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  • Compliance and Ethics

    Question: While there is ample discussion on the ideal placement of the trade compliance department within organizations, little attention has been given to the increasing interactions between compliance/ethics departments and trade compliance. Particularly in larger organizations, these compliance and ethics departments are expanding their role in trade oversight, often collaborating with Legal, and I am […]


    Question: I am an unpermitted LCB employed by an importer that self-files. I advise on the regulations, classification, create invoices, and communicate with CBP. My understanding of the regulations is that I do not conduct Customs Business for another since I am a representative of the importer who employs me. I have seen other brokers […]


    I have been asked by a non related importer to help them with understanding Ch 98 entries and how to use the Ch 98 provision. Please tell me which of these activities below are considered conducting customs business if I choose to help them. 1. Develop work instructions and procedures for the importer, along with […]

  • Customs Responsibilities Q&A 1

    Hello gang, I previously saw an article about some responsibility shifting back to Customs. Has anyone heard anything about this? Customs has been calling my customs broker to determine if the classifications are correct. I spoke to my Account Rep @ Customs, he confirmed that there are new responsilbities Customs now has. It appears that […]

  • Customs Responsibilities Q&A 2

    We are having an internal debate whether an employee of one legal entity can assign HS classification on behalf of another legal entity. The process being proposed would require party “A” to provide party “B” with information necessary to determine HS classification. Party “B” would then determine classification and seek outside advise as needed. Party […]

  • Customs Responsibilities Q&A 3

    My company was just notified that our long-standing national account manager is leaving Customs for greener pastures. This is a huge hit for us, as she is not only extremely knowledgeable, but approaches issues logically and without the typical sense of skepticism and suspicion that most Customs officials bring to the table. Since there is […]