Record Keeping

Record Keeping


    QUESTION: My company receives documents (invoice, packing list, CO, etc.) electronically via email from our overseas suppliers. These documents are in Excel so they do not contain company stamps or signatures. They also send original documents that are sent signed or stamped. Other than the signature, the documents are identical. With the exception of the […]


    QUESTION: The Importer I work for was under CBP audit at the time I was hired. The audit had been ongoing for a couple of years and they had a prior audit a couple of years before that. We have two prior disclosures out for valuation, classification and ADD/CVD. Our counsel (CBP Attorney and the […]

  • Record keeping requirements bill of lading

    QUESTION: There are times when we ship full containers that the goods are shipped on a house bill and master bill of lading. When we receive originals, the master bill is not always included. Is it sufficient for record keeping purposes to have only the house bill of lading on file, or do we need […]


    QUESTION: Our company receives import documents both digitally and as paper. Some documents have to be sent as original (Bill of lading), so we would like to reach out to CBP to approve us to keep paper documents electronically. I know that any originals have to be kept for 120 days before they can be […]


    QUESTION: I’ve read that record retention for export documents is 5 years.  So that means I can shred/delete any physical and soft copies of export shipments correct?  Nowadays, soft copies are archived in company server, so is it wise to delete them after 5 years or just keep them archived until the company admin decides […]


    QUESTION: Our company current works with a Shelter IMMEX company in Mexico who manages all the packing and shipping on our behalf for export orders. The items are shipped on a consolidated invoice into the United States and then distributed from our Broker/Freight Forwarder’s warehouse to their end-destination, usually on the FCA Port of Export […]

  • Record Keeping for Shipping/Receiving

    QUESTION: What documents are required for shipping and receiving record retention? What is the length of time they need to be stored? Can you maintain the goods receipt in an ERP system (such as SAP)? ========== Answers: You’re question doesn’t specify if you’re asking about imports or exports. However provided no licenses are involved, records […]


    QUESTION: What are the exact documents that are necessary for recordkeeping purposes as it relates to Section 321 US Imports? I can see that if it the manifest is being used as the entry document the HTS and Entry Summary are not required but I am wondering what are the required documents for importers to […]


    QUESTION: It is my understanding that record keeping requirements are stated in CFR Title 15, part 762 and CFR 19, part 163 for exporters and importers. I recently changed jobs, my new place told me that they do not keep records in house and their forward/ broker retains them. My understanding is that this is incorrect and they should be kept […]

  • US Import document retention

    QUESTION: Does anyone in the membership keep their US import records for 6 years (default)  to cover recordkeeping requirements for the ISF rather than the 5 years required by the regulations for the other documents?  We changed our recordkeeping policy to 6 years after the ISF was implemented, but I am wondering if we should […]


    QUESTION: If importing on DDP terms from suppliers in Europe, (meaning my company is not the importer of record) am I still liable for keeping the files/filing entry #, etc? ********** Answers: Since your company is not the IOR, you are not required to have a copy of the entry on file. You can request […]


    QUESTION: Our company currently maintains paper documents for our shipment files which contain transportation and customs clearance information to comply with US recordkeeping requirements. Our company is adopting policies that will allow more employees to work from home either scheduled or in case of bad weather. This would require associates to take shipment files home […]