Personal Effects

Personal Effects


    QUESTION: We have a colleague who is relocating to another office in Puerto Rico and I have been asked to classify the items, which consist of personal effects, such as picture frames, mugs, water bottles, decorations and books. It is an extensive list. I have asked the colleague if they can pack these items with […]

  • Person luggage

    QUESTION: We had a colleague from the UK visit one our US facilities. Their luggage was misplaced but found after they already left for home. We would like to send it to them via a large courier, but we are unsure of how to classification the luggage. Do classify as a suitcase, clothes, toiletries, etc. […]


    QUESTION: I have a guy going on a personal mission trip from the USA to Uganda. He is flying out of Toronto, Canada, so he will cross from USA to Canada to catch his flight. He’s taking a bunch of backpacks and shoes to leave in Uganda. I’m trying to figure out the US to […]


    QUESTION: I have two employees that have worked I the U.S for 13 months, they are now returning back to Italy and need their personal effects/household items to be sent back to Italy, is there a policy called out in the FTR’s for this type of export transaction? Would this fall under chapter 9804? ============ […]


    Question: I am moving to another country for a work assignment. When importing my household goods and personal effects which HTS Code should apply? I am being told that the customs agency is assigning a 35% tariff rate to my goods. I thought HHE and personal effects were to be imported duty free. Does anyone […]

  • Process for importing/exporting personal effects

    Question: Does any one have a process that they would like to share for exporting / importing “personal effects” (as described in FTR Section 30.38) for temporary foreign assignments. Best practices and guidance for valuation, shipping documentation language, and coordination tips with foreign customs would be helpful. **************

  • Shipping Laptops

    Question: Does anyone have any experience shipping laptops to foreign employees in foreign offices?  The laptops are pretty standard, configured for day to day business between our offices using readily available office software.  The laptops will be used for tracking purchase orders, shipments, payments, etc.. in our international business and communicating between our offices.   One […]

  • Personal Effects Q&A 1

    I would like to ask for feedback on how other members handle the shipment of personal belongings of employees returning from an extended posting abroad, or returning home after long assignments here in the United States. Are the shipments made separately or combined with other freight and does the company act as the IOR?

  • Personal Effects Q&A 2

    What is everyone’s export policy when it comes to personal computers? For travelers, we have a form that employees must fill out, showing the serial # & value of the laptop, and the authorization for temporary travel export (normally TMP). Presumably TMP is used because the average business computer would otherwise require a license. But […]

  • Personal Effects Q&A 3

    What is the best way to Export Personal items out of the U.S. ,and what HTSUS classification would be best? if a family was here on business and returning back to their native country, some of the items included would be , jackets, skates, shoes, coats, camera equipment? No Business related items