Questions and answers about Import


    Question: Can an EAR99 item be subject to the USMIL when importing? Can anyone recommend where I can get more training on Importing under the USMIL? Answer 1: In theory, yes, but not likely. Best practice would be to put the item’s export control classification aside and conduct an independent review of the USMIL. Here’s […]

  • Import Compliance Manual

    Question: Hi Membership, I am helping a client write an Import Compliance Manual. We are also in the process of establishing policies and procedures but not all not all have been written or implement. My question is, how can I best describe in the manual where we are in our processes at this time? Please […]

  • OGA Flags

    Question: Hi, Does anyone have a list or know where I can get a list of HTS codes and what type of OGA information they may flag for such as FDA, APHIS, AD/CVD, etc. Answer 1: If you have access to ACE, you can obtain a REF-001 report for this.  If not, email me and […]

  • Designated US Agent for FCC Certification of Drone

    Question: We have a foreign customer that is working to receive FCC certification on a drone. We act as their IOR into the US and will provide service techs for repair, if needed. For the certification, they need to name a designated US Agent for Service of Process on the documents w/signature. Is anyone familiar […]

  • China postal code for non-China MIDs

    Question: As we know, CBP will soon require postal codes when the country of origin is China or the MID indicates China.  What if the MID is some other country but the item’s origin is China? The MID is rather loose as it can be either a Manufacturer’s ID or a Shipper’s ID.  We import […]


    Question: I just became aware of a transaction that involves three parties – a) An overseas manufacturer, b) a US entity related to the overseas manufacturer above that buys from entity “a”, c) a US entity buying from entity b We were never consulted by sourcing, procurement regarding the parties to the transaction, how the […]

  • IOR/EOR and disregarded legal entity

    Question: We have several legal entities with separate EINs in our company with on-going mergers of those legal entities into other legal entities.  All are US legal entities. Example: EIN#1 is the top parent.  EIN#2 + EIN#3 will merge into EIN#1.   EIN#5 will merge into EIN#4.  EIN#4 will be owned by EIN#1. Remaining legal entities […]

  • End Use Letter – Impurities from API used for Analytical Testing

    Question: Hi Membership! My company imports impurity samples from API from other countries for analytical testing. Is it the importer or the manufacturer that is responsible for providing the End Use Letter to the Customs Broker for Customs clearance. Thank you! Answer 1: It should be the importer’s responsibility for providing the end use letter. […]

  • The process to import items to the US

    Question: I am familiar with the export licensing process, but not how to import. May I ask for assistance with the import process and licensing? Answer 1: Please find a video from US Customs on the overview of importing. Speak to a customs broker to get the detailed information

  • EIN# distribution

    Question: Interested to know if the membership shares EIN numbers with factories/suppliers overseas.  In the past, I’ve always kept it as confidential as possible, with information only available to Broker/Forwarder.  The company I work for now has given it out in the past.  We are now switching to a new EIN# due to a merger.  […]

  • Mismatch on Commerical Documents

    Question: I would like to understand how the membership manages import transactions where the foreign factory/shipper has engaged an unrelated entity to manage the export process because the factory/shipper does not have an export license for the commodity being shipped.  Whenever secondary export entities are engaged, the commercial invoice and packing list is issued in […]

  • Opened boxes regulation

    Question: We are placing asset tags on equipment for one of our customers. We have to open the boxes of the equipment place the tags on the equipment and reseal the box. We have been informed there are countries where boxes cannot be opened then resealed. Does anyone know which countries have these restrictions or […]