Questionas and answers about Africa

  • Drop Shipments to African Countries

    QUESTION: Curious if anyone in the membership has experience with drop shipments to African countries (Kenya for example). We sell to our customer A in UK. Then ship an entity in Kenya. The shipment requires a Certificate of conformity before shipping out of the US. We use a 3rd party to perform the required analysis and […]


    QUESTION: We are a UK based company and selling a product to a company in South Africa, with whom the EU have an FTA. The product is made up of entirely EU origin goods – however, the components were sent to a manufacturing site in China for assembly. During the assembly the sufficient working rules […]


    QUESTION: Does a supplier in South Africa need to apply to export under AGOA benefits?  If so, how does the application process work? If an approved AGOA exporter in South Africa purchases parts from a non approved AGOA exporter and then exports the parts to the US, is it possible for the US importer to […]

  • Africa Q&A 1

    Is there anyone in the membership who imports goods that qualify for AGOA? If so, would they be willing to share their procedures for ensuring that their goods qualify for duty-free treatment under the AGOA act? My company has a documented procedure that Customs previously signed off on, but they are now coming back and […]