Questions About 10+2


    QUESTION:  I have a question on whether or not a third party logistic company, which is not a licensed customs broker, can file ISF on our company’s behalf.  Currently we file our own ISF.  I was told by this logistic company that they are filing it for other major companies. Can they file on our […]

  • ISF Penalty examples

    QUESTION: I will be conducting ISF training to our international logistics team. I would like to use anecdotes of actual companies that have had ISF issues, penalties, or successful penalty mitigation. Where can I find public records of this? Internet search engines are not bringing anything up. ========== Answers: I don’t’ believe that information is […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a no load policy for ISF they would like to share? I’d like to implement with all our forwarders (at least for EXW and FCA). %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: Don’t believe this is complicated and requires an official policy. First, you need to incorporate your ISF language and requirements in your PO’s with […]


    QUESTION: Looking to understand why would a broker file an ISF as Master bill vs House Bill. Are there any advantages to the broker in doing so? *********** Answers: ISF’s must be filed on the lowest available bill of lading. If a shipment is booked directly with an ocean carrier, then there will not be […]


    QUESTION: We received our first ISF penalty notice via our surety bond holder, not the actual 5955A form notice so right now we don’t even know what shipment this is because it’s a port we usually don’t import from and it looks like it’s something that has not yet arrived since there is no entry […]

  • Mitigation Petition for Late ISF Filing

    QUESTION: Can anyone from the group provide advice on mitigation petitions for first time late ISF filings? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: Providing that there is a legitimate reason for the error, and you have put measures in place to correct it, then the petition to mitigate a lower amount is worth trying for. In my former brokerage […]

  • Dates for ISF

    QUESTION: We are an importer filing our own ISFs. Can members weight in on how important it is to have the most up-to-date vessel sail date and estimated arrival date? Through our peak season, almost all vessel shipments roll to another vessel changing both dates constantly. I know being accurate on all data elements is […]


    QUESTION: I recently found out that my supplier has been providing a different HTS code for the ISF filing than the one that is used for the entry when the goods arrive in the US and clear customs. While I review ISF filings to ensure timely filing, I don’t have access through ACE to the […]


    QUESTION: Our company has a large volume and good ISF processes. We have one shipment that fell outside our expected processes, and ISF was never filed. The shipment was released and delivered 3 months ago. We have received an LD for ‘late’ ISF filing with a penalty of $5000. – Do you think we should […]


    QUESTION: For ISF filing, I understand the filing timing is based on the timing of mother vessel loading, not on the feeder vessel. But what if our Chinese shipment leaves China on a feeder vessel and gets transloaded onto a mother vessel in Singapore. Is the feeder vessel loading now my filing timeline for ISF […]

  • Consignee # on ISF and 7501

    QUESTION: I have a question about the consignee on the ISF and the 7501. Company A (US company) purchases product from a foreign supplier and ships it directly from the foreign supplier to Company B who is a Customer in the US. Company A is the importer of record. My understanding is that this information […]


    QUESTION: I have a question regarding ISF filing timing. If a shipment has a feeder vessel before the mother vessel that is actually exporting, does the requirement of filing 24 hours before the loading apply to the feeder vessel or the mother vessel? **************** Answers: ISF timing is based on the sailing of the MOTHER […]