Lacey Act

  • Phase 6 Lacey Act Implementation

    QUESTION: We would like to return empty wooden crates (HTS code 4415.10.3000) from our plant in Mexico to our plant in New York (where the crates were originally shipped from) and continue to send these wood crates back and forth in order to ship parts from New York to Mexico.  The used crates would then […]


    QUESTION: What is the legal record retention under the Lacey Act? ===================== ANSWERS: I would keep a Lacey Act form copy with each import and keep the original with the original signatures. Therefore it will be retained for five years as all import documents. ===================== I would keep a Lacey Act form copy with each […]


    Question: Can any members who deal with the Lacey act share an anonymized version or “template” of what you are sending to your suppliers to get the information you need to give your broker  to meet the ACE submission requirements? ========== Answers: Here you go. ==========  


    Question: Can any wood importers (Ch. 44) share how they know that their imports of wood products weren’t harvested illegally?  We currently receive the Lacey Declaration from our vendors, but we have no proof that the products are not illegally harvested. Does anyone go further than merely requiring the Lacey Declaration, to get more proof […]


    Question: I’d like to ask the Membership how they’re handling LACEY Act import entries if your Customs Broker is filing via ACE?   How is Customs Broker filing these OGA entries? ************* ANSWERS: At this time we as brokers cannot file entries with LACEY in ACE, they are filed in ACS until such time as ACE […]

  • Lacey Act Federal Register Notice

      Question:   I want to bring to everyone’s attention that in the original Federal Register Notice (pertaining to Lacey Act implementation) dated Feb 3, 2009, it stated:   “Applicability of the (Lacey Act) Declaration Requirement at present, we will be enforcing the declaration requirement only as to formal consumption entries (i.e., most commercial shipments). […]


    Question: We have a product that contains wood but is currently not listed as oneof HTS items that require plant and plant product declaration form perLacey Act Phase in schedule.  For example, umbrellas with wooden handles6601 doesn’t require a declaration at this time although walking sticks6602 does. The importer is still legal obligation to ensure […]

  • Lacey Act

    Question:I need some feedback from the membership.  We currently import goods that do not fall under one of the HTS chapters requiring a Lacey Act declaration, but some of our products have wood components.  We are receiving requests from our retail customers for a certificate of compliance with the Lacey Act.  We confirmed to our […]


    Question: Can anyone direct me to the latest notice regarding the Lacey Act?  Thelast notice I saw was a Federal Notice from Sept ’09.  Was thereanything more recent regarding Phase IV and Phase V? Also, does anyone have a list of the wood species that are banned fromimport into the US?

  • Lacey Act

    Question: e are working very hard to understand and comply with the Lacey Act.Here are four questions that our parent company in Japan has asked us toclarify and hopefully ICPA can help me, since I have not had much goodluck receiving definitively clear answers from APHIS directly. 1.        What is the definition […]


    Question: Does anyone in the membership have detailed information on the upcoming changes to the Lacey Act that they can share?