Non Resident Imports

Non Resident Imports

  • Canada NRI

      Question:   Is there anyone in the Membership who could provide some direction?   What steps need to be taken in order to set up a Canadian company from scratch so they can import and sell in the US from 3rd party storage:   A) if they have an existing US operation   B) […]

  • NRI

    Question:I have come to realize we are a NRI in Canada – because I ‘asked’ the brokers….. much against the answers provided me by Corporate Logistics….and that there are no processes at all  (except in tax to reclaim GST) in place. I am hoping that others have come across this and can help advice ‘where […]

  • NRI and Canadian Entries

    Question: As a defense contractor, we must ship DDP from the USA to our customer the Canadian Armed Forces.  We have had problems with Canadian Brokers being reluctant to process the entries because of potential duty problems.  I feel that the answer is to become a NRI.  However, corporate says that this is a can […]

  • Non Resident Imports Q&A 1

    Our affiliate in Mexico has obtained a importer number and customs bond as a nonresident corporation and has been importing products into a broker’s warehouse in Laredo and subsequently invoicing and distributing the products to automotive OE customers. My concern is that they may not sufficiently understand the US import regulations and record-keeping obligations in […]

  • Non Resident Imports Q&A 2

    We have field service engineers who travel abroad to repair and maintain our equipment. They typically hand carry a set of hand tools and back up software in a tool box to do this work. In 19 CFR 148.53, Exemption for tools of trade, there is a requirement to complete a CF3299 form in order […]

  • Non Resident Imports Q&A 3

    I am trying to use the Canadian Exemption and I was told to check to make sure the company is a registered Canadian business. I attempted to use this site and I keep getting an error message. I took off the ciisd and found a Canadian site but I do not think this is […]

  • Non Resident Imports Q&A 4

    It has come to my attention that our MX subsidiary has been recorded as the Importer of Record (IOR) into the US on it’s exports from Mexico. I have looked further and they were provided an NRI number several years ago. I have concerns about the lack of necessary declarations and recordkeeping. As we’ve found […]

  • Non Resident Imports Q&A 5

    We are presently a Non Resident Importer of Record into the U.S. and I’ve been told that CBP has a “target list” which includes NRI’s. I don’t know if this is true or simply just a rumor but it was stated that we should avoid being the NRI into the States because any company who […]