Invoice / Billing Discrepancies

Invoice / Billing Discrepancies

  • Export

    Question: We are billing our customers foreign entity but we are delivering the order to their warehouse in the United States and they are acting as the Exporter/USPPI. We currently have the Bill to and Ship to on the commercial invoice as their foreign entity. Is this accurate or should we change the invoice and in […]

  • Multiple Import Invoices

    Question: Hello Members: Being new to the company and performing audit of entries I came across imports from a seller.  For example in one import/shipment the provided 5 commercial invoices.  Each invoice has 5 lines, this entry is a 25 line entry each line that had the same HTS.  I was am curious why didn’t […]

  • Signature on invoices

    Question: Dear membership, As foreign importer and exporter from US we issue invoices for customs handling. Is it a must to have signed invoices for export and/or for import and if so according to what regulation? In general we do not have signatures and it has never been an issue but I have a colleague […]

  • Commercial invoice modification by importer

    QUESTION: Occasionally, our foreign vendors send the commercial invoice with the incorrect IOR name (since we have several divisions operating under their own EIN).  Is there a regulation that mentions if the importer can or cannot modify the commercial invoice for importing purposes?  I know brokers modify commercial invoices for exports (when they have a […]


    Question: I have recently discovered a large Chinese supplier of ours has been deflating the customs value on the commercial invoice while billing my company actual cost for the accounting invoice. I am reviewing our entries and am only noticing this practice on express courier shipments in which our small package courier company is handling. […]


     Question Could the membership cite the regulatory provisions related to consigned inventory? The scenario would be for non-U.S. suppliers to ship goods on a consigned purchase order that is received by the U.S. manufacturer (ultimate buyer). The consigned inventory would be segregated physically and within the inventory system.  This scenario would allow the supplier and […]


    Question:Has anyone experienced the new “paperless” commercial invoice process being used by the courier service(s)?  This process is suppose to allow the courier company to produce electronic commercial invoices on behalf of the exporter, assuming the destination country would accept electronic invoices in lieu of the paper commercial invoice for customs clearance.


    Question: Do any of the members know about an industry practice where the FF deducts a flat 10% from the value of an invoice when the INCO term is C (the 10% is an estimate for the freight and insurance)? I have a FF telling me this is standard industry practice and required in order […]

  • CUACA and ReCuaca

    Question for the membership… we do quite a bit of business with Central American countries, and there has been a rash of correspondence surrounding the ReCuaca (acronym for Spanish wording but basically Regulations for Unified Customs Code of Centralamerica). In article 323, there are requirements for all customs invoices to be in Spanish or include […]