Questions and answers about Export

  • Exports: 99.9% EAR99 risks of control

    Question: My company rarely has a non-EAR99 NLR item for export.  But, when we do, the item is controlled for export usually machinery.  We are a global company and regardless of how much training I do, that one-in-one-thousand event rears its ugly head and mistakes are made. How do I manage this effectively?   Is there […]

  • Letter to Bank for US Export to Pakistan

    Question: Would anyone in the membership have a template or wording they can share for what they use to prepare a letter or statement for banking purposes in Pakistan?  Specifically, we are being asked by our Pakistan customer to issue a letter outlining that we will turn over the goods destined for our customer to […]

  • Export data for the international price program of Bureau of Labor Statistics

    Question: Has anyone in the membership been approached by the the bureau of  labor statistics looking for information on export price of a specific HTS code?  Any pitfalls I should watch out for when complying or deciding to not comply? Answer 1: Yes, we provide information.  We are extremely short-handed, but when we consulted with […]

  • Exporter Invoice vs. Importer Invoice

    Question: Importing into Saudi Arabia (KSA) and importer SABER or other agency requirements can be a challenge. Importers requesting for simplified invoices for import purposes.  Q: Can a Exporter provide the importer an import invoice that may be different from the Export invoice used for SED and AES filing? Answer 1: As long as all […]

  • End-use Statements

    Question: How much is too much?  I recently joined a company who exports very low risk products, let’s say “apples” used to make apple pies.  They had a law firm help begin to create a formal trade compliance program.  This includes a high-priority project to implement end-use statements that goods will not be used for […]

  • Routed Transaction Repeat Offenders

    Question: What is the best course of action with a repeat offender who has been given notice to not file EEI as routed transaction? I have one freight forwarder of my customer who files an EEI even after my broker/filer has issued the ITN and emailed to them. The FF appears to understand, cancels the […]

  • France Export Process

    Question: Would anyone in the membership who is a regular exporter from France be willing to have a brief benchmarking conversation with us around export processes and compliance?  We are established in the EU, but have a somewhat unique process for our exports from France that involves an accounting firm and we are looking to […]

  • Courier Services from US to Canada

    Question: We have used courier services/parcel carriers to ship from the US to Canada for Low-Value shipment. It seems that some of those shipments were delivered to the final consignee without being Customs cleared. We are now receiving a “Request to clear” from the courier company, one year after the fact. CBSA has also noticed […]


    Question: With regard to exports, is there a regulatory requirement or citation as to whom can sign an export written authorization form i.e. must it be a corporate officer or is it acceptable for a non-corporate officer to sign the written authorization? Answer 1: There are no specific rules on who can sign the written […]

  • Drop shipment transaction

    Question: My company is looking at a potential business transaction where shipment would go from Brazil factory directly to the Customer in Saudi Arabia, therefore bypassing the US.  We may or may not provide the transportation. What concerns and due diligence should I have?  We typically operate just as an importer to the US.  This […]

  • Routed Exports Under FCA Incoterms

    Question: My company routinely sells under the FCA Incoterm (2010 or 2020). Under this trade term, we are commercially obligated to perform Customs formalities at origin.  Our operations team files EEIs with export transportation details provided by the customer or their forwarder. We understand there is no causation between Incoterms and the Foreign Trade Regulations […]

  • Shipping Labels

    Question: I am looking for input for a shipping label to be applied to outside packaging and not product marking.  While I understand each country may have different import label requirements, I am aiming towards best practices.   These would be for non-service provider generated shipping labels (i.e. parcel carriers).  Domestic shipment sample: Shipper name and […]