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    Question: As a US Customs Broker, we are evaluating if subscribing to Explanatory Notes is worth the expense and if other brokers have found it to be useful, and if so, how have they been used? Appreciate any comments. Answer 1: In my professional opinion, all customs practitioners should have access to the Explanatory Notes. […]

  • Explanatory notes 3822

    QUESTION: Would anyone in the membership be willing to share the explanatory notes for heading 2845 and 3822? Since changing jobs I no longer have access. %%%%%%%%%% Answer: Heavy stuff – Pun intended – 28.45   Isotopes other than those of heading 28.44; compounds, inorganic or organic, of such isotopes, whether or not chemically defined. 2845.10   […]


    QUESTION: The explanatory notes to 8536 state plugs and sockets assembled with a length of wire are excluded.  What is meant by “a length of wire”?  Is this a certain length or any length of wire? In rulings NY F80658 and NY N299158 why are the connectors with a length of wire classified in heading […]


    Question: I currently have the fourth edition (2007) of the Explanatory Notes.  Can the membership advise if the changes to the new edition are substantial enough to warrant an investment to the fifth edition (2014)? ========== Answer: While the question of how to invest your budget is ultimately one for you and your company to […]

  • EXPLANATORY NOTES IN CA addt’l answers

    Question: In the U.S., the HS Explanatory Notes are not legally binding.  CBP and the federal courts refer to them for guidance but can’t base their decisions on them.  Can our Canadian members comment on how the ENs are applied in Canada, both legally and practically? ============ Add’l answer: Section 11 of the Canadian Customs […]