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  • Drop Ship from Italy to US Embassy in Tunisia

    Question: We are purchasing a radar from the OEM in Italy, that under US regulation would be considered ITAR.  I would like to ship this radar direct from the OEM to the US Embassy in Tunisia.  Can this be done without authorization from the US Government, or does the ITAR require us to bring the […]

  • ELISA license status definitions

    Question: In their consolidated licensing guide DECCS has a list of definitions for their status indicators.  Is there a similar list for the ELISA status indicators?  They do not appear to be all the same terms used in both sites. Tia. Answer 1: I’m not sure what you mean by “indicators”.  ELISA simply shows the […]

  • 5A992c

    Question: Our company exported servers as EAR99 to multiple countries. I recently discovered the ECCN is 5A992c. Can someone outline the steps I need to take to understand the EAR requirements for this ECCN / Country combination? Then I assume we will need to get expert assistance with how to correct any EAR violations. Thanks. […]


    Question: Our company is planning to move some items from US to Saudi Arabia. These items are classified under ECCN# 1A995, 2B999, 2B999.j, 3A002.a, 3A992.a, 3A999.a, and 5A991d. I checked the Country Chart and the CCL list and what I understand is that the ONLY item that will need an export license is the item […]

  • DSP-73 validation extension

    Question: We have product that shipped on a DSP-73, because of the Air Embargoes on Somalia, we will have to move the freight in via ocean. Our license expires in 3 weeks, what is the best way to request an extension to the current license? Asked by: Wendy Cunningham – wendy.cunningham@mag.us Answer 1: The DDTC […]

  • Proof of Delivery

    Question: Is there a “POD” requirement for commodities exported using an export license or license exception? Answer 1: No.  Obviously if the carrier or someone makes you aware of loss/diversion, you may want to look into it, but the base answer remains NO. Answer 2: It is best practice to verify proof of delivery but […]

  • Export License Requirement China/NP2

    Question: If a product (under 1C298) was made & exported from the US to an intercompany location in China years prior to China being added to NP2 controls in 2023, and now that intercompany Chinese location wishes to sell the 1C298 material to various (non-related) Chinese buyers, is a license required under NP2 controls? Items […]

  • Renewal of Expiring BIS Export License

    Question: Is there a process to renew an expiring BIS export license through SnapR or do we need to reapply again as for a brand new license application. Thanks Answer 1: Reapply for a new license but can reference the expiring one in the notes. Answer 2: Hi, you have to re-apply upon expiration.    […]

  • Noting

    Question: A customer in South America who buys our products FCA our US plant asks us to note: NLR no license required on our invoices. These are routed shipments, moved from the US by their forwarder.  My response is to decline this request, as it may constitute giving legal advice (they do not need a […]

  • License Exception – 740.17(b)(2)(i)(A)

    Question: There is an item that our company needs to ship from US to Saudi Arabia. According to the manufacturer, the item is classified as 5A002. The manufacturer claims that “this item is authorized for export under license exception ENC per the EAR Section 740.17(b)(2)(i)(A).  The subparagraphs (i)(A) fall under the (b)(2) designation.” Do we […]

  • ENC

    Question: We have a Juniper Router with ECCN 5A002.R that our company is planning to ship to Saudi Arabia. Is there a license exception -ENC -that can we apply? I checked the BIS website but I was unable to find that specific ECCN. Your feedback is much appreciated. Answer 1: I don’t remember if this […]