Questions and answers about Brazil

  • Brazil UN Specification packaging requirements

    Question: Does anyone have any experience with importing into Brazil and a new regulation requiring Certificate of Approval for any UN Specification packaging that originates or has a destination in Brazil. We have had a few shipments of batteries rejected/returned because a certificate did not accompany the shipment. Looking for an example of the required […]

  • Brazil Commercial Invoice

    Question: Hi There, I would like to inquire about the requirement of including the Manufacturer Name and Address on the Commercial Invoice. Can anyone confirm if this is necessary? Additionally, could you please specify where in the Brazil Customs regulations this requirement is stated? Thank you for your assistance. Answer 1: yes this has been […]

  • Brazil Invoice Error

    QUESTION: In August, our company shipped a product to Brazil with a value of $3,200.00.  The invoice was reviewed and approved by the customer prior to the actual shipment taking place.  The shipment was supposed to have moved via a freight forwarder, but instead was shipped in error via a large courier direct to Brazil.  […]


    QUESTION: We have a customer in Brazil who is legally changing their name as of Jan. 1. What is the best way to accommodate the name change on orders in transit which will have departed prior to name change and will arrive after the name has changed. Customer is concerned that Brazil customs will not […]


    QUESTION: We are selling (FCA basis) to a customer in Brazil who picks up from our US plant and takes it back to Brazil. They are asking for signed and stamped Invoices and BOL from the exporter to submit to Brazilian customs for their import clearance. Is this mandatory and if so, why is it […]

  • Brazil Export Control Regime

    QUESTION: I am looking for information in English on how to comply with technical data control requirements under the Brazil Export Control Regime – Brazil law No. 9,112 of 1995 (or newer) and where I can find the items on the Sensitive Goods Lists referenced within in the law. ****************** Answers: The Missile and Nuclear […]

  • 3rd Party Shipping to Brazil

    QUESTION: A business group within my (US) company has finalized a back to back deal in which we have purchased raw materials from a supplier in a foreign country and sold it to consumer in Brazil. Our traders assumed we could do a switch bill to hide the identity of the actual supplier from the […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have any English language links or documents on Brazilian Export Controls? Everything I have been able to find has been in Portuguese. ========== Answers: Dear Member,   I have a fair amount of information on Brazil ‘s export control system in English  please feel free to contact me directly at and/or […]

  • Importing into Brazil

    QUESTION: Our US located company has an agreement with a distributor in Brazil where the Distribution Agreement states that we give exclusive rights to the distributor to market and sell our product in Brazil.  The Distributor Agreement states that the distributor will purchase and resell our products to other companies and sub-distributors in Brazil. I […]


    QUESTION: We are being told by our Brazilian customer that there are new requirements to show the piece weight as well as the total weights on all future shipments.  Is this an actual requirement? ========== Answer: Yes since 2015 ==========


    QUESTION: We are attempting to get some professional equipment (fancy cameras and related processing equipment) into Brazil under a carnet for temporary agricultural work.  The equipment is all EAR99.  We had no problem getting it out of the US, but are having great difficulty getting it through the importation process in Brazil.  We cannot get […]


    QUESTION:   Our company sells new data monitoring equipment, modules, power supplies and other components as a part of a compressor set. The material is sold to a Brazilian customer and used for field testing.     After 1 year, the material is to be moved to another contract, so our sister company in Brazil […]