Power of Attorny for Individuals

Power of Attorny for Individuals


    Question: Does anyone have a current version of a POA to give our brokers and forwarders. The one posted is from 2007. ************** Answers: Download one from CBP’s web site and have your legal team review.  I would not advise signing a generic one. **************** The POA should come from a broker/forwarder therefore it should […]


    Question: I am the Director of Import Compliance for the Company I am employed by. I am listed as the company officer on ACE as well as for all Customs entry filings, C-TPAT, anything Customs related. Is it a good idea for me to have a POA on file from the company giving me the […]

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    Question: We are a large US multi-national corporation with a primary corporation with several subsidiaries (each having their own EIN) that import regularly. To minimize the number of Customs powers of attorney that we have to manage, is it possible to issue a primary POA with an attachment detailing the subsidiaries and their corresponding EINs […]


    Question: I was have searched the ICPA site regarding the Power of Attorney and Written Authorization. (15 CFR Part 30 Appendix A).  I am searching to know what is the difference and who can sign the POA and/or Written Authorization. Here is my understanding.  A POA is used when a USPPI gives authority to freight […]


    Question: I work for a freight forwarder/NVOCC, we have a custom broker department.  I am not a licensed broker .  I recently got asked to enter custom entries for our customers.    In order for me to sign the entry paper 7501 and 3461 , I was asked to sign the power of attorney.  I was […]


    Question: >Does anyone out there have an example of POA to use in this instance? > > >·         There are 2 companies, 1 x in the USA and 1 x in Asia. > >·         Both companies are owned by the same company but, are completely >different entities and work separately. > >·         The company in Asia […]


    Question: Regarding a Limited Liability Company (LLC), I have a Broker/Forwardertelling me that a POA automatically expires “two years less 1 day” fromdate of signing because CBP regards them as partnerships.  I don’t seethis stated within 19 CFR 141.39.  Is this a true statement?  If so,please provide the  authoritative citation supporting this statement.


    Question:If our foreign customer requires that we use a particular forwarder (notknowing if they gave them a POA or written authorization), and that sameforwarder is also our forwarder that we have provided a POA or WA to, isthis still a Routed Export Transaction, since technically, both the USPPIand the FPPI are “controlling the shipment”?  Not […]