Post Entry Amendments

Post Entry Amendments


    Question: My client is an importer of record who uses more than one Customs broker.   This importer sometimes has goods subject to ITAR.  We are instructed to make the following statement on the entry: “This shipment is being Imported in accordance with and under the authority of 22 CFR 123.4(a)(1)” The importer just advised us that […]

  • PSC due to Overages/shortages

    Question: I was wondering what everyone does when overages and shortages are found upon receipt and after entry.  Do you always file a PSC?  Are documents required from the supplier for any overages, or can we simply show a warehouse receiving report?  Searching the ICPA database, I have found some references to not having to […]

  • PSC

    Question: We importer 2 different items, 8 of each several months ago. 6 of each are sold to our customers, and the remaining 2 of each (4) we will now use in our lab for R&D. Will CBP allow for a PSC to be filed on the 4 items used in R&D as prototypes or […]

  • Post Summary Correction

    Question: We are a broker, and an importer gave us an incorrect invoice number for an entry. Even though the HTS code, piece count, invoice value, duty and relevant details are the same, they want us to file a PSC to correct the invoice number. I’ve never had this request before and not sure CBP […]

  • Post Summary Correction & Petitions

    Question: As I am new to the company I have I have been reviewing data from ITRAC and noticed that every import shows country of origin as USA.  I did the analysis and the goods do qualify, did not claim either 9801 (AGR) or USCMA for goods from Mexico. I do realize that an importer […]

  • Post Summary Correction

    Question: Hello, We have several entries that met the 301 Exclusion but were not filed as such. Would it be advisable to use a different broker for this project? It is part of our 2023 plan to switch brokers anyways. Answer 1: Or consider self-filing your PSCs, since the PSC does not need to be […]

  • Post Summary Correction Needed Paperwork

    Question: Hello; I was wondering what paperwork is needed if a PSC is filed for an overage.  Do I need to go back and ask Supplier for an invoice for the additional material?  Can I just submit the correction based on the receipts quantity or manually notate the original invoice?  Are there best practices to […]

  • Post entry corrections

    Question: I’m wondering how the membership handles post-entry corrections due to overages.  We have a lot of consolidated containers, with lots of parts in small quantities.  It’s not unusual to get overages reported upon arrival.  Parts or quantities not on the invoice. Years back, we could file quarterly PEAs and be done with it, now […]

  • Post Summary Correction

    Question: We are a licensed Customs Broker. We use Descartes Editrade software to communicate with USCustoms for IT movement-ISF and customs clearance. We have filed few PSC to date. We have a new client/ior (valid poa etc…) and have cleared and paid duty for 2 shipments using the hts per the client/ior. They provided old […]

  • Self-file a PSC

    QUESTION: Is it possible for an importer of record to self-file a PSC for their entry? As additional detail, it is regarding an entry that was initially submitted by the Customs broker on behalf of the importer of record. The importer of record would like to submit a PSC themselves, rather than have a broker […]

  • Filing PSCs at CEE vs. ports

    QUESTION: I’m interested in the membership’s recent experience if you have filed PSCs through the CEE vs past experience at ports.  We have several PSCs to file across multiple ports and are considering the risk/reward of consolidating them at the CEE vs. not.  ========== Answers: A Post Summary Correction (PSC) is an entry.  It is […]


    QUESTION: A colleague of mine asked me for my opinion in a compliance scenario of whether there is more risk is completing a post summary correction over submitting a voluntary disclosure. Their facts as provided to me: a handful of entries from a couple of months ago were discovered to have the incorrect classification.  While […]