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  • 301 HTS FOR ISF

    QUESTION: Do the chapter 99 tariff numbers for the 301 tariffs and/or MTB tariffs need to be included in the ISF filing? **************** Answers: All of the answers said: No ************


    QUESTION: Some companies file ISF themselves, and other use brokers to file ISF on their behalf. I would like to ask the members what’s the benefits or advantages and disadvantages of filing ISF ourselves and using brokers. ========== Answers: Ultimately the Importer is responsible for the ISF filing even if the Broker submits it on […]


    QUESTION: From CBP’s report on filing ISF timely, I am at 99.5%.  of 195 ISF filings, one was transmitted late.   At what point does Customs take issue with late filings? Also, does anyone have a way to halt a container crossing the rail until an ISF filing is confirmed for that container?   I […]


    QUESTION: On the high volume traffic lanes, our company asks our freight forwarder to file the ISFs.  We pay the freight forwarder to handle all aspects of the shipment (overseas trucking, booking the containers, document distribution) and we have also provided them a POA to file the ISF for us. Then there are the one-offs, […]


    QUESTION: My company will be implementing a divert-in-transit decision making process that will not decide the final US distribution center the product will go to until shortly before vessel arrival.  This will help us allocate product more efficiently on a real time basis rather than weeks prior when vessel departs. My question is what do […]

  • ISF AND 3461 DATA

    QUESTION: Our import model is to ship containers to our distribution center – Asia to West Coast then rail inland for customs clearance and delivery to DC.   After receipt to our DC, we will then ship to end customers.  We are the importer of record on the ISF and the import entry.  We state […]


    QUESTION: Scenario: We are company A (headquarters, located in the US) and we are trying to sell product to company B (related) also located in the US.   Product is stored in a warehouse in Antwerp so from there it would be shipped to the US. This transaction could not come to fruition because our […]


    QUESTION: Please trade community help me…..with this nightmare. Scenario: In China, we have several shippers, let’s say 5, all shipping on board one vessel with 5 different B/L’s to one ship to location (distribution facility) in the US.  The 5 shippers have deliveries to 4 different “ultimate ship to” locations in the US, after devanning. […]


    QUESTION: Let’s say my import broker files one and the shipping line files one, and these two filings are the exact same? Is there a penalty if two ISFs are filed for the same shipment (same invoice, same goods, same Bill)? ************* Answers: There is no penalty for filing a duplicate ISF. Instead, the second […]


    QUESTION: Has anyone found a way to run any type of historical ISF reports through ACE? The reports only populate from the time that our company originally subscribed to the reports to the current date but I would like to access historic data. ========= Answer: A year or so ago – CBP announced that it […]

  • ISF

    Question: We have a container on a vessel that is hitting Tacoma, WA first. Our container remains on board, the vessel continues onto Vancouver, Canada, this is where our container is discharged. It is then going to be railed into the States, final destination is Memphis. My question is: are we required to file ISF […]


    Question:   Is anyone self-filing their own ISF’s?  How is it working out?  Pros/Cons? ========== Answers: Works well for several of my import customers, gives them a great opportunity to tighten up the import process.  Also it opens up the door to consider filing unified entries and taking the whole process in-house. Cannot think of […]