Questions and answers about ACE

  • ACE setup

    QUESTION: Currently our company has 1 EIN number with 4 different suffixes. We have sold a division that uses 3 of those EIN numbers (only suffix is different). I am going to be migrating to the new company. I have to set up a new ACE account for the newly formed company with a new […]

  • ES003 report in ACE

    QUESTION: I cannot get the ES003 report to run using only entry dates as the parameters. I can only run the report using entry summary dates. Is there a way to run the report by entry dates? **************** Answers: I got it to work by adding Entry Summary Dates ‘back’ two weeks and ‘forward’ two […]

  • ACE AMS reports

    QUESTION: Has ACE eliminated all AM (AM001) reports? I utilized AM001 frequently and it is gone. Any recommendations on similar report?? ================ANSWERS: According to the Ace Reports Information Notice, the AM-001 was replaced by the ES-003. ============== CBP has been phasing out the AM reports because they are based on a different data universe than the […]

  • ACE Reports

    QUESTION: I’m new to ACE reports. Can members suggest some of the must-have reports I should be looking at regularly? If you can provide the actual report names and what it shows, I’d appreciate very much! %%%%%%%%%% 1. CHECK OUT THE ANSWERS AND PRESENTATIONS IN THE ICPA COMPLIANCE LIBRARY! After logging in, click on the […]

  • ACE data element – modified ES-002 report

    QUESTION: I am running ACE report ES-002 as the basis for the start of our value reconciliation process. I have pulled in several fields from the universe that will assist in the process already. I do see that there is a “Line MPF” data object, but this seems to simply be a calculation of the […]

  • ACE HTS to PGA Cross Reference Guide

    QUESTION: There was a publication dated July 31, 2015 called ACE HTS to PGA Cross Reference Guide. Is there an updated guide anywhere that tells PGA flags for various HTS ============== ANSWER: The HTSUS with PGA flags is now available in one of the standard ACE reports. Add’l Answer: The HTSUS with PGA flags is […]

  • ACE Reports for Routed Exports

    QUESTION: Are there any Exporters (USPPIs) that are successfully pulling ACE reports that include the “Routed Transaction” data? Specifically ACE report 202 and 203. We can see the transactions but all the fields are blank and there are no references to connect to the exports/shipments. =================== ANSWERS: You are seeing what you are legally entitled […]


    QUESTION: Looking for assistance – would like to see both duty and MPF on the same entry summary report. Need to know how to add a line to get this info, please. ****************** Answers: After you have run your report in ACE select Design and then select With Data. This modified Design Report will allow […]


    QUESTION: One of the 2019 goals for my companies’ compliance team is to calculate FTA savings each month. My questions is- Is there an easy way to do this in ACE? I looked through all the DATA objects in the ACE library and it doesn’t seem like there is a duty rate data object. My […]


    QUESTION: I am new to the Periodic Monthly Statement process and started working for a company that had it in place.  I recently pulled the statement from ACE and is it safe to assume the Daily Statement Payment Due Date in ACE is the actual date it is due? =========== It can be set-up differently, […]


    QUESTION: We would like to know which report in ACE that will give us two different HTS #s for shipment from China under all of list 1, 2, and 3. We ran ES-003 but we did not see the two different HTS # and maybe we ran the report wrong. Is there another report can […]


    QUESTION: Can anyone in the membership explain why an EEI record would appear in the AES-203 USPPI Agent-Filed Routed Transaction report and NOT appear in the AES-202 USPPI Transaction report when the USPPI ID Number is the same? I have seen cases where records appear in both reports and cases where the record only appears […]