Questions and answers about Brazil

  • TIB into Brazil for used network equip demo

    Question: Can anyone tell me if they’ve had similar experience in importing used Networking equipment to Brazil under a Temporary import for the purpose of Demo? Are the requirements the same as under a permanent import scenario? ==========


    Question: We use a lot of silver in our product, and because of the volatility in the silver market, we charge a surcharge for silver on our shipments.  When shipping to Brazil, they want the customs invoice to match exactly the purchase order, and the surcharge seems to cause a problem.  Does anyone else do […]


    Question: Is anyone aware of a Brazilian Customs regulation requiring the exactweight and measure at the component / line level to be on both the packing slipand commercial invoice?

  • Brazil Processing for Lower Duty

    Question: Brazil seems to have very high duties. We are trying to determine to what extent the item needs to be processed within Brazil to qualify for a lower duty with Brazilian Customs. This for a tv remote control device. Do the products have to be molded in Brazil? Just assembled there? All electronics from […]

  • Brazil Imports of Used Equipment

    Question:   Do any of the members have a good regulatory reference material in #nglish for used equipment imports into Brazil?   Need to understand the licensing process and how long it takes  

  • Brazil Import

    Question: Any comments or suggestions for how to avoid problems with equipment / supplies moving into Brazil. Some as TIB capt. equipt. for off shore rig, some as spares to be used up ! We understand the taxes and the audit process can be tuff!!!  


    Our company in Brazil purchased material from company Singapore site who places their own Pos with the suppliers in Asia.  The materials is consolidated in Singapore and shipped to Brazil. This process is working good for a couple of times. Can our U.S. Houston place orders with suppliers in Asia, consolidate receipts with a forwarder […]


    Question:I have been advised by our intercompany location in Brazil that it is now a requirement to identify the manufacturer name and address for all products we ship from our DCs. They then provide this information to the Customs authorities. I am not aware of any such regulation, and as you can imagine, this is […]


    Question: We are a US company who will be importing goods from Brazil.  The thought is to import goods into FTZ and then pull them out to ship to Mexico – supposedly duty free because of FTA between Mexico and Brazil.   Here are my issues: #1: These goods are imported duty free – only incurring […]


    Question:   My company is establishing a sales office and small manufacturing/service plant in Brazil.  We manufacture heavy equipment (cranes, hoists and spare parts).  We will export components to Brazil from 4 different countries: China, France, Finland and U.S.   I’m writing a summary paper about the import process for Brazil which includes information about […]


    Question:   We were advised today that all shipments to Brazil must have a signed packing list.  When I asked for more information, they sent a regulation that appears to have been on Brazil‘s books since either 2004 or 2006 requiring that all packing lists be signed.  They then advised that Brazil wasn’t enforcing the […]