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  • US Customs Broker License

    Question: Dear Trade Community (We need your help!), A fellow trade member is having trouble getting a status update from CBP on their broker license application.  They applied in Dec. of 2022 and have not received any tangible status updates from their local port office or from the CBP Broker Management Branch.  Would anyone out […]

  • LCB Triennial Report

    Question: I need to fill out my triennial report (my first one)!  And, I am not sure if I should report as a an “Active” or “Inactive” broker.  Here is my situation: I do not work for a brokerage company.  Rather, I work for an Importer/Exporter (manufacturing company). We do not self-file;  we contract with […]

  • customs broker licensing timeline

    Question: Do any of the members understand the current process and timeline for issuing a customs broker license? I passed the LCB exam in April, interviewed at my local port in mid-June when I submitted my brokers license application. The CBP agent suggested that the current process is all automated, including an FBI background search, […]

  • LCB Continuing Education

    Question: Hello, I’m trying to make a case to attend next year’s ICPA Spring conference. Can someone advise how many hours one will be able to account towards the new Continuing Education requirements for LCBs starting next year if they attend the ICPA Spring conference next year? Thanks, Answer 1: See  Sessions at ICPA […]

  • Verify Customs Brokers License

    Question: How do I verify if some one has a customs brokers license? Does anyone have the contact information for someone at CBP to do so? Answer 1: I don’t believe there is a list published. There is a search site for Customs Brokers by Port. Find a Broker by Port | U.S. Customs and […]

  • Broker CLE

    Question: So, I have my customs broker license.  But I’m not employed “as” a customs broker, nor do I have any permits.  I want to maintain my license. Do the new rules require me to complete CLE credits, or I am not the kind of broker who is subject to the new rules? Answer 1: […]

  • District to National Permit Annual User Fee Question

    Question: Given CBP’s elimination of Customs Broker District Permits, and the transition of all Customs Broker District Permit holders to National Permit holders effective last December, does this also mean that all former District Permit holders must now also pay the annual National Permit annual user fee, due February 28th? Also, would the employee of […]


    QUESTION: How does and individual Customs Broker go about cancelling their license due to retirement? ========== Answer: You write a letter addressed to the Port Director of the port that issued your CB license, advising that you have retired and are voluntarily surrendering your license.  You need to include the license itself. Paul Vandevert Principal […]


    QUESTION: I found out just a couple of weeks ago that my Broker’s License was issued as of January 2021. To give an idea, all I have so far is my license number and a courtesy notice from the port I applied at that the license was approved.Would I still need to file a Triennial […]

  • Broker License Triennial Report Renewal – Conducting Customs Business

    QUESTION: For those of us who have our U.S. Customs Broker’s license, but are employed by importers and/or exporters with corporate trade compliance responsibilities, at time of the triennial license renewal I have always indicated that I am not conducting Customs business on my renewal.  Since that time, I have been set up as a […]

  • Broker License required for self filing

    QUESTION: We are importer that is thinking about self-filing our entries for Imports. Is a Broker’s License required if you are doing your own filing. ========== Answers: No, you are not required to have a broker’s license but I would highly recommend that you have experience in direct filing with CBP. ============= No as 19 […]


    QUESTION: Has anyone in the membership seen anything final on customs broker continuing education requirements? *********** Answers: These are voluntary only. CBP has indicated that they have no intention of creating a mandatory Broker Continuing Education requirement. However, please keep in mind that under the concept of responsible supervision and care. Broker and staff training […]