Questions and answers about Import

  • Opened boxes regulation

    Question: We are placing asset tags on equipment for one of our customers. We have to open the boxes of the equipment place the tags on the equipment and reseal the box. We have been informed there are countries where boxes cannot be opened then resealed. Does anyone know which countries have these restrictions or […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a process flow to show how to import a vehicle for demonstration use only, particularly if the importer is not the OEM vehicle manufacturer?  Expecting that this will have to be on a TIB rather than a carnet at this time. I know there are specific NHTSA and EPA approvals that […]

  • US Import Restrictions

    QUESTION: As an importer, where can I verify the US Import Restrictions per HTS? ============ Answers: I believe we have seen this question before…  The question is really to broad to answer in this forum.  However, to give you a start, I highly recommend that you engage the Centers of Excellence and Expertise of U.S. […]

  • Importing fruits and vegetables

    QUESTION: We are a manufacturer of post harvest equipment and machinery used in packing houses of fruit and vegetable farms in Central and South America, Africa, Europe etc. We are not in the business of import and exporting fruits and vegetables.  However, there are times when the customers and our sales team want to test […]

  • ANSWER TO Question on XVV for burglar alarms

    QUESTION: Scenario: A group of components, similar to the 5-piece kit described in ruling N301630 (except the siren component does not have a display), is imported as a set put up for retail sale.  When components are imported separately, they are imported under their respective HTS codes, none of which is 8531.10.0035.  The siren component […]


    QUESTION: What information from import purchases, not required by Customs and therefore not available in ACE reports, like part #, purchase order #, etc. do the members ask their customs brokers to key in at the time of entry? How do members get this non-ACE information from brokers?  How often do you receive this (monthly, […]


    QUESTION: Company A in Australia Company B in US, related to Company A Company C in US, un-related to A & B Company D in US, un-related to A, B, and C Company C purchases item from Company B. Company D purchases item from company C. Item is located in Australia, Company C wants Company […]


    QUESTION: I am wondering if anyone acts as the IOR for consignment inventory and if they do, how do you manage the valuation at the time of import since you aren’t paying the supplier at that time and only at the time of consumption?  I am thinking of pricing fluctuations if consignment inventory carries over […]

  • Importing issue

    QUESTION: We currently had to source one of our components to China and this particular company does not export shipments.  We also have a sister company that is directly down the street from this company in China.  What our procurement team has done is instructed the company to bring parts to our sister company and […]

  • Import of consigned goods

    QUESTION: One of the European facilities is planning to sell on consignment to a US customer. If there is no invoice at the time of entry would they need a proforma invoice or how would they show value at time of entry? ============= Answer: Yes a proforma, and a copy of the contract to back […]

  • Shifting from indirect to direct imports

    QUESTION: We have many retail departments that indirectly import (Vendor is importer of record) What are the pros/cons to switching to be the importer aside from the regulatory.   Looking into supply chain factors involved. ========== Answers: I’ve seen many issues with indirect imports, including: Freight included in the dutiable value, resulting in higher duties Duties […]

  • Importing rentals

    QUESTION: Our company is about to import a rental from the UK for 3 or 4 months. When filling out the commercial invoice, what are the specifics the shipper need to enter? HTS and real cost of the “machinery” or cost of rental? This falls under 7322 but should we use a special HTS for […]