• FTZ Overall Costs

    QUESTION: Is there anywhere with a general overview stating the costs of applying for a FTZ, yearly costs/fees to operate/maintain the FTZ once approved? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: Once an FTZ Project receives approval for operations from CBP and the FTZ Board, annual operations costs that need to be considered are as follows: The cost of an […]

  • FTZ PSCs

    QUESTION: What is the best practice for filing PSCs (post summary corrections) on FTZ entries for China 301 exclusions? We recently found many items eligible for 301 exclusions on our past FTZ entries (and we may find more). We want to get refunds. Is it best to do the PSCs as we find these excluded […]


    QUESTION: I work for an importer who operates a small non-manufacturing FTZ within one of our DCs. All of our normal imports (non-FTZ) clear at the port of entry, so for all of our FTZ shipments, I have to email the steamship line to cut an IT to our FTZ. These are the only shipments […]

  • Manufacturing in FTZ

    QUESTION: I’m confused.  When my subzone was granted, the grant explicitly permitted “export manufacturing.” But I STILL have to file a 216 every year asking permission to manufacture?  What if my grant says I can manufacture but CBP denies my application to do so? ========== Answers: And yes, you need to do a 216 every […]

  • FTZ weekly entries

    QUESTION: We use our subzone infrequently, certainly not on any kind of regular schedule. We don’t have “weekly entries.” we have occasional entries. Obviously we can’t file weekly, so do we just file as needed, when we ship? ========== Answers: If you are not filing a weekly entry – then an entry needs to be […]


    QUESTION: Can someone confirm who and how an I.T. bond is “arrived” at a FTZ location? We have filed our CBP214 with the I.T. information but we are not getting a release. This is our error message INBONDS PENDING ARRIVAL The trucking company is telling me what we at the FTZ have to arrive his […]


    Question:   My company is looking to open a FTZ, mainly to save on inventory tax. Compliance dept. is having a very hard time having the C-level understand that the FTZ will bring on additional compliance responsibilities, and that we as the IOR still have all the same compliance responsibilities we currently have. Has anyone […]