Questions and answers about Export

  • Routed Exports Under FCA Incoterms

    Question: My company routinely sells under the FCA Incoterm (2010 or 2020). Under this trade term, we are commercially obligated to perform Customs formalities at origin.  Our operations team files EEIs with export transportation details provided by the customer or their forwarder. We understand there is no causation between Incoterms and the Foreign Trade Regulations […]

  • Shipping Labels

    Question: I am looking for input for a shipping label to be applied to outside packaging and not product marking.  While I understand each country may have different import label requirements, I am aiming towards best practices.   These would be for non-service provider generated shipping labels (i.e. parcel carriers).  Domestic shipment sample: Shipper name and […]

  • Proforma Invoice for Mexico Exports

    Question: We currently provide our Mexico Customer a Pro Forma invoice to complete Import into Mexico. They are giving us pushback explaining that the Proforma Invoice document number has to be the same as the actual Invoice document number that will be issued at a later date.  I am not finding anywhere on the Mexico […]

  • Sales Tax (Texas) and Intransit goods

    Question: We are a Canadian entity with a related US entity. In Texas we are using our related party as a consolidation point or transport cross dock facility moving commercial goods. We purchase from a TX vendor, have the goods brought to our TX location, then load onto an LTL truck for final delivery up […]

  • Export documentation and different requirements

    Question: I am new to the Trade Compliance team here for about a month and I’ve just learned that the team manually creates export commercial documents for certain shipments when needed because they’ve been told that certain countries have unique documentation requirements.  I am not a proponent of manually creating commercial documents.  I am wondering […]

  • How do i Export Compact Tractors

    Question: We have a client in Japan want us to buy a few compact Tractors in US, so we will be the Exporter. We have reached out to a few distributors and they only sell the tractors locally, so they refused to provide Export information such as the ECCN, Export license, Dangerous Goods Declaration, ETC. […]

  • Goods to be Returned back to South Korea

    Question: When returning back products to South Korea and China from US, no advancement in value or no further processing done, products will be returned because of excessive inventory, do I need to create a new Invoice, Packing List with our organization (here in US) as export of record and the supplier in south Korea […]

  • Overseas EU Territorities?

    Question: Does anyone know where St. Barth’s (Saint Barthélemy, officially the Collectivité territoriale de Saint-Barthélemy, also known as St. Barts (English) or St. Barth (French) (per Wikipedia)) is considered for CCL/country list purposes? The internet says it’s an overseas collective of France / the EU, which isn’t a category in the country list. I don’t see it in […]

  • Routed Transaction

    Question: I would like to ask the community on a routed transaction what would be the easier to process export-routed shipments. This foreign company purchases products from several US vendors consolidate these products at the border and export under one manifest to Mexico to a maquiladora. The broker has POA to file AES, the buyer has […]

  • Exporter Registry for Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Question: This question is for exporters who ship to Turkey.  We engaged with a distributor in Turkey to buy our goods.  We were advised that because of the type of merchandise we export to Turkey we must complete an Exporters Registry form. I thought it was just a form to complete and submit with normal […]

  • BIS Advisory Opinions

    Question: Hello: Our company is working on an advisory opinion request to BIS, and I would like to understand if anyone has a template for these requests. I do understand the requirements as noted in the EAR 748.3(c) but it would be great if there was a template or outline that can be followed since […]

  • Export Invoice

    Question: We produce various auto accessories that customers may purchase individually, or sometimes we package multiple items together into “sets” or “kits”.  These items do not build a complete finished goods, merely co-pack items that will be used together on a vehicle.  These items are EAR99/NLR. One customer in Latin America has requested that we […]