Questions and answers about EU

  • Comprehensive Guarantee Europe

    Question: Does anyone have any experience with applying for a comprehensive guarantee in Europe (EU). We are trying to utilize a duty suspension that is available, and one part of the process requires having a comprehensive guarantee in place. What level of guarantee is required? Any feedback on the process is welcome. Answer 1: Due […]

  • Germany – Presentation of Goods for Export

    Question: Company A has an authorization, which allows them to be exempted of the presentation of the goods at the customs. Meaning they have mentioned in their authorization the addresses where the goods are at the point of declaring an export. The address is always their company address. Due to their authorizations (AEO and this […]

  • Routed Transactions from Europe

    Question: If our US company is buying from a German supplier on FCA or Ex Works terms and our office in Germany is arranging the transport through our company’s 3PL is there any reason our German office cannot be the shipper on the BOL?  Will showing our German office as the shipper create any problems? […]

  • EU VAT

    QUESTION: Does anyone have an easy to understand guide to the EU VAT taxes? The rules are quite comprehensive, and we are trying to determine if VAT is required in the below scenarios, for business to business sales, from a bonded warehouse in The Netherlands. Sale from the bonded warehouse to a customer in the […]


    QUESTION: Has anyone seen a list of the actual tariff numbers that the UK is planning to remove the retaliatory duties from for certain US goods? I have only seen Whiskey, Motorcycles and Jeans mentioned thus far…. ========== Answer: I have not seen the UK list –  but this will be the same list of […]

  • EU Provisional Tariffs on US Goods

    QUESTION: Does anyone know the outcome of the talks between the US and the EU on 12-17-21, regarding removing the provisional tariffs on US goods in chapters 72 and 73 entering the EU? There were indications that those tariffs would be lifted in the EU, however, I cannot find any publication indicating that this has […]


    QUESTION: When will the relief on European steel and aluminum begin by virtue of the removal of the 25% import duty? When will the 3.3 million metric ton quota begin? What is the official directive from the Biden administration, similar to, or consistent with an executive order? =========== Answers: I don’t think this was already […]


    QUESTION: Is there a cost to setting up an EORI # in France, Spain, UK, NL?   Can the entity register itself or does it need to go through a law firm, consulting company or customs broker? Does anyone has the EORI registration site for France? ********** Answers: EORI registration should not have a real cost, […]

  • Liquid solution exported to Europe

    QUESTION: We typically export a powder from the US to our different subsidiaries.  Once the powder arrives to the destination water is added to make a liquid solution.  We have the HS Code for the powder. Our R&D team wants to ship a pre-mixed solution (powder and water) in 100 and 200 gallon totes via […]

  • EUR1 Mexico to EU

    QUESTION: Looking for guidance on what it takes to certify an item produced in Mexico, shipped to the EU with an EUR1: How to qualify for inclusion on the EUR1 What are the general requirements and process steps to get the items certified, shipped and entered duty free? *************** Answers: First you need to get […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: I was looking at an EU sanctions map trying to determine which countries the EU has an essential comprehensive embargo against (i.e. the Cuba/Iran/Syria/N Korea equivalent for the US). I guess I don’t really see any, just around 40 countries with various targeted sanctions for certain types of […]

  • IT equipment/European Union Nations

    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Are there any import/export rules/concerns when shipping IT equipment between the European Union nations?  =========== Answer: The EU is a customs union and a single market, with free circulation of goods (and services, capital, labour) between the member states. If the IT equipment has been built in any […]