Questions About 10+2

  • ISF late filing

    QUESTION: We received a liquidated damages penalty for a 28-day late ISF.  Coincidentally, turns out we haven’t been watching these and we have over 400 this year alone.  Some are a few days late, but we have many 30+ days late.  We’re not entirely sure what happened, but are working to fix.  Does anyone know […]

  • ISF filing by shipper’s forwarder

    QUESTION: Our vendor in China ships to us CPT-Long Beach port.  I was unaware the vendor’s broker has been filing the ISF on our behalf instead of our broker doing this.  Don’t they need our POA to file on our behalf?  What are the risks to have them continue filing on our behalf instead of […]


    QUESTION: I am looking for best practice recommendations for ISF Filing where the customs broker and the FF are not the same. Do you have the customs broker file 100% of the time or hold the FF responsible. Pros/Cons of each are greatly appreciated. ************* Answers: Customs broker 100% of the time with SOP instructions […]


    QUESTION: I’m having a hard time understanding ISF Filing Deadlines.  The regulations seem to state that the ISF filing is required at least 24 hours prior to the container being loaded on the vessel destined for the USA.  Our freight forwarders seem to have a different understanding.  If a container is loaded on a vessel […]


    QUESTION: What would be the correct time for ISF filing when you have a feeder vessel and a mother vessel in a overseas shipment? Do we have to file the ISF at least 24 hrs prior to load the container in the feeder vessel or in the mother vessel ? *********** Answers: The ISF needs […]


    QUESTION: My company is discussing setting up a team in Mexico to file the ISF for merchandise coming into the USA, as we are a Customs Broker and I am a licensed broker holding responsibility for a branch office. I have voiced objections under 19 CFR 149.5 C noting that a POA is required as […]

  • ISF Filing

    QUESTION: An overseas supplier provides the US broker with an HTS code to file ISF, based on the supplier’s export clearance requirements. This HTS code differs from the one that should be used for US customs clearance- (same chapter, different 4 digit header). What is the correct process to correct this issue? Does the broker […]


    OT Fact Sheet: Origin Certification Requirements QUESTION: Situation: Multiple suppliers consolidated on a single container. The entire container is destined for a single US consignee/IOR. If the freight forwarder has separate house bills for each supplier, but since the entire container is a single IOR, can the carrier file only the Master BL in AMS, […]

  • ISF 5 vs ISF 10 Filings

    QUESTION: We are an importer that handles our own ISFs for ocean shipments. We frequently have shipments which transship in Canada to be railed into the US. My understanding has always been that no ISF-10 needs to be filed for these shipments and that an ISF-5 should be filed by the carrier or NVOCC for […]


    QUESTION:  I have a question on whether or not a third party logistic company, which is not a licensed customs broker, can file ISF on our company’s behalf.  Currently we file our own ISF.  I was told by this logistic company that they are filing it for other major companies. Can they file on our […]

  • ISF Penalty examples

    QUESTION: I will be conducting ISF training to our international logistics team. I would like to use anecdotes of actual companies that have had ISF issues, penalties, or successful penalty mitigation. Where can I find public records of this? Internet search engines are not bringing anything up. ========== Answers: I don’t’ believe that information is […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a no load policy for ISF they would like to share? I’d like to implement with all our forwarders (at least for EXW and FCA). %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: Don’t believe this is complicated and requires an official policy. First, you need to incorporate your ISF language and requirements in your PO’s with […]