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  • Exporting not for sale hops to Germany

    Question: From our Import Broker in Germany we are told we need to supply a certificate of equivalence for the import of hops in the original according to REGULATION (EU) NO. 1308/2013 AND REGULATION (EC) NO. 1295/2008 for 3 x 20kg packages being sent for analysis. I am clueless as to the steps needed to […]

  • EU Customs Certifications/training

    Question: I have recently started a new role where i am responsible for EU Customs compliance. I am a US LCB and i want to get some sort of equivalent certification for the EU. I know the EU does not have any official EU Customs Brokers license but are there any private organizations out there […]

  • Changing EU port of exit

    Question: If we have a shipment that was going to leave Amsterdam via air and export docs were filed with this port of exit, but then the shipment changes to sea out of Rotterdam (with nothing else changing about the shipment), do we need to amend the original filing with the new port of exit? […]


    Question: A US manufacturer ships to the EU and goods are placed in a bonded warehouse until they are sold to customers in the EU. The customers in the EU are the importers into their individual country at the time of sale from the warehouse. The US manufacturer in this scenario is not required to register […]

  • EORI Requirement for ICS2

    Question: My question is concerning the upcoming ICS2 requirements when shipping to the EU.  We ship via Express Courier and also via Freight Forwarder from the US to the EU. The express couriers are advising that the EORI number is now required to be on the commercial invoice for all shipments to the EU by August 1, […]

  • Europe IORI Requirements

    Question: I understand there are new requirements for exports to the EU +2 concerning the IORI registration. Does anyone have latest information on this, relative to mandatory start dates on Air and Ocean? Answer 1: If  you are referring to the new import requirements and having to indicate the consignee’s EORI number on shipping documents, […]

  • EU TARIC and Dual use codes

    Question: The EU used to publish a correlation table between TARIC and Dual use codes. The last time I know that it was published was 7-Jan-2022. The link to that is broken and I’m unable to find a published correlation table. Does anyone know if this correlation table still exists, and if so, where I […]

  • POA requirements in Europe

    Question: I’m having trouble getting a straight answer from anyone on this and am wondering if anyone has any guidance on what the requirements are for signing POAs for customs brokers in Europe. We are a multinational based in the US, with small operating entities in several European jurisdictions. Obviously, in the US, we need […]

  • Transferring REX statement for xdocking shipments from EU to Switzerland

    Question: What is the correct way to “transfer” a REX statement for a XDOCKed stock from the Far EAST (Vietnam,Thailand,India) via a bonded warehouse in the EU to final destination Switzerland? Both importer and the producer are Registered Exporter. The questions is what is the best wording and which REX statement needs to be provided […]

  • EU Sanctions on Russia/Belarus – Export Screening

    Question: I’d like to query the membership for best practices on due diligence regarding the new EU sanctions on Russia/Belarus. Our company ceased all sales to Russia/Belarus last year, but still have distribution/sales partners in neighboring countries. All of our sales agreements have explicit prohibitions on sale to Russian/Belarussian nationals already. Does anyone have suggestions […]

  • Plastic Packaging Tax

    Question: Does anyone in the community know of any great resource(s) for understanding the varied types of taxes applicable to the Packaging Plastic Tax in the EU? We are initiating research to help us with implementation and preparation. Any tried and true resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Asked by: Lem Van Croft – […]


    Question: We have concerns on ICS2 EORI requirements, where if we provide EORI details to third parties they can also act as import broker/use our EORI as import entity while we have only 1 import broker allowed to act as our importer in EU and we do not allow other parties to use our EORI […]