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  • Broker CLE

    Question: So, I have my customs broker license.  But I’m not employed “as” a customs broker, nor do I have any permits.  I want to maintain my license. Do the new rules require me to complete CLE credits, or I am not the kind of broker who is subject to the new rules? Answer 1: […]

  • District to National Permit Annual User Fee Question

    Question: Given CBP’s elimination of Customs Broker District Permits, and the transition of all Customs Broker District Permit holders to National Permit holders effective last December, does this also mean that all former District Permit holders must now also pay the annual National Permit annual user fee, due February 28th? Also, would the employee of […]


    QUESTION: How does and individual Customs Broker go about cancelling their license due to retirement? ========== Answer: You write a letter addressed to the Port Director of the port that issued your CB license, advising that you have retired and are voluntarily surrendering your license.  You need to include the license itself. Paul Vandevert Principal […]


    QUESTION: I found out just a couple of weeks ago that my Broker’s License was issued as of January 2021. To give an idea, all I have so far is my license number and a courtesy notice from the port I applied at that the license was approved.Would I still need to file a Triennial […]

  • Broker License Triennial Report Renewal – Conducting Customs Business

    QUESTION: For those of us who have our U.S. Customs Broker’s license, but are employed by importers and/or exporters with corporate trade compliance responsibilities, at time of the triennial license renewal I have always indicated that I am not conducting Customs business on my renewal.  Since that time, I have been set up as a […]

  • Broker License required for self filing

    QUESTION: We are importer that is thinking about self-filing our entries for Imports. Is a Broker’s License required if you are doing your own filing. ========== Answers: No, you are not required to have a broker’s license but I would highly recommend that you have experience in direct filing with CBP. ============= No as 19 […]


    QUESTION: Has anyone in the membership seen anything final on customs broker continuing education requirements? *********** Answers: These are voluntary only. CBP has indicated that they have no intention of creating a mandatory Broker Continuing Education requirement. However, please keep in mind that under the concept of responsible supervision and care. Broker and staff training […]

  • CHB license vs permit

    QUESTION: If I have a CHB license but no permit, I need only file the triennial report and pay my fee once every three years. If I ALSO have a district or national permit, THAT permit must be renewed annually. But JUST a CHB license I pay every three years. ************ Answers: Yes,  That is […]


    QUESTION: May a licensed US Customs broker go to Cuba and retain their license upon return? ========== Answers:   Are you traveling, or doing a temporary work assignment? Your personal license is not forfeited at any time due to location to my knowledge.  Stay in communication with your licensing CBP office and keep them updated […]


    QUESTION: I am a licensed customs broker.  If I set up a consulting firm to perform consulting services related to customs activities but not clearing shipments and have a company name (and IRS#), do I need to advise customs and apply for a permit? ************** Answers: I too am a licensed broker and have a […]


    QUESTION: I recently passed the broker license exam and am in the process of preparing my application materials for submission.   I was wondering if any members of the Association have had experience with securing a permit and license concurrently.   I know 19CFR § 111.19 indicates that an individual can receive a permit in […]


    QUESTION:   I received the letter informing me regarding my passing the recent broker exam.   In the letter it states that I will need to go in person at a location to complete the vetting process and that it is done on an appointment basis.   Can anyone who has recently been through this […]