Questions About 10+2

  • ISF 5 vs ISF 10 Filings

    QUESTION: We are an importer that handles our own ISFs for ocean shipments. We frequently have shipments which transship in Canada to be railed into the US. My understanding has always been that no ISF-10 needs to be filed for these shipments and that an ISF-5 should be filed by the carrier or NVOCC for […]


    QUESTION:  I have a question on whether or not a third party logistic company, which is not a licensed customs broker, can file ISF on our company’s behalf.  Currently we file our own ISF.  I was told by this logistic company that they are filing it for other major companies. Can they file on our […]

  • ISF Penalty examples

    QUESTION: I will be conducting ISF training to our international logistics team. I would like to use anecdotes of actual companies that have had ISF issues, penalties, or successful penalty mitigation. Where can I find public records of this? Internet search engines are not bringing anything up. ========== Answers: I don’t’ believe that information is […]


    QUESTION: Does anyone have a no load policy for ISF they would like to share? I’d like to implement with all our forwarders (at least for EXW and FCA). %%%%%%%%%% ANSWER: Don’t believe this is complicated and requires an official policy. First, you need to incorporate your ISF language and requirements in your PO’s with […]


    QUESTION: Looking to understand why would a broker file an ISF as Master bill vs House Bill. Are there any advantages to the broker in doing so? *********** Answers: ISF’s must be filed on the lowest available bill of lading. If a shipment is booked directly with an ocean carrier, then there will not be […]


    QUESTION: We received our first ISF penalty notice via our surety bond holder, not the actual 5955A form notice so right now we don’t even know what shipment this is because it’s a port we usually don’t import from and it looks like it’s something that has not yet arrived since there is no entry […]

  • Mitigation Petition for Late ISF Filing

    QUESTION: Can anyone from the group provide advice on mitigation petitions for first time late ISF filings? %%%%%%%%%% ANSWERS: Providing that there is a legitimate reason for the error, and you have put measures in place to correct it, then the petition to mitigate a lower amount is worth trying for. In my former brokerage […]

  • Dates for ISF

    QUESTION: We are an importer filing our own ISFs. Can members weight in on how important it is to have the most up-to-date vessel sail date and estimated arrival date? Through our peak season, almost all vessel shipments roll to another vessel changing both dates constantly. I know being accurate on all data elements is […]


    QUESTION: I recently found out that my supplier has been providing a different HTS code for the ISF filing than the one that is used for the entry when the goods arrive in the US and clear customs. While I review ISF filings to ensure timely filing, I don’t have access through ACE to the […]


    QUESTION: Our company has a large volume and good ISF processes. We have one shipment that fell outside our expected processes, and ISF was never filed. The shipment was released and delivered 3 months ago. We have received an LD for ‘late’ ISF filing with a penalty of $5000. – Do you think we should […]


    QUESTION: For ISF filing, I understand the filing timing is based on the timing of mother vessel loading, not on the feeder vessel. But what if our Chinese shipment leaves China on a feeder vessel and gets transloaded onto a mother vessel in Singapore. Is the feeder vessel loading now my filing timeline for ISF […]

  • Consignee # on ISF and 7501

    QUESTION: I have a question about the consignee on the ISF and the 7501. Company A (US company) purchases product from a foreign supplier and ships it directly from the foreign supplier to Company B who is a Customer in the US. Company A is the importer of record. My understanding is that this information […]