Questions and answers about ACE


    QUESTION: We recently received a CF 28 requesting entry documents be uploaded via the ACE DIS program.I prefer not to have the broker who originally filed these entries handle the upload, since we no longer use this broker.I would like to upload the documents myself using the ACE DIS email option.In reviewing the ACE instruction […]

  • Filing Drawback in ACE portal

    QUESTION: Can anyone in membership share how one can file Drawback in Ace portal? I do have an Ace portal but not sure where to even start. ================================================================ Answers: I don’t believe you can file Drawback in the ACE portal ================================================================= There is a very complicated answer. However, the short answer this that you probably […]

  • export port filing wrong in ACE

    QUESTION: Our Export team slipped a digit and made the export filing in ACE with the wrong port. We listed New York when it should have been Norfolk. Literally, it was a matter of a typo on the second digit. All other data elements were correct and this is a first error. I am an […]


    QUESTION: I have been taking more export responsibility recently. I appreciate any ICPA Member who knows and have experience running ACE Export AES-202 UPSSI report that includes the “ECCN” data object/column.  This standard AES-202 does not include ECCN info, but AES 203 Routed Export report has. If adding ECCN Data Object in AES-202 is workable […]


    QUESTION: What reports are companies running in ACE monthly for Import/Export monitoring/auditing and a brief explanation of what they are utilizing these Import/Export reports out of ACE for monthly. *************** Answers: For export reports, neither of the “canned” ones are sufficient.  You must create your own and pull in all fields (ECCN, license type code […]

  • ACE Export reports question

    QUESTION: I would like to ask the members who have experience with ACE Export reports. The standard AES-202 does not include ECCN info. Is there a report which includes ECCN data field? I am trying to run a full 2019 Export report that includes the ECCN data.  I called ACE HelpDesk, they don’t seem to […]


    QUESTION: I need to add a column in ACE Entry Summary Header or Tariff  reports that corresponds to the  B/L or AWB No. Block 12 from the Customs Entry Summary from 7501 I was unable to locate object B/L or AWB No. Block 12 in ACE.   Where can I locate object B/L or AWB […]


    QUESTION: I would like to know is there an ACE report that will allow me to add the “Container #”. I tried to create a report under ES-003 to add the Container # field, but I cannot find this field under this ES-003 report. I try to run the this report – CR-004 Cargo Release […]


    QUESTION: Can I go in to ACE and change the importer address? We’ve submitted a 5106 for the change to our broker but ACE is not reflecting this change. ========== Answers: You should be able to if you have not opted to participate if the “Freeze” program ========== Our Surety submits these changes for us. […]

  • Defining Intermediate Consignee for ACE Filing

    QUESTION: We are the parent company in the U.S. (A) and have a subsidiary in France (B).  B sells to customer (C) in the United Kingdom.  We will be shipping the order from the U.S. Situation 1:  A ships to C’s forwarder in the U.S.   They take possession and send it to the customer in […]

  • Small importer setting up import process – ACE?

    QUESTION: A small importer, maybe one or two imports per month wants to set up the process without using a customs broker. They know their product etc. Would they be able to set up an account directly with US Customs to import their goods? How would that be done? Is it through ACE? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: […]

  • FTZ and ACE

    QUESTION: Is there an ACE report I can run in order to see all of my FTZ entries? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: Your usual entry summary reports will include your FTZ entries (Type 06 consumption entries). There is no report currently available for your FTZ admissions (e-214 filings). %%%%%%%%%% It’s just the regular ACE Import reports. (e.g. […]