Questions and answers about ACE

  • Proper Country of Export designation in ACE

    Question: While auditing our ACE data, we have found that our brokers are very inconsistent with the Country of Export designation.  For example, one of our most common supply chains from the EU to the US is: Manufacturer, located in Germany (DE), is the shipper Port of Export from the EU is Antwerp, Belgium A […]

  • ABI Connection

    Question: We use a customs broker to handle all of our entry filings, but we (the importer) would like to get access to ABI. Is this something we can do if we aren’t going to do entry filing? Has anyone else done this, and what benefits have you seen? Answer 1: The least expensive way […]

  • Suffix addition, how to add one to an existing ACE account

    Question: We created a new business unit with its own tax ID.  It is wholly owned by the tax ID parent company registered with ACE and CBP, and all business activity will be managed by the same leadership, and trade compliance group.  We are all one big happy family, just two unique tax ID’s for […]

  • NO.EEI 30.37(h) but NLR

    Question: I may be overthinking this. Are you able to utilize NO EEI 30.37 (h) for shipments as authorized under license exception GFT for gift parcels and humanitarian donations, even if your humanitarian donation export is NLR in the first place? Answer 1: Interesting question. FTR 30.37(h) exempts “Shipments as authorized under License Exception GFT […]

  • ACE Reports

    Question: Does anyone know if there is a report in ACE that can be run to see if your account has any penalties issued/pending for late ISF filings? Answer 1: No, unfortunately penalties from FP&F are currently not yet available through ACE.

  • ACE Reporting Fields

    Question: Hello! Our part numbers are shown in box 28 of our 7501, right above the description. Is there a data access point for the ES-003 report that would show this number on a report? Answer 1: No, that is just freeform text your broker is typing on the 7501 form you see, and not […]


    QUESTION: Is there a reason for providing the Customs broker access to the Importers ACE account and the pros and cons  ?  CSMS #52984667 / CSMS #52984667 / CSMS # 53522836 seem to indicate there should be some access or is it just to have CBP send copies of communications to the Customs broker on […]

  • CF28 and ACE ES-013 report/document

    QUESTION: I have an automated report saved in ACE for the ES-013 report, to run daily.  It does not run daily because of ACE failures.  When it does run I review it as an excel spreadsheet as it is emailed to me that way.I received a 28 via USPS from the CEE.  I thought that […]

  • Ace report on routed exports

    QUESTION: Is there any option to run a report (in ACE) on routed exports that provides the consignee and country of destination? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: Not that I know of—you need to get that from the filer—which can be challenging.  You need to ask for a copy of their EEI (you can reference CFR 30.3 (e)(2) ) %%%%%%%%%% […]


    QUESTION: Is anybody having issues running this report lately? It just seems to “hang” indefinitely without displaying any results. ******************* Answers: I have found some difficulty with reports on ACE and discovered changing my browser solved the problem.  ******************* ACE is slow today!! ***************

  • ACE Data for other departments

    QUESTION: Is anyone having issues the last few weeks with scheduled ACE reports running “blank”/no data (when data should be present)?  I’ve experienced this on both the export and import sides of ACE.  Just curious if anyone else has seen this. ( ACE Is also running horrifyingly slow the last few weeks) ************ Answers: Yes, […]


    QUESTION: I just noticed in ACE that when scheduling reports, there no longer seems to be an option to deliver it to “email”. Was this taken away sometime this year?  I know it was there in the “old” ACE at the beginning of the year. ========== Answers: I take it that you are missing the […]