION: I am new to my company and I am responsible to oversee our customs broker who makes a lot of errors.  The broker relationship was established long before me and going on 10 plus years.I am in the process of auditing and establishing KPIs for our broker and currently the error ratio is 18%. […]

  • Broker SOP for related parties is it Customs Business?

    Question:  I’m responsible for trade compliance for 6 different divisions.  Would providing an SOP to the import broker the other divisions use be considered “Customs Business”? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: When in doubt read the regulations.  See the definition of “customs business” below.   It appears what you are doing falls under the category of a “corporate compliance […]

  • Broker error

    QUESTION: Is there a way to file a PSC with customs, stating that the errors are broker errors, not caused by the importer?  If so, how would the broker file the PSC, admitting that the errors are caused by the broker, not the importer. %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: If it were a Prior Disclosure you were submitting, […]

  • Brokerage fee allocation

    QUESTION: Our transportation manager does not feel like brokerage fees should be allocated to the freight side of the business. Was curious how other companies may be allocating these charges. ==================================================== Answers: How are duties allocated?  Brokerage charges are directly related to meeting import requirements.  If duties are allocated as a tax, brokerage charges may […]

  • Broker’s Duty to the IOR

    QUESTION: I am looking for guidance on a broker’s duty to the IOR. Is there a part of a regulation that spells this out? I have reviewed Part 111 of 19 CFR 110 and it only details their duty to USCBP. We are the IOR on shipments, using a very large air courier service as […]

  • Broker fees for imports from CA and MX

    QUESTION: Why are Customs broker fees generally a lot less for shipments entering the US from Canada and Mexico than from other foreign countries? ========== Answers: Generally the fees are rated by mode of transport.  CA and MX are primarily truck and rail which are a simpler process than ocean/air that is seen from other countries […]


    QUESTION: I am looking to understand from the membership who in your company owns the customs broker relationship, who decides which broker(s) to use, and if you tie it to who owns freight forwarder relationships or split it out from transportation?  Looking for specific titles/departments/functions please. *************** Answers:The customs broker relationship is owned by Global […]


    QUESTION: I’d like to find out what others are doing to measure CHB performance – what KPI’s have you set, and how do you then gather the data/measure?  Did you set the expectations or were they mutually agreed upon? I am not unhappy with the service I am receiving, but it would be beneficial to […]

  • Customs broker merger

    QUESTION: One of the US Customs broker we rarely use was purchased or merged with another customs broker a few months ago.   No official notification was given by either broker, the buyer or acquired company, which I thought was very odd. We had an import come in and we asked our broker to clear it.  […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: I looked on the ICPA database & CROSS regarding the term/definition of “Customs Business”, however not quite I understand.  So a month ago I accepted a job with a USA employer as their trade operations person.  Naturally I take care of the importer’s (employer) imports by providing entry […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: I am interested in the memberships opinion on brokerage; Is it more advantageous to have one broker manage all import activity or two brokers? My company operates a maquila and we have daily US/Mexico cross border activity.  Should I consider one broker to manage this specific cross border […]


    QUESTION: Can someone please share a customs broker service agreement template? I am looking for a template that outlines communication expectations, service requirements, performance measurements, documentation and recordkeeping requirements, etc. ************* Answers: Most brokers wont agree to have this level of detail included in the service agreement.   The type of things you want are typically […]