Other Government Agencies

Other Government Agencies

  • Project Shield America – Homeland Security Investigations / Experience with the Outreach program?

    Question: Do any members have experience with Project Shield America, an Outreach Program from ICE / Homeland Security Investigations? If so, what has this experience been like? Is there benefit from engaging with the regulators in this program / receiving the visit and presentation materials? Are there downsides or risks? Is this sometimes a precursor […]

  • USDA permit

    Question: We import material that requires a USDA Permit.  We have an R&D Permit and we have a Commercial Permit. The material that is imported are samples from production batches that will be sold commercially. These samples are tested for purification, toxicity, quality etc. So, I would not consider them to be R&D because the […]

  • U.S. OGA Flags

    Question: My company imports Reagents and Certified Reference materials which are antibodies developed in Mouse, Rabbit, Human, Alpaca and Llama to detect certain Protein Receptor Binding Domain (RCB).  We are importing under HTSUS 3822.90.0000.  The OGA flags FD1 & AQ1.  It has been suggested that we need to include a USDA Guideline statement (1120 or […]

  • Made in the USA labeling for refurbished material

    Question: We are reviewing the requirements for labeling a product as “Made in the USA”.   US Customs addresses waste/recovered products in the definitions under 102.1 but I do not see where the FTC addresses this in the regs under title 16 for made in the USA labeling.  They specifically address recycling oil but do not […]

  • importing saline solution

    Question: We are importing a saline solution placebo composed of .9% sodium chloride, minute amounts of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide in 99.1% water.  This is to mimic the experience of an injectable medicine. We are trying to determine the most appropriate HS Code to use. We considered 2106.90.9998 but figured that this is usually […]

  • FDA release vs Customs Release

    Question: Can anyone explain the difference between Customs Release and FDA Release?  Can a shipment that has been released by US Customs be moved to the final delivery site or to an interim location until FDA Release has been received?  Keep in mind that the goods would be put into a location of the warehouse […]

  • DLA Defense Logistics Agency Registration

    Question: We are trying to register with DLA and keep getting rejected for various errors. Seems time to get expert help.  Any recommendations for experienced help with DLA form DD2345? Answer 1: They have an email ( JCP-ADMIN@DLA.MIL) and a phone # – so as with anything, if you have trouble then you have to contact […]


    Question: Where can I find information and updated forms for PGA/OGA flags including FDA, TSCA, APHIS, etc?  What regulations govern these?  I’m looking to do a deep dive in to ALL PGA/OGA flags. Answer 1: Your Customs Broker should be able to provide you a list of HS Codes and corresponding OGA flags.  Just ask […]

  • Comprehensive Country Sanctions

    Question: Hello, Can someone in the community please provide us a list of countries that are subject to comprehensive sanctions based on U.S. government regulations/instructions?  Thank you. Answer 1: There’s no U.S. “comprehensive sanctions” list per se, but, as commonly understood, that term would apply to: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea, Donetsk People’s Republic, […]

  • list of HTS with PGA flags

    Question: Is there somewhere in ACE or the internet that I can get a list of the HTS that are flagged for PGA (e.g. FDA, EPA, APHIS) etc.?  It seems the broker is privvy to this when performing the entry, but I’m not seeing where in ACE or elsewhere I can have that same information. […]


    QUESTION: Our customs broker recently received a request for additional information on an import shipment of engines under HTS 8407.  We replied back to the broker with the requested additional information.  However, we discovered that the customs broker did not ask for nor file an EPA form 3520-21.  Has anyone had experience with EPA form […]