Questions and answers about Brazil

  • Brazil Q&A 2

    Has anyone heard more about the possible strike in Brazil ? Any changes to the information below that we have received? We hard that the Department of Treasure fiscal agents are planning a strike to begin on the 18th, after several months of negotiating with the government for better salaries Link . The customs officials […]

  • Brazil Q&A 3

    We have just encountered a situation where our standard shipping method for customers is incoterms DDP. We have been advised that Brazilian Customs does not allow shipments to be entered under DDP. Can someone confirm that this is actually the case and how to others handle that if they normally use DDP? We are considering […]

  • Brazil Q&A 5

    I’ve read a great deal about the Brazilian Customs strike, but I was curious to see what types of delays the membership is experiencing (I’ve heard an average of about 10 days) and what, if any steps have they taken to combat the delays?