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  • USMCA or US Goods Returned?

    Question: Background: Company A (located in the US, related to Company B) Company B (located in Canada, related to Company A) Company C (located in the US, non-related third-party) Product Origin is US and qualifies for USMCA Issue:  Company A wants to sell finished goods to Company C; however, Company A does not have manufacturing/warehouse […]


    Question: Suppose the product is taken outside Israel for epoxy coating or painting and returned to Israel for final assembly. Will it qualify for the Israel FTA, assuming it meets the substantial transformation and value requirements? Or if it is taken outside Israel for any other reason. Answer 1: I think that this ruling may […]

  • Reasonable Care: Evaluation of Free Trade Agreement Qualification

    Question: I am curious if the community can provide any feedback or a form, they might be willing to share that they use to document the evaluation process of qualification of free trade agreements. Too often, policies and procedures say that companies evaluate documentation, but they do not explain how it is evaluated.  For example, […]

  • Costa Rica – Electronic Signatures vs Manual Signature

    Question: We’ve successfully issued free trade / preferential origin certifications for years with the signature from a scanned blue-ink copy of the certifier’s signature.  The signature is the same as if we physically signed the certification, albeit applied as a “paste” in our templates. We now have a customer in Costa Rica stating: Costa Rica […]

  • FTA certification statements

    Question: We are researching ways of automating all or a portion of the activities involved in soliciting vendors, qualifying to rules of origin, and issuing preferential origin certificates for free trade agreements across multiple regions. When it comes to issuing certificates, one idea is to set up the system to automatically print a preferential origin […]

  • Field 9 on the PETPA Cert.

    Question: Hello, Field 9 (Rules of Origin) on the PETPA (US-Peru FTA) certificate, states that we need to “identify the applicable Rule of Origin set forth in General Note 32, HTSUS or Annex 4.1 or Annex 3-A of the Agreement under which to good qualifies as an originating good. Be specific as to which Rule […]

  • Certificates of Origin US-Colombia FTA

    Question: We put together a US-Colombia FTA CoO document with data elements that were was 100% typed (from the laptop). The importer asked us to make a few changes.  The document is a PDF and does not let me save to an editable format.  This means that I would need to re-type all the data […]

  • Proof of Qualification

    Question: The company I work for purchases raw materials sourced within the US. These raw materials are then combined and manufactured into a final product.  After reviewing the rules of USMCA, it was found that the final product qualifies. What standard of proof should be on hand from each raw material supplier? Is it a […]


    Question: We recently received a CF28 for proof of the US/SG FTA.  I have instructed our broker to NOT claim FTA for SG as we have not reviewed all items.  Unfortunately, they claimed FTA without permission and it was called for the CF28 and it was not caught on our internal audit. After investigation, we […]

  • MX-EU FTA- Which country’s HS is used?

    Question: Does anyone know of official guidance specifying which HS code should be used to determine which rules of origin should be followed for the MX-EU FTA? Does the classification from the country of export determine the rules of origin that should be used? Wonder if we would have to follow rules for 3926 since […]

  • US-Israel FTA

    Question: I am interested to know how other members qualify vendor sourced products under the US-Israel FTA.  Do you just obtain a document from the vendor stating that the product qualifies?  Does the document need to contain the dollar value of US content, in order to make a final determination that the 35% of the […]

  • Vietnam Agreement?

    Question: Hello Members: It’s been years of being involved with Vietnam.  I do recall Vietnam was under GSP and learned no longer since Jan 2023.  I do not read any free trade agreement in place between USA and Vietnam, is this correct? Answer 1: Correct, there is no FTA between Vietnam and the U.S.