IPR – Intellectual Property

IPR – Intellectual Property

  • IP – Training Webinar for US & CA Imports

    Question: Hello, Does anyone know of any upcoming trainings/webinars for IP protection for US &/Or CA imports?  And does anyone know or can provide insight to the Canadian IP protection process?  Thank you in advance, Answer 1: You may find these links helpful: CANADA https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/canadian-intellectual-property-office/en/manage-your-intellectual-property/stopping-intellectual-property-theft/ip-border-enforcement-customs-action https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/dm-md/d19/d19-4-3-eng.html https://iprr.cbp.gov/s/ https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-270?language=en_US  

  • Preparing for CBP Discussion – Counterfeit Prevention

    Question: Hello community, So we are preparing to initiate discussion with CBP on our product and our issues of counterfeit goods coming in from China. In reviewing past Q&A, I see the following most common answers: Record Trademarks with CBP through e-Recordation Program –> We do this currently. Have a meeting with CBP and provide […]

  • Counterfeit Goods

    Question: Our sister company is located in Europe and they have identified counterfeit goods of our products. They want to send the counterfeit goods to our brand protection team and legal department for analysis and evaluation. Does anyone know if we can legally import the counterfeit goods for evaluation purposes only? Is there a quantity […]

  • Intellectual Property and US Sanctioned foreign companies

    QUESTION: Hypothetical scenarios: US intellectual property(IP), all of which is EAR99 is transferred to a foreign company, to be used to build product with this US IP content in the foreign country.  At a point in the future, the foreign company in possession of the IP is placed on a US sanctions list.  If this […]


    QUESTION: One of our vendors in China asked if we had registered our brand with China Customs. This vendor has been making product for us for many years and this is the first time we have been asked about this. We provide a trademark authorization letter to all of our vendors in China making product […]


    QUESTION: I work for a U.S. company and we manufacture and sell our trademarked products in countries around the world. Some countries require a Trademark Authorization Letter, and depending on the particular origin and destination combination, it may be required for the manufacturing, exporting and/or importing. What I need is a resource to find the […]


    Question: We are a U.S Company with subsidiaries and employees worldwide.  We have a division that only focuses in Intellectual Property (trademarks & patents) worldwide. So far all of the products we have sent to SNAP-R have been classified with ECCN # EAR99. My question is if there are any restrictions doing Intellectual Property transactions […]


    Question:   Hello, I`d like to run the following scenario by the membership seeking suggestion about how this can be handled in accordance with regulations or would be accepted by customs: Our company has royalty agreements as well as design agreements and tooling which would be considered assists. Additional dutiable values were previously reported through […]


    Question: We have been getting multiple requests from our vendors in China for “Brand Authority Letters,” which authorize them to manufacture and sell products with our trademarks.   We are considering creating a form letter to handle these requests, but are unsure of the information required.   Here is our specific questions: 1.        Do we need […]

  • IPR description of use

      Question: We are preparing to register our trademarks for the first time with CBP. We’re stuck on the “The names of any persons or business entities, foreign > or domestic, who use the trademark and a description as to those use(s)”  field and trying to determine which descriptions of use are acceptable. Is there […]

  • IPR – Intellectual Property Q&A 1

    We have found out that an unrelated trading company has been importing some of our consumer products, purchased in Asia, that were not made for the U.S. market (not FCC approved and probably not legally marked) and selling them here. We want to stop this, but I’m not sure of the best way to approach […]