Post Entry Amendments

Post Entry Amendments

  • PSC/Protest correction

    QUESTION: Do you know if a broker that is filing a PSC/protest can correct an entry from another broker in ACE without completely reconstructing the entry in their own system in order to make changes? ========== Answers: A PSC is essentially a new entry summary and will not be processed until it is fully paid.. […]


    QUESTION: I have been given conflicting information on whether or not more than one PSC / Protest can be submitted per entry. Would the membership know if more than 1 correction or protest  be summitted on an entry? ========== Answers: More than one PSC can be submitted, but not more than one protest. ========== Based […]


    QUESTION: We would like to double check with the membership on the PSC filing. We filed a few PSC last year and able to get CBP approval and received the refund from customs already. Since we got the refunds from customs, if we re-export some of these items this year, we will not allow to […]


    QUESTION: We filed a PSC over a year ago and have not seen the refund check come through yet. Is there a way to find out of a refund check had been issued on a specific entry ? =========== Answer: You can run a liquidation report in ACE and see if a refund has been […]


    QUESTION: We filed a PSC over a year ago and have not seen the refund check come through yet. Is there a way to find out of a refund check had been issued on a specific entry ? *************** Answers: Start with the liquidation report in ACE to see if the entry did truly liquidate […]

  • Minimum Amount for PSC

    QUESTION: I know in the new ACE environment, PSC does not have a de minimus amount to dismiss from PSC scope. But I also have been with a company that had a minimum amount that they established by volume analysis. The company was much bigger than my current company and they also did the ISA. […]


    QUESTION: My company self-files entries and our post summary corrections via ABI. Before we could file the PSC in our ABI, I would send any payments with the PSC request. Now that we file in the ABI I am waiting for the bill from CBP. Could I send payment before a bill arrives to avoid […]

  • PSCs for entry requiring FDA Information

    QUESTION: We would like to change several entries to a different HTS classification via post-summary correction. The HTS currently on the entries did not require FDA filing. However, the new HTS classification requires FDA filing. Our broker is telling us they cannot file the PSCs because of this. Is this true? If so, can we […]

  • Time allowed to tender duties

    QUESTION: Under 19 U.S. Code § 1592(c)(4) and 19 C.F.R. § 162.74(c), CBP has the discretionary power to extend the number of days when an importer must tender duties, taxes, and fees as it relates to perfecting a prior disclosure. Has anyone from the membership successfully argued to get extensions for 6 months or for a […]


    QUESTION: First I want to specify that we were not in Recon in 2018 – That said, we have related party pricing adjustments (downward pricing) tied to specific SKU’s of product we imported in 2018. Management wants to file PSC’s to show the value adjustments we will receive via a credit memo from our related […]


    QUESTION: From our broker – “Prior to PSCs, CBP was very clear that if the change resulted in a refund or monies owed under $20, that a PEA was not required but rather a quarterly report was filed with all corrections and no further action was taken by the importer or CBP. However, in the […]


    QUESTION: Have any IOR’s successfully filed a PSC for an entry that was originally filed by their broker?  We tried and received a reject saying “Broker Not Authorized in Port.” CBP has not been clear on how to resolve.  =========== Answers: Based on past experience and recollection, I think that the original filer of an […]