232 & 301

  • 321 Entries subject to 301 duties

    Question: Just curious if someone could weigh in on 321 entries.   My understanding is that you cannot use the 321 entry if it is subject to a 301 tariff. However, there has been some information suggested that by using the 321 you can avoid the 301 tariffs.   Does anyone know if anything is written anywhere […]

  • Steel & Aluminum Tariffs on US Imports

    Question: Hello,  From my understanding the suspension of 232 duties on Steel & Aluminum Imports from the EU is due to expire on 12/31/2023 (11:59pm ET).   Has there been any word if this suspension will continue or can we expect the tariffs to return? Please correct me if I have the incorrect date above. Answer […]

  • Aluminum Extrusion add/cvd 232 updates

    Question: Can someone share information related to potential ADD/CVD changes on aluminum extrusions from Vietnam and Columbia? I have checked all of the FR notices, and only see changes to the GAE, and GDE process. Trying to see if these 2 countries will see add/cvd added. Answer 1: Should the International Trade Commission find that […]

  • Proposed 232 Rule Published 8/28

    Question: Does anyone know of an pro-import action committee? My company imports steel and we are looking to comment on the new proposed rule in hopes of lessening the impact. My main concern is the requirement to source from preferred countries (with quota ratings). We do source from them but also elsewhere. Everyone in the […]

  • 301 Tariffs

    Question: Does anyone know of an opportunity yet to make comments to extend the 301 tariff exclusions that end on 9/30/23?  Or of an opportunity to submit for a new exclusion?  Thank you! Answer 1: There has been no announcements from USTR on requests for comments to extend the existing 301 tariff exclusions that will […]

  • 301 Duty

    Question: We have 9 entries that we believed fit the exclusion and request the broker file a PSC, we received a refund. After an in-depth study and review we have now determined they do not fit the exclusion exactly. We have confirmed that all entries other than these 9 were filed correctly. We owe Customs […]

  • Section 232 exclusion requests

    Question: We are wanting to submit some Section 232 exclusion requests for various sizes of a particular steel.  We are wondering if it’s better to submit 1 request to make sure it is processed properly before submitting the other requests or is it better to submit all of the requests at once? Answer 1: Some […]

  • Product Classification & Section 301 Tariff on Non-China Origin Components

    Question: My questions relate to whether I can avoid paying Section 301 tariffs on the non-China origin components of an an import from China.  Classification comes into play as well.  I think I know the answer, which I don’t like, but I am going to ask the question anyway.  We are importing, from China, a […]

  • Section 232 Exclusion on 7501?

    Question: How are section 232 exclusions “claimed” on an entry? Is an HTS code used that references the exclusion, or is there some process in ACE/broker software for claiming the exclusion without it showing up on the 7501?  CSMS #39633923 does not really explain it. I ask because we have a customer telling us there […]

  • Section 232 Exclusion Request Delay

    Question: We have two section 232 exclusion requests that have been pending, without objection, since May 2022; two other requests that were submitted at the same time were approved.  We were asked to provide additional information on the volumes requested and to re-confirm if we are the actual manufacturer- which was provided in October 2022. […]

  • Section 301 reinstatement of exclusions – Federal Register/Vol. 87, No. 244/Wednesday, December 21, 2022/Notices

    Question: Would anyone in the ICPA community be able to and be kind enough to send me the list of 352 HS Codes related to the Annex of this Fed Reg notification “OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES TRADE REPRESENTATIVE Notice of Extensions for Reinstated Product Exclusions: China’s Acts, Policies, and Practices Related to Technology Transfer, […]

  • Sect 232 and POs

    Question: When 232 first started, I did a bunch of exclusion requests and they were all granted. But then I stopped doing them for awhile. Recently, a friend applied for several and CBP asked her for proof of purchase orders before they’d grant the request. I’d never seen that before.  Is that a new request? […]