• When to Complete the Shipper’s Letter of Instruction

    Question: Scenario: A US manufacturer sells product to a US distributor who will be exporting to Mexico.  The US manufacturer ships product to either customers’ warehouse or freight forwarder in Texas.  They consolidate shipments and export to their customer in Mexico.  The US manufacturer is being asked to complete an SLI with each shipment.  Is […]

  • ANSWERS TO Question on SLI insurance amount

    QUESTION: I know SLIs are not mandatory but they can be helpful for service providers (FFs) as they coordinate a shipment and the EEI filing. Also, we have not worked with our capital markets/treasury and finance teams to enter into a global cargo insurance policy yet.  So, now we just add insurance to each shipment. […]


    QUESTION: I’m tired of filling out so many different formats of SLI. Does anyone have a sample general one, maybe in Excel, that I could customize for my company? ************** Answers:Attached .pdf and .doc formats. **************** The NCBFAA has an industry standard SLI posted at its website.  Either search on “NCBFAA SLI” or […]