Other Government Agencies

Other Government Agencies


    QUESTION: We are looking to import sashes that contain artificially bred pearls from China.  Is a CITES and/or a FWS import permit needed for this? *********** Answers: FWA covers import of wildlife and their products, which I would think could include pearls. First, check this website: https://fwsepermits.servicenowservices.com/fws?id=fws_kb_article&sys_id=400f70b71b5b58101f45dbdbe54bcb1a and walk through it with someone with detailed knowledge […]

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    QUESTION: We have a CPAP cleaning machine that kills bacteria, virus and mold via ozone. What is the best way to know what testing is required for this item from FDA and EPA? ************* Answers: Determine the HS Code and then check the attached OGS/HS Code correlation extract spreadsheet to use as a “guide”. Once […]


    QUESTION: Currently at our company the research group handles obtaining and maintaining permits such as USDA and F&W as they are the subject matter experts for the projects, the material usage and disposal. The import group handles processing the imports ensuring all documentation is present and works with our broker for clearance. We feel that […]


    QUESTION: We had a container that live cockroaches were found in after delivered to our warehouse Customs is cleared and it didn’t go through any holds or exams by CBP or USDA at the port. The shipment itself does not container any food/animal/plant, etc. I contacted the USDA to consult what needs done, but they […]


    QUESTION: If a FWS item is being exported with ship terms FOB Austin, who would be responsible for the FWS Export filing? The shipper or the receiver? ========== Answers: The first point to make is that under Incoterms, “FOB Austin” is impossible, because FOB can be used only for water transport…. ========== What is a […]


    QUESTION: I am wondering if there is a site where we can download, in Excel format, a list of USHTS’s that flag for PGA’s such as FDA, EPA, etc? I searched the answer database and the only links I found were invalid. ************* Answers: You can download the list from ACE. Add’l Answer: Use the […]

  • EPA required for importing electric vehicle

    QUESTION: I am trying to find a source to confirm whether or not an epa declaration is needed for importing an electric vehicle- a citation or a link would be appreciated ****************** Answers: EPA rates the mileage, not so much for emission in this case but EV vehicles generates CO2 as well. On EPA Form […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone in the membership have information on how soon prior to arrival of ocean freight can the PGA data be transmitted by our Custom House Broker. I’ve received conflicting information that it can’t be transmitted until the bill of lading has been arrived. I think this can be done up to 30 days […]

  • Fish and Wildlife shipments imported via courier services

    QUESTION: Can shipments that need a Fish and Wildlife clearance (garments containing feathers) be imported into the US via small pack (courier) shipments? =========== ANSWERS: Yes, as a matter of fact the a small pack carrier seems to have a special agent that helps clear their items (or at least a good relationship with them). […]

  • Isotope importations

    QUESTION: I have an HS Code PGA cross reference excel spreadsheet but I am surprised to find that HS Code 2845.90.0000 is not on it because this is an isotope with radioactive elements.  Does anyone know if Isotopes classified as 2845.90.0000 is regulated by the NRC and if we would need an import license of […]


    QUESTION: We plan to import mercury vapor lamps into the US.  HS Code would be 8539.32.0040. Are there any concerns with importing this type of product? Would we need any approvals from OGAs/PGAs? ========== Answer: Mercury Vapor Lamps require FDA. FDA has a page dedicated to Mercury Vapor lamps along with regulations and reporting requirements. […]


    QUESTION: Are any members aware of how to find a list of USDA Approved CIQ facilities in China with four digit ZMC code to treat manufactured wood handicrafts with bark? ========== Answer: This is the link that USDA provided to me when I asked that question. http://dzwjyjgs.aqsiq.gov.cn/fwdh_n/qymd/zwjcp/gwqymd/201308/t20130802_370467.htm.   And I understand your pain- getting this […]