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  • Foreign nationals employment

    Question: Our apologies – hoping 3rd time is a charm! Try again! Please note: This question went out yesterday, but the link to answer it was broken, it is fixed now. Thanks – ICPA Team Hi, Our US company is owned by an Italian company, due to several different circumstances our looking to bring 2-3 […]

  • Freight Forwarder as an End User on BIS Export License

    QUESTION: According to 15 CFR 772 and the SNAP-R User Manual, “The end user is not a forwarding agent.” I inherited oversight of a BIS technology export license to a foreign manufacturing site where a freight forwarder is listed as an end user.  Upon questioning this, I’ve learned that the freight forwarder is providing onsite, […]


    QUESTION: We are a US non-profit organization that provide mainly EAR99 over-the-counter and prescription medicines and various medical supplies throughout the world. We have a 3PL in the NL that receive and warehouse a lot of our donated non-US medicines and medical supplies that we receive from our donors within Europe. The 3PL also provides […]

  • Export Licenses and Replacing Defective Merchandise

    QUESTION: What is the process for replacing defective merchandise that requires an export license (BIS and DDTC) when you have shipped the full quantity or value allowed by the export license ? Is there a way to report the return and/or the destruction of defective goods and ship the replacement on the original license or […]

  • 1C995 AND 1C999

    QUESTION: I have a question pertaining to these two headings in the CCL.  Both indicate “RS applies to the entire entry” and “A license is required for items controlled by this entry for export or reexport to Iraq or transfer within Iraq for regional stability reasons.  The Commerce Country Chart is not designed to determine […]


    QUESTION: Is it a common practice to share the actual copy of an export license with a consignee listed on the license?  What reason could be used not to share the license and use a company letter stating the conditions and requesting an acknowledgement? ****************** Answers: Normally YES.  If there are specific provisos that pertain […]


    Question:  Could the membership please comment on what value they assign for Technical Data on a DSP-5? We have a disagreement in our office over how to determine the value for technical data and whether a Tech Data license needs to be decremented when data is provided to a foreign party. It would be helpful […]


    Question: Say I export my product (EAR99) to Germany.  At this point I file AES with NLR. A couple of months go by and learn that that product is going to a sanctioned country where an export license is required.  If I knew that the product was going to be on-forwarded to a sanction country […]


    Question: We (US Company) recently acquired a Swiss company who has active export licenses under their name, we want to dissolve that legal entity name but want to see if those licenses can be assigned to the new parent (US) company name. Does anyone know where to find information about it? ************** ANSWERS: I assume […]


    Question: I’m new to the Export license issue as I have been primarily involved with Imports in the past.  I’m being advised that if a Department of State export license was granted for one of our business units, it is acceptable for another business unit to export the good, file the export declaration via AES […]