• Unknown Manufacturer for Small Quantity of High Visibility Vests

    Question: We know that textiles require the actual manufacturer information.  One of our clients has 9 working vests (high visibility vests) being returned from their Thailand facility.  These items are commingled in a container with other miscellaneous items.  The importer is unable to secure the necessary information required for a compliant entry.  Value is only […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: We purchase a garment from an operation that uses 2 different manufacturers to produce it.  Factory “A” inspects and cuts purchased fabric.  Factory “B” sews the cut fabric into garment.  Product is then sent back to Factory “A” for finishing (Pressing, folding, and putting on hanger),  packing, and […]

  • Material Content Information on Label

    QUESTION: It has been discovered that our supplier in China has listed the wrong material on the label for a pillow and rug. I have not been able to find any information if it is acceptable to put a label listing the correct material over the incorrect information. Does anyone have any insight on this? […]

  • Scenario on Item sent abroad for cut and sew and returned to the US

    QUESTION: Our company has 2 SBUs using the same tax ID in the US.  SBU A buys fabric from various US and foreign manufacturers at $20 per yard, and sells internally to SBU B at $40 per yard.  SBU B then provides the fabric to a vendor in Poland at no cost to cut and […]


    QUESTION: I see that note 2 to HTSUS Section XI only applies to goods classifiable in chapters 50 to 55 or in heading 5809 or 5902; however, I was wondering if the same principle can/should be applied to made-up textile articles? For example, woven baseball pants which are 55% by weight of cotton should be […]


    QUESTION: Several CBP Rulings for distinguishing jacket features often refer to the: Guidelines for the Reporting of Imported Products in Various Textile and Apparel Categories, CIE 13/88   Does anyone have a link to these guidelines?  I have been unable to find a direct way to access them.   Also, is there a free way […]


    QUESTION: I provide all the tariff classification for my company’s products across five countries and am being asked to provide duty rates to Sourcing at, at least 2 of their seasonal gates, but potentially 4.   This will amount to thousands of styles being reviewed at numerous gates. Ex: I could be doing an initial […]


    QUESTION: Does the membership have any guidance when to comes to the classification of long sleeve knitted garments?   We have a 60% polyester and 40% cotton long sleeve shirt which is knit. this is a men’s long sleeve shirt.   We have been going back and forth whether this should be classed under 6109 […]


    QUESTION: Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of textile products to institutions. These institutions are the ultimate consumers. We understand that there are certain labeling requirements for the FTC that apply to our products: Fiber content Country of origin, while noting any imported materials if US origin is claimed RN# or Company name. There […]

  • CD 3500-07

    QUESTION: I cannot find the “telex (Interim Update to Customs Directive 3500-07), dated February 11, 1987”   Does anyone have it?   Also – when it is referred to in rulings they quote…   These guidelines provide as follows for marking of wearing apparel: a) The inside of the garment must be indelibly stamped with […]

  • APPAREL Cert of Origin TEMPLATE

    QUESTION: Would anyone in the Membership be willing to share a blank copy of an older apparel Certificate of Origin, listing out the steps (and corresponding origin) in the manufacturing process of the garment? =============== ANSWER: If you are interested in the old Multiple “Country of Origin” Declaration, here is one format (of likely numerous […]


    QUESTION: The new Chapter 62 US HTS…Am I blind or just tired? Where do you classify a woven, cotton, corduroy women’s non-suit like, non-recreational outerwear jacket? ========== Answers: The ITC is currently making corrections to this update; we have been eagerly awaiting word that the corrections are complete.  Subheading 6202.92.25 should be preceded by an […]