Questions and answers about EU

  • Invoices for IntraEU shipments and INTERSTAT

    Question: Our tax team received an inquiry from the Interstat tax authorities of an EU country regarding the value of an internal EU shipment.  It sonud slike a CF28 type of inquiry where we need to provide support for the value that was claimed on the Interstat filing. So, not a customs valuation matter unless […]

  • CBAM

    Question: I am wondering if anyone can advise on what is required to create an account to make CBAM regulation declarations?  I have created an “EU” account on the European Commission website, which appears to be the first step however, when I am trying to link the company via our address in Germany (where we […]

  • Eclass data

    Question: Can someone please provide insight as to what Eclass information is and what department would manage it? Our Sales team in Switzerland has requested this information but I am not familiar with it. I’ve contacted our Regulatory Affairs team in the EU and they are also not familiar with it.  Classification Class – ECLASS […]

  • UK Entity vs EU Entity

    Question: We are a UK based entity, have manufacturing contracts within European plants to produce products that will be exported out of EU.  The UK company has ownership of the products . The manufacturing plants are only providing a production service.  How can the products be exported out of the EU if the UK entity owns […]

  • EU Sanctions on Russia

    Question: I have been requested by a division of ours in Germany to file out a Declaration of the manufacturer/supplier that the goods they purchase from us do not contain any iron or steel products from Russia (Annex XVII of Regulation (EU) No. 833/2014 (Art. 3g para. 1 letters a) – d). I have a […]

  • EU restriction on Russian steel

    Question: Does anyone have clarity on what documents are required for the documents required to show iron or steel did not originate in Russia? Also, any clarity on how far back we need to trace?  If we buy screws from our local hardware vendor and need to send those our for a warranty repair in […]

  • EU Regulation for Russian Iron and Steel

    Question: Hi, I wanted to see how other companies are dealing with new EU regulation on Russian iron and steel. We are a distributor and rely on our suppliers to provide the origin of their products. We do not ask them details about the components of the item which could potentially have Russian origin. We […]

  • Carbon border Adjustments- European union

    Question: Is anyone aware of Carbon border adjustments requirements for Imports in Europe. We are a Canadian steel manufacturer, and we have few customers in Europe, I’m well aware that the carbon tax starts to apply in 2019 in Canada. From October 2023, the EU will begin applying the CBA mechanism. What does this mean […]

  • EOR in the EU

    Question: Corporate HDQ seller in Switzerland EU offices in NL and I understand they have an Indirect rep. Also in NL.  CMO where shipments are located is in DE. Shipments are exported globally on EXW basis (LATAM/ASPAC) First question – Can the NL office show as the Exporter , use their EORI number and provide […]

  • SAD boxes Instructions in English

    Question: Does anyone know where I can find instruction for filling out the Single Administrative Document (SAD), in English, for EU customs? A EU broker instructed me that Box 1 code IMAJ means inbound admission into a bonded warehouse in the EU but I cannot find any reference for this. Any help would be appreciated […]

  • EU carbon border adjustment mechanism

    Question: I’ve been put in charge of our CBAM response but I haven’t the slightest idea where to being.  Anyone else in the membership working on this? Importers would be responsible for calculating and reporting carbon emissions in line with EU requirements” How do I do even start to do this? If I don’t have […]

  • EU Foreign Subsidy Regulation

    Question: Does anyone have a definition for “export financing” under the EU’s Foreign Subsidy Regulation?  Does this term include various US agricultural subsidies, duty drawback, re-export sugar credits, etc.? Answer 1: In the context of the FSR, export financing is usually any type of financing that is guaranteed by a foreign government, quasi govt bank […]