Non Resident Imports

Non Resident Imports

  • Tax Obligations to Canada for Non-Residents Importer (NRI)

    Question: We are a company based in the USA, with our headquarters in Germany, responsible for shipping goods from Germany to a Canadian customer, where we act as the Non-Resident Importer (NRI). Now, the Canadian customer is experiencing inventory issues. Instead of delivering the goods directly to them after customs clearance, they are requesting us […]


    QUESTION: Our company is a non-resident importer and all entries for most of our US locations are cleared under the non-resident importer of record.  Normally we have shipments from one destination to US but have started to have more imports to US from other destinations. I wonder where I can find all imports, a report, […]


    QUESTION: I recently accepted a job with a USA employer and  found out that 95% of the imports are under a Non-Resident Importer of Record which happens to be the parent company. So I am employed by a USA company and not the parent company based in Germany. I find this very odd. Has this […]

  • Foreign Suppliers Becoming US Non-Resident Importer

    QUESTION: Procurement and logistics leadership at my company has decided to explore shifting from an EXW model to a DDP for our US imports.  This means the foreign supplier would become responsible for the US import.  They are looking at this model as a cost savings model – first, the supplier can get better local […]


    QUESTION: I’m a Licensed Customs Broker and employed by a US entity. Our sister company in CA has Non-Resident Importer in the US and they often send shipments DDP to the US.   My questions: – Generally, What can and cannot I do for them? – Can I file  CBP 5106 to name change on […]


    QUESTION:   A German based company with a 3PL warehouse in Florida, want to ship orders to So/Central America.   They do not have physical presence in the U.S., but do have an EIN number.   Regulations state that the USPPI has to list the address from where the goods are picked up, so would […]


    Question: Scenario: Foreign entity shipping under DDP terms to the US. (IOR number, customs bond and POA with customs broker all in place)   Under CBP “reasonable care” standards, what are the responsibilities of the foreign entity towards having a customs/trade compliance program in place? ************ Answers: The reasonable care standard does not specify a […]


    Question: 1) Does the designated US agent have to be a licensed Customs Broker/brokerage firm… or can it be any company?2) Our sister company is trying to determine if they should pursue the establishment of an NRI in the United States or if they should try and push the importing responsibility directly to their customers.  […]


    Question: Does the UK (HMRC) have a Non-Resident Importer program like the USA and Canada? If HMRC does have one, can someone provide what steps needed and the website? ********* Answers: Yes the scheme is called NETP.   Please see the attached link. This will take you to the menu of notices related to this […]


    Question: Our European owners will be buying raw material from So America, sending it to our US facility free of charge for processing into new and different product and then selling finished product worldwide. Goods are duty free and no FTZ or drawback is considered. Ownership will remain with the EU owners and processing only […]


    I run a fulfillment house, whereby I will pick, pack and distribute goods that are not owned by my company. I provide a service and not engaged in the export or import of the goods owned by my customers. The customers cause the export and import, we merely act as ship to or ship from […]