Questions and answers about Import

  • Import Entries

    Question: Can anyone advise what a section entry is in relation to US customs. We import human samples into the States and our brokers are completing section entries on this shipments. Thanks Answer 1: A “section entry” in the context of U.S. Customs typically refers to a specific type of entry made under Section 321 […]

  • Importer of Record

    Question: We have a customer who lists my company as the Importer of Record on their US imports without permission. We have attempted to have the entry summaries corrected, but because the customer does not have a POA on file with the broker used, they are unable to make the correction or turn the shipment […]

  • improper IOR used by broker

    Question: A US customs broker cleared 2 shipments under my name and bond that should have had someone else (the shipper/exporter) as the IOR.  Said broker has a POA on file for us, but again, these shipments were marked for the shipper/exporter to be the US NRI. I contacted the broker and they said “too […]

  • Pallets – when to classify Separately or as a an addition

    Question: When a plastic pallet is listed as a line item on an invoice for a particular item, when do you determine if the pallet is an addition to the price paid or payable or if it needs to have an HTS assigned? Answer 1: 1. Scrutinize the Invoice Description: Explicit Statements: Look for clear wording […]

  • COA for Kits

    Question: We put together multiple donated OTC pharmaceuticals and medical supplies as a kit or pack and donate them to our partners in various countries for different situations. For instance, we create hurricane preparedness kits for places in the Caribbean and emergency backpacks for when a disaster strikes an area we have partners. Recently we […]

  • Bill-To Party

    Question: We have regular defective units that are returning free of charge for the purpose of testing and repair. There is no billing or payment to these defective returned parts. However, the shipper will bill the services to our 3PL operator. In this scenario, is it correct for shipper not mentioning the “BILL-TO” in the […]

  • Ultimate Consignee Customs Directive 3550-079A

    Question: Customs Directive 3550-079A defines the Ultimate Consignee as:  6.3 The Ultimate Consignee at the time of entry or release is defined as the party in the United States, to whom the overseas shipper sold the imported merchandise. If at the time of entry or release the imported merchandise has not been sold, then the […]

  • weights/units of measure

    Question: We are having trouble obtaining weights in the right unit of measure to support our customs declarations. At what point in your purchasing and manufacturing processes are weights determined? How do you ensure weights are determined and maintained in the unit of measure you can use for customs purposes? What do you consider best […]

  • Import into the EU

    Question: Hello: We have a situation where we are selling products to our Netherlands office where they will sell to our end customer. Our NL office is not ready to act as the importer of record and since we have fiscal representation in the EU we would like to act as the IOR in the […]

  • Sets for Retail

    Question: We import sets that are put up for retail sale. We would like to break out each of the items in the set on the commercial invoice, each with its own HTS and value. Is this acceptable since they are imported all together in the same retail box? Answer 1: You may want to […]

  • Air Filters & EPA

    Question: What information is needed to import an air filter in the United States. Based on my research the producer would need to provide an EPA registration number, EPA producer establishment number and the brand name of the pesticide product or devices.  If the air filter does not make a claim regarding reducing microorganisms, etc. […]

  • CBP 5106 Importer Identity Form

    Question: Is Form 5106 a requirement?   We are receiving requests from a customer to provide them with a completed Form 5106.  First, I would not provide the completed form to our customer or anyone else.  From what I have read, it is to be submitted to CBP/DHS to have an importer # assigned. I am […]