Questions and answers about ACE


    Question: I am so confused about the different types of ACE Users. I do understand that the Trade Account User (TAO) is the “master account holder” per se and has the ability to add and revoke accesses. Also understanding that a Proxy TAO has much of the same edit rights as the TAO but that’s […]

  • Name change – pending IRS approval for EIN

    Question: At the end of 2023 our two US locations, each with their own respective EIN, were purchased by another company with one US location and their own EIN.  This resulted in new company names for each of the two acquired locations. We submitted a request for IRS approval of the name changes to our […]

  • ACE Reports

    Question: Hi! I am a new manager in trade compliance and I have not had a lot of exposure to ACE Reports besides statement reports and I’d like to know some of the reports I should be reviewing and how often they should be reviewed. Thank you! Answer 1: This is a good place to […]

  • e214 Report in ACE as User/Importer

    Question: Is there any reporting in ACE that shows our e214 numbers and dates for entry into an FTZ in which we are just a user/importer and not the FTZ operator? Answer 1: not at this time Answered by: Cornelia Steinert – cornelia.steinert@johnsjames.comTitle: Director of FTZ Services, Company: John S. James Co.

  • ACE Recordkeeping Policy

    Question: Hello ICPA, Does anyone know where to access the formal ACE recordkeeping policy or who maintains it? I’m aware that importers are required to retain documents for 5 years, but what happens to ACE data that is over five years old? Is it archived, simply deleted, or do they never age out? I contacted […]

  • Email Delivery of a Scheduled ACE Report

    Question: Have have any members successfully set up delivery of a scheduled ACE report to a company email address in XLS format, such as a weekly Liquidation Report? Answer 1: Well of course…this is very routine.  Scheduling reports for email (or any other method) of delivery is a normal part of compliance operations. Answer 2: […]

  • new ACE (reports) issues

    Question: Generally speaking, I’ve had a lot of issues since the “new” ACE showed up a couple months ago.   But many times, when I try to access REPORTS, it’s slow. Supposedly nothing changed but the “appearance”, however, I’ve had a bunch of errors, “timeout” issues etc.  ACE helpdesk says nothing they can do…those are “server” issues. […]

  • Change in company name due to acquisition

    Question: My company which has 2 US locations, each with their own EIN and ACE account, has recently been purchased by another company that does not have an ACE account.  How do I change the existing 2 ACE accounts to the new company name with my new e-mail address? Answer 1: The company acquiring you […]

  • New Ace requirement

    Question: Does anyone have any additional information on a new requirement (next year) for upcoming U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) eFiling requirements? The program will require a digitized Certificate of Conformity (COC) to be sent to U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s ACE system via the CPSC Product Registry before manufactured goods arrive at first […]

  • ACE Reporting

    Question: Hello Members, Is there documentation or training instructions available to support the new BO4.3 ACE upgrade for reporting? If so, please share the link(s). Answer 1: Below is a link for training and references. ACE Training and Reference Guides | U.S. Customs and Border Protection ( Answer 2: Yes, on the training page. […]

  • Specific Ace Data Elements by Report

    Question: Hello, does anyone have a directory on which report in Ace can pull what data elements? I am looking for Related Party Indicator and cannot find a report in Ace that will pull this.  Why isn’t there a map to help identify which reports house which info, or is there? Thank you Asked by: […]

  • IOR/EIN Cleanup

    Question: Hello, We are consolidating our IOR/EIN numbers as we’ve discovered that our accounting department is not using them to differentiate between divisions anymore for tax purposes, and the Trade Compliance department has no need for this breakout, either, for a variety of reasons (parts used cross division, no field in ERP to track parts […]