• EEI Filing to Canada for a US domestic Sale

    Question: My company has accepted a blanket PO for hardware that will mostly be shipping to US ship to locations.  The PO is issued from our Customer’s US entity to our company’s US entity. There however will be a need to fulfill some hardware to the customer’s Canadian offices. Under regular circumstances, this is a […]

  • USPPI Warranty Replacement

    Question: At the request of Company B (US), Company A (US) needs to ship a warranty replacement to Company C (EU).  In the original transaction Company A sold to Company B.  The warranty replacement is being sent free of charge. Since Company A ships this at their cost, can they act as the USPPI? Or […]

  • SLI

    Question: On a SLI, the USPPI address is the physical address of where the EIN is registered, correct? If the goods are physically in a different location than the USPPI, (within the US), what is the point (state) of origin? Answer 1: NOOOOO!!!  The USPPI address MUST be per 30.6(1)(ii) – the address from which […]

  • Exporting Defective Items – Who’s the USPPI?

    Question: We are returning defective product to an international supplier without a US presence. A credit memo has been issued, so ownership has passed back to the supplier. We then put the onus on our supplier to prepare the documentation, which we assist by making sure it’s accurate. I need to know if I’m reading 15 […]

  • Who is USPPI & IOR

    Question: Being new to the company I am finding out some odd transactions via an audit. First transaction. My company sends (not sold) medical devices and components to a USA kitting company.  The USA kitting company than sends our goods to their kitting facility in Mexico.  The USA kitting company exports and declares themselves as […]


    QUESTION: We had an earlier request where we received input not able to act as USPPI.  We took this seriously and have investigated, it is however a difficult regulation. I therefore have a couple of questions regarding exemptions for EEI registration. We have understand that  a foreign entity not established in US, must not have […]


    Question:  In this scenario who is or can be the USPPI?                 Seller A sells  FOB Port of Houston to Customer A (a US entity).   Then Customer A (a US entity) sells FOB Port of Houston to their foreign entity . ========== Answers: Who is exporting?  Sounds like Customer A.  The audit trail for the […]


    QUESTION: Transaction details: US Company A (reseller), purchases material from OEM in the US OEM ships material to Company A’s warehouse facility in Illinois US Company B issues a Purchase Order to Company A, from a US “Bill To” address and international “Ship To” address (foreign affiliate of US Company B – no sale involved) […]

  • USPPI Identification

    QUESTION: Who is the USPPI in this scenario? The US entity (XZY Corp.) is owned in its entirety by its parent – XYZ International.  XYZ International was set up as a foreign trade company for legal purposes/tax purposes/payroll purposes/state purposes but it doesn’t have any employees.  Goods are made by XYZ Corp. and are then […]


    QUESTION: Company A in the US purchased and imported product from Company B in Mexico. Company A in the US sold the product to Company C (a US domestic customer) Company C (US domestic customer) needs to return product for repairs to Company B in Mexico. Company C placed a purchase order for the repairs […]

  • USPPI EEI Filing Responsibility

    QUESTION: If Company A buys inventory for Company B in the U.S. and Customer C places an order (sample – free of charge) which ships from Company A who then exports the order filing on behalf of Company B.  Company B at the end of each month credits back the cost of orders due to […]

  • Who is the USPPI?

    QUESTION: I joined a rather large company with many divisions having many business units. Through my discovery mission, many of the business units are buyers/sellers (IORs/USPPIs). However, there is 1 business unit is a service/fulfillment provider. This business unit’s purpose is to warehouse goods owned by the customer. At times the customer will instruct the […]