Foreign Trade Zones

Questions and answers about Foreign Trade Zones

  • FTZ Domestic vs Privileged Foreign

    QUESTION: My FTZ subzone grant requires everything I admit to my subzone be admitted as Privileged Foreign. I do that, every time. But the annual report to the FTZ Board asks for Beginning Value-Domestic Status as well. I don’t have any goods “admitted” with that status, but I do have many goods physically in the […]


    QUESTION: I operate an FTZ subzone and one of my customs brokers just told me this concerning goods being admitted/leaving my Zone: As long as the goods go from the Port directly to my Zone, we can use my FTZ bond (Instead of requiring use of a trucking company with a transportation bond) to cover […]


    QUESTION: After goods are admitted into my FTZ subzone, can I sell them to a third party? If so, whose responsibility is it to “remove” them from the FTZ? ========== Answers: Retail trade within an FTZ is prohibited. You can however do a “title transfer” to sell something to a third party. This is especially […]

  • FTZ Compliance Review Handbook, HB 3500-10

    QUESTION: Does anyone have a pdf of the  FTZ Compliance Review Handbook, HB 3500-10? ========== Answers: Please see attached: ==========

  • FTZ and bonded carriers

    QUESTION: Please confirm or correct  my understanding: Privileged foreign items are admitted into my FTZ subzone.  If I want to export them, I need to use a bonded carrier to get them to the port? Is that my only option?  Use a bonded carrier, which are rare here, or have my company get its own […]


    QUESTION: How does CBP normally  inform a party requesting activation of an FTZ of the approval? How many site visits do they normally do prior to approval? %%%%%%%%% ANSWERS:An activation approval should always be in writing – at which time CBP should also be assigning you the FIRMS code. We generally see two meetings – […]

  • FTZ subzone and ID cards and form 3078

    QUESTION: My FTZ subzone is quite large, encompassing the whole of my manufacturing facility.  many warehouses and storage yards. Does EVERY employee have to have a form 3078 on file? **************** Answers: No, every employee should be on your employee list, but in most ports, the 3078 should be just for those key employees.  But […]

  • FTZ “conversions

    QUESTION: Goods admitted into my FTZ correctly as PF status goods. I want to apply valid 232 Exclusions to them to “remove” them from the FTZ. But all that would change is their status.  They aren’t being shipped anywhere or otherwise leaving the Zone. Is this doable? *********** Answers: Product Exclusions and FTZs Imports which […]

  • Goods leaving FTZ

    QUESTION: For goods admitted into my FTZ for manufacturing, can I store them in the part of my yard that’s OUTSIDE of the FTZ fence, provided no further work or other processing is done on them?  Purely for storage purposes. =========== Answers: You can apply for a temporary removal on a CF-216. =========== If this […]

  • HRL 216017

    QUESTION: Can anyone in the membership please share a copy of Customs Headquarters Ruling Letter 216017, dated July 21, 1983? It is referenced in NAFTZ’s comments to Docket Number USTR-2018-0005, “National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones (NAFTZ) Statement on Proposed Determination of Action Pursuant to Sec. 301: China’s Acts, Policies, and Practices Related to Technology Transfer, […]

  • FTZ Transportation and Exportation

    QUESTION: Is anyone familiar with the process for transporting non-privileged and/or privileged foreign merchandise from a US foreign trade zone, in one port, for exportation through a different port?  It is preferred to file a transportation entry with a bonded carrier and to not withdraw the merchandise on a FTZ consumption entry (type 06), and […]


    QUESTION: We have an old FTZ subzone approved in two locations, and we’re selling one of the locations. I assume there’s a process for closing a subzone? ************** Answers: Once all of the FTZ status material has been removed, the site will have to be deactivated, pursuant to 19CFR 146.7(b) (b) Deactivation or reactivation. A […]