About Invoice / Record Auditing

About Invoice / Record Auditing


    QUESTION: I have a question regarding the commercial invoice requirements for a product where multiple “components” are welded together.  Does the CI need to display each individual component(s)?  How does other businesses create CI’s for this scenario?    Example:  We manufacture Orthodontic braces.  We manufacture a “band” in which goes over a molar tooth.  Per […]


    QUESTION: Does any member have an audit procedure to share when the imported product shipped to your location is customer supplied /free of charge however you are the IOR for the shipment? For auditing purposes, of 01 entries, how do I know the value listed on the Commercial Invoice for customs purposes is correct when […]


    QUESTION: I wanted to see if anyone in the group could provide some feedback regarding volume of entries audited.·        Based on current entry volume, we had about 9k entries last year, 24K containers, and 34k import POs ·        PO can have one or multiple items that can be classified the same or can all be […]


    QUESTION: Do any members have any basic instructions or examples of building apost-entry audit database using MS Access? I would like to automate our entry auditing and reporting process and haveseen this referenced in various materials as a best practice but am notsure how to get started. ========== Answers: a few basic construction ideas 1- start with […]

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    I am looking for a way to automate the auditing of our entry summary information. Originally this was being done manually and tracked on a spreadsheet. Due to the number of entries (100s per month) we are looking for either a third party or an automated system. We have two importers of record and use […]

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    For transactions under CIF or other freight pre-paid terms, I’m interested in knowing what policies other Importers have regarding confirmation of actual charges from the carrier for the freight costs. Specifically, what documentation is provided to the broker and/or passed along to the Importer? What internal control policy or procedure is there with the broker […]

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    We are currently receiving hard copy documents relating to our customs transactions from both our U.S. and Canadian customs brokers. We are exploring the idea of receiving the information electronically or on a CD. I would like to ask the members how receiving information in this way has either positively or negatively affected their ability […]

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    Should a non-physical charge be listed on the commercial invoice? Ex: set up charge, lay-out charge, an charge that was part of the cost to produce the product that is physically shipping to a customer. Although there will be no tangible item in the box it is part of the value of the product being […]